Of Nhoroondo

Nhoroondo is a four-part visual musical ensemble by Jah Prayzah from his newly released album Gwara. The award-winning musician teamed up with Vusa ‘Blaqs’ Hlatshwayo for this cinematographic where the maestro doesn’t play a leading role but looks like a wizened sage seeing all and heralding all.

Jah Prayzah Nhoroondo
Jah Prayzah – Nhoroondo

This album is different from his usual which usually has sprinklings of dance tracks with a catchy beat, this album is a lesson in morals and ethics.

Nhoroondo means an account of or a story of how things got to a particular way. Nhoroondo isn’t meant to simply entertain, its to tell, teach and inspire.

It will take a little over twenty minutes to watch all four songs, so grab some popcorn… and enjoy some African musical cinematography straight outta Zimbabwe

NyeredziNhoroondo Chapter 1

Nyeredzi means star… The first part of Nhoroondo, like the start of any story, boy meets girl…

Chimwe NechimweNhoroondo Chapter 2

Chimwe nechimwe meaning each and everything. This chapter explores the next phase of the couple’s life; marriage, survival and starting a family.

Ndichiyamwa – Nhoroondo Chapter 3

Ndichiyamwa means to suckle or breastfeed. Recounts a child at breastfeeding age left to be cared for by relatives while the parents are trying to carve out a living…

Nherera – Nhoroondo Chapter 4

Nherera means an orphan. This part of the story follows what happens after the death of the parents..

The four part tells a story which is familiar to some, from love to the struggle to survive, to conceive  the jealousy and haters in life and ends on a note of hope which is really up to you… what happens next?

The end is never the end

One doesn’t need the words to understand the story in Nhoroondo, the music is simply a soundtrack to the story and Jah Prayzah is the bard telling us this tale.


PS I am still working on the lyrics and translation, a labour of love, if you would like me to post them do let me know, lest the doubt sets in…



  1. Jah, his dreads are to die for – for starters!!
    Seeing that the first song was really GOOD, I think I can’t take in the fineness in one read so I will pass by every after two days or so till I finish all the songs. Although I couldn’t comprehend anything from the lyrics, I was with the “girl and boy” from when the story began and I noticed a few things.
    1. Is this Shona? the language I mean?
    2. Is it typical of women or girls to kneel / curtsy for men as a form of salutation ? or this was only for this video?
    3. An egg at the give-away? WhaT is the story behind this?🤔
    4. A golden necklace while fetching water?! That girl must have been the cool chic in the village😅

    Can’t wait for the responses to these!

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    1. well you happen to be in luck each other day I intend to drop a post with the lyrics and translation for your enjoyment and understanding
      1. yes it is Shona, the language that is..
      2. It is not a typical occurrence, but not unusual and of course there’s great debates on if it should be abolished and has no place in the modern world
      3. I really dont know the egg business am curious too
      4. Fetching water was the place it was all at, many marriages…. and babies were conceived on a water ferrying errand


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