Of How Bloggers Really Blog

By now you must know Uncle B (that’s me) gives great blogging advice. Welcome to Uncle B’s guide on the secret lives of bloggers ….

Uncle of Bloggers

How Bloggers Really Blog

1• You need to find your creative place and writing posture.

-Speaking for myself, I know I need to sit with my feet up, preferably facing away from the windows, with the drapes closed, I find sunlight to be distracting.

2• Brew a cup of your favourite beverage, it could be coffee or tea or maybe just ice cold water, with a slice of lemon and a tiny umbrella fashioned out of toothpicks and cucumber slices… Whatever stirs your coffee…

Coffee with uncle of bloggers

3• Do you like music?

Then curate a playlist, something fast enough to get the creative juices flowing but not too fast that you will start dancing along.

If my writing schedule says I have to write for the next three hours, I spend the first 45 minutes getting lost in the music… oh yes we should be writing.

4• Cut Out distractions

But first, scroll through your social media platform of choice and let them know that you are #AmWriting. Are you really writing if you don’t post about it? Then scroll through your socials to see what your friends are up-to and if they are writing too..

If they are writing give them support and let them know you too, should be writing but here you are… ooops.

Let’s get back to writing

Had you come up with a title yet? Hmmm I struggle with titles, to name something is to diminish it, we can always edit later.

Oh wait,… if your beverage of choice was tea or coffee, it’s probably gone cold by now. You will have to brew a fresh one or go and find a way to heat it up like popping it in the microwave… by the way, is the mug microwave-ready???? Guess we will have to see.

5• Remember to check messages and emails. You can reply to everyone who asks that you are busy writing and unavailable for the next 3 er *checks time*… oops 1 hour. Where did the time go?

6• Grab the fresh cup of coffee or tea or iced water or iced coffee and battle with the idea of having something stronger; perhaps wine or adding a nip of whiskey, gin and lemon sounds about good right now….

7• While you are at it, might as well increase the volume of the music and lets get this writing party started…. lets get it started up in here 🎤🎶

8• Oh, do you take a writing selfies? No? How about an emoji version of yourself, for the culture.

I am writing

9• Look at the time, where has the 3 hours we set aside for writing gone to and all I have is a blinking cursor taunting me… *Saves drafts*

10• Tomorrow is another day to write.


How much of the above resonates with you? If you loved this guide do check out my best guide to Deciphering: The World of Book Genres

PS and with this randomness, I step into my year-end tradition of Best Of The Year #BOTY2021 celebrating highlight moments from 2021 ^_^

Best of the year #BOTY2021
Best Of The Year 2021



  1. 😂 I needed this laugh this morning! The only way to write is at a desk, on reclining on the bed, with a cup of hot orange tea nearby—with 3 spoonfuls of natural honey—blasting Broadway show tunes! 😁

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That is exactly how I write. My beverage of choice is coffee. I hate titles too. What I come up with never seems right. I hear social media is important for writers. That’s how I justify all the time I spend there, avoiding the task of typing word after word.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oooh how alike we are… I know people who say they can’t start writing until they have a title 🤣🤣 I can start writing and not know what it’s called or how it will even end and be as surprised as the one who reads it 🤣🤣

      Ah yes time spent on social media is a recommended investment 😅 so can pretend that we actually working on our profile which is as important as the writing


    1. I recently discovered an app which lets you customize your emojis and been tinkering around with it instead of writing 🤣🤣🤣
      Haha crazy thing about writing and blogging, something that you think is a challenge only to you is faced by everyone else


  3. Great Emojis you have got there. While reading I started reminiscing of all those times I put time aside to write, put my favorite music on play and after writing a few lines, I find myself being distracted by the same music that was meant to boost my creativity.

    I just love feeling whatever am listening to. So, nowdays whenever I get to write instead of having something to drink. I get some snacks to munch on😂😂 and then find a quiet spot for inspiration. Blessings

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That was me yesterday, I started playing some old school music, and suddenly ladies and gentlemen it’s the weekend 🤣🤣🤣

      I tried getting snacks but the crunchiness is distracting I can hear the crr crr in my thoughts, intruding 🤣 not to mention the fingers then get salty or spicy plus sticky depending on the snack at hand now 🙃😅

      To quiet spaces 🥂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Good enough the music gave you weekend vibes.💃💃

        May the grace of God always flow in us as we write that even amidst distractions we are able to put together wonderful and impactful pieces. Enjoy your weekend.


  4. Those emojis are really cool and from reading comments that’s neat you found an app that you got them from. Giggling through your post, I have the TV on just cuz it’s easier and of course not paying attention to it as I write. Its usually on the Food Network! Haha 😂 I’m just an old very busy grandma! 🤪 Enjoy your weekend! ~D

    Liked by 1 person

    1. one always needs some background “noise” to not listen to as one chooses hahaha

      oh speaking of old busy grandma… any grand Christmas projects this year

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Nothing grand in the works. I’m hoping to do some baking. I use to bake up a whole bunch of different kinds of cookies and brownies, maybe some fudge and divide it all up and send packages to my family as gifts. It’s been more than a few years (last year there was no way I was going to mail baked goods.) I’m wanting to bake and give away to friends, maybe I’ll mail some too. 🤩


  5. This made me chuckle, especially the #AmWriting part. I don’t do it myself but have noticed others doing it quite a bit. I don’t listen to music when I write, either, so no playlist necessary. I do get distracted by my tea “I forgot it’s been brewing for 20 minutes! Now I have to make a new one.” And then I get a snack… Maybe I feel hungry for something bigger… Absolute quiet is very important to me and sometimes any little thing can distract me from writing and boom, magic lost.


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