Of Matric Pupils And The Shoes They Leave Behind

While I was scrolling through Twitter I ran into a picture whose context didn’t immediately jump at me aside from thinking, well, that’s an interesting image.

matric class leaves shoes
Shoes from matric class of 2021 Image Credit @SilenceEstelle

Back in the day, when we wrote our last school exams we would go around signing farewell notes on classmates and friends uniforms…. Looking back I wish I had left a legacy than just ink stains and scribblings of I was here… Maybe that’s why I blog, graffiti with punctuation; to leave a mark in the world, that I was here.

Graffiti with punctuation

Matric students in South Africa now have a tradition of their own for Matric, on finishing their last Matric Exam, they leave their shoes behind. The shoes are collected and given to those in need.

Matric students donate shoes
Shoes from a 2021 matric class @Olona

Fish Hoek High in Capetown has been practising this tradition since 2008 and in 2016, Randfontein High School on the West Rand also adopted this donation tradition, with some former students matching the old shoes donated with news shoes.

Randfontein High School shoes
Randfontein High School matric pupils donate shoes 2016

According to the RHS English teacher and head of the matric grade, Jason Fisher who had seen and done the practise in his Matric year and had encouraged pupils to take part, “Inside the shoes we put messages in the shape of footprints which read, ‘You will never know how tough matric is, until you have walked in their shoes. We are praying for your success’.

The tradition lives on…

Fish Hoek High shoes
Fish Hoek School matric class of 2021 shoes

The world maybe going crazy but its stories like these that remind me we can do better… and that makes this the best story I have read all year #BOTY2021

Best of the year 2021#BOTY2021
Best of The Year




    1. Blessing upon blessings… it might seem like a small gesture but when you have many people being a part of it, it makes a difference

      I am wondering how I can help my old school and maybe introducing something similar which might even be as simple donating their pens and pencils

      Liked by 1 person

      1. When united great things happen.

        About helping your old school, it can even be donating the school uniforms. Many students find it hard to access uniforms if they aren’t on the fees budget or incase their old ones get old or small or short.

        Good news you already have the idea. What is left is implementation. I know you will have all the support you need to pull this off.

        Donating pens and pencils is great. Incase you add uniforms to the picture, every student on the last day of exams should be expected to carry with them an extra cloth that they would change into as they leave their souvenirs behind.

        I believe you can make whatever you will come up with a success. Wishing you all the best.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep here is to a bit of positivity in the world ^_^
      You know I am actually thinking how we can introduce something of the sort to my old school.. .


      Liked by 1 person

      1. I hope you are able to introduce something like this as such a positive way to create smiles and helping others in the process. 😍


    1. Its totally a great way to leave your footsteps in the world…
      I am busy figuring out how in the coming year I can introduce something of the sort in my old school…


    1. This is sooooo heartwarming… changing people’s lives one pair of shoes at a time.
      I love this tradition, will see how can introduce it to my old school, the old students are always coming back to find ways to give back to it


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