Of My 2021 Music

Sundays are easy kinda days, music and chill…. Easy like a Sunday morning. 🎤🎶

A walk through the year with the music which has featured my blog in 2021. *Click on images to go to the articles

January; begun the year with Holy Ten on a Friday low key chilling at home Bho Zvangu.

Holy Ten Lyrics and Translation – Bho Zvangu

Hosiah Chipanga and his track COVID-19 from the album Mushonga neHuori (medicine and corruption) a song about the pandemic

COVID-19 Hosiah Chipanga

February; the month of love featured a breakup track by the King Of HeartBreak Kae Chaps titled Juzi

Kae Chaps – Juzi Lyrics and Translation

May, had the King of HeartBreak again with another soulful ballad, Huchapa.

Kae Chaps – Huchapa Lyrics and Translation

In July; the maestro Jah Prayzah whose music takes you on an out of body experience had a four part visual musical of the album Nhoroondo.

Nyeredzi Nhoroondo Chapter 1 – Lyrics and Translation
Chimwe nechimwe Nhoroondo Chapter 2 Lyrics and translation
Ndichiyamwa Nhoroondo Chapter 3 Lyrics and Translation
Nherera Nhoroondo Chapter 4 Lyrics and Translation

August, Indigo Saint d dropped a freestyle over Souls Of Mischief‘s classic “93 Till Infinity

Indigo Saint Freestyle

Enzo Ishall is back with comeback track titled Zuva Risingasvike which translates to the day that will never arrive a dancehall track capturing the contemplative thoughts of a reflective artist taking stock.

Enzo Ishall – Zuva Risngasvike Lyrics and translation

October, the Ndlovu Youth Choir from Moutse Village South Africa to the world; performed an acapella cover of Adele’s hit ballad Easy On Me

Easy On Me Cover by Ndlovu Youth Choir

October, Dough Major dropped his first album Shebeen Rap Papa Vol 2. a 24 track album. Shebeen Rap is sub-genre of Hip Hop which fuses 90s Kwaito music and other elements to bring about a sound that appeals to a diverse audience while they down their beverage of choice

Shebeen Rap – Dough Major

This is my year in music posts Best Of The Year 2021

Best of the year

What music have you been listening to, whats been on repeat?




    1. Wrong lyrics dont care 🤣🤣🎶🎶
      Can you believe I havent listened to the Handipere Power track (at least not intentionally) hang on let me go listen to it……

      Oh I know this song (or at least parts of it which have been on Tik Tok skits) ndenge ndichingovabayabaya neni vanoona fire fire ah handipere power

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