Of Indigo Saint Freestyle

When I popped by my Twitter and saw Indigo Saint was trending I felt a mild apprehension wondering why… Turns out he dropped a freestyle over Souls Of Mischief‘s classic “93 Till Infinity” and well in the lingo of the youngsters of today.. its lit 🔥

Man I wished Dodger could have been around and we would have raised a glass and said I told y’all Indigo Saint brings it, no one can match that work ethic, and shout out to Cottage 47 those cats really come out in support, the whole timeline has gone I am Indigo Saint..

I am Indigo Saint

You know how in the first grade the teacher would come out and say you are all number one, I guess we all Indigo Saint….

Indigo Saint Freestyles Lyrics over “93 Till Infinity”

Hip hop capital
Indigo saint wagwaan?
Best believe the boy hella hard got drive like two tera(byte)
New Era, spin em round like a propeller
New fella, got em covered like umbrella
If the catalogue was bottles of wine I’d need two cellars
Forever the greatest rapper in my city if a n*gga wanna try me its on
Look at all the people that I went and put on
You n*gga wouldn’t make it from the place that I’m from
But I see snakes in the grass so I gotta keep it cut
Like Tarantino in that film I might have to Kill Bills
Pay a n*gga half his cut
In my feels while I deal with these deals I’m a big deal
Big binnis calling nigga mxm big deal
My verses SUSs n*gga
Big wheels 4 by 4s
Sixteens keep on knocking like they at your door
Raps galore
The n*gga you aint heard before
Run it back
Done a million raps
King of Rap
Legend like that thing on maps
Seen the gaps
Shame on all the ones who napped
I put this all on God I’mma do it for my momma
Pray the money stretch longer than a limousine
I’m tryna make this paper but I’m smoking all these trees
Inhibitions got me craving for this nicotine
Dear Momma I don’t want to start no drama
I’m dealing with these Bots like Ian Khama
Hope we don’t fall off like me and Gamma
I wish that n%gga well but I guess its karma
My daddy hella wise said this sh*t is common
N*ggas want their flowers before the flowers blossom
DS with the bouquet the pictures awesome
Dwayne Wade with the dribble bro I hate to cross em
Ain’t nobody spitting like me lets check the receipts
Ain’t nobody feasting like me when I eat these beats
Ain’t nobody sweating like me when I bring this heat
I’m wasabi peri pero my n*gga aint nothing sweet
Hold me please! Please don’t hold me back
Used to rap for the dap y`all don’t owe me that
Got of the phone with Lady K and she told me that
I could be what God intended and I owe him that
The gift he gave don’t always come with pain
My soul for real my G I’m candy rain
I shoot my shot I miss I do not aim
I walk my path no traffic in my lane
These words is meant to heal and not to maim
Got bars I lift like bodybuilders train
Yeah… I’m still skinny though
Don’t disrespect me bro this not for fame
I know kids really dying in streets
Yeah that depression mixed with hunger’s a beast to say the least
I got dreams of calling mom on the phone like I paid the lease
I’m Beethoven before he dropped the release
I’m Für Elise with the keys bruh
Unlocking doors I’m a fiend bruh
Brother and friend to these Kings bruh
And to the kids I give em wings bruh
Aint dunked but who hates KFC
Chicken Licken with the ads bro its UFC if you ask me
Yeah I could dump a trash rapper way I sh*t on beats
The game going have to pay n*gga n*gga you owe me
And y’all n*ggas on the come up you can lean on me
Broncleer with the word play stick on me
I don’t give a single f*ck middle fingers is out
I’m Jay Z ‘99 ain’t no Reasonable Doubt
But I’m here and I came to be what they going to need
Got a younger n*gga staring at me I’m on repeat
Check the catalogue you think I’m negotiating my fee?
This the last thing n*ggas going get for free
I got game all this knowledge I’m leaving it for my seed
Deep in this concrete jungle we burning trees
This average student went and graduated with Gs
This amateur went and put in the work he overseas
This bachelor been in dissertations for PHDs
This rapper is not a rapper check your girls ovaries
That’s how I f*ck sh*t up
I’m ten toes in the game bro the f*ck shits up
This my rap debut b*tch n*gga I’m getting started
Whoever said he been at the top aint been a target
I don’t body n*ggas on beats I bring em carnage
I aint paying for streams n*ggas I paying homage
Serial Killer on beats y’all n*ggas porridge
Done spitting the truth I’m spitting knowledge
Somebody claimed they were king look what they started
That boy Giroud in the Blues he never started
Pardon me a part of me
Only want be a legend bro a prodigy
I’m looking up at the sky Cal Vin proud of me
I put my head in the game no lobotomy
This sh*t is misconstrued so commonly
Bro I tell the truth so oftenly
Make a week rapper fall like the autumn leaves
I’m the best out here n*ggas arguably
If you talking to a n*gga who don’t f*ck with me
He going to you bout the times that I failed
Coz n*ggas only love you when you aint doing well
I said I’d be GOAT like memory on a Dell
I’m going RAM n*gga
This for my fam n*gga
Go play my jams n*gga
I don’t jam n*gga

Performed by Indigo Saint
Instrumentation and Composition by Souls Of Mischief


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