Of Guest Posts

In the spirit of Blogging Means Community, I am making it official that:

My blog is open for posts from guest authors

How to Guest Post on becoming the muse

Submission Guidelines

Well, you can pretty much submit whatever you want, a poem, a story, a previously published post of yours, anything really, as long as it is not discriminatory and does not get me in trouble with any copyright infringement issues or arrested or killed by cute looking rabid bunnies or ninja clown assassins.

It would be preferable, you email me the body of the article in MS Word doc format with any accompanying images as separate attachments of the same email (if the images are not yours also include the credits) and if the article has been previously published also include the link to where it also appears

N.B. Also include a very very short bio, links to your socials and a profile picture to accompany the (even if your post is to be published as by an annynomous guest for those who have identity reservations)

Why Should You Consider Doing A Guest Posts?

I would like to think I have an awesome community behind my blog and you just might get yourself a new audience different from your normal circles

blog traffic

Guest posts are not only a great way of link building, growing your network and gaining new traffic for your blog outside of your regular circles but also an opportunity to explore content that you may not normally consider posting on yours perhaps due to your blogging niche or if you are a fly on the wall, yet you want to post something but you don’t have a blog yet or you just want to see what having a post on the internet feels like here’s your chance…….

You are welcome


PS you don’t have to be a blogger or have a blog for your guest post to feature here, simply contact or email me and we will make a plan….. Oh and this not a paying gig, not yet but maybe one day.

I think I should even add a disclaimer at the bottom so the cute ninja bunny rabbit assassins don’t come after me, something like:

Disclaimer: Views expressed in Guest Posts are not necessarily views of the site owner…..


  1. Hey Beaton, it’s been ages since I’ve stopped by but WOW!! I’m loving the new set up, it looks fabulous!! Oh and before I forget “killed by cute looking rabid bunnies or ninja clown assassins?” Seriously?? 🤣

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  2. Hi Beaton, I’d love to feature re: my new project This Is Lockdown, my diaries during Coronavirus, short stories, flash fiction and poetry to include ‘isolation writers’ talking and writing about their experiences at this time, (can include current thoughts on protests/race issues during a pandemic, or current thoughts you’d like to write about in diary type entry, flash fiction, poetry. ) If you’d like to submit to the collection let me know asap as I will be publishing soon. No worries if you’d prefer not to – I asked my daughter and she said last thing she wants to do is write about this time. Let me know.

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    1. Hi MJ this sounds interesting.. I think I would like to submit something.
      yeah we probably dont really want to write about some of this but a time will come when the dust settles and we want to reflect and we cant learn if we forget and sweep our experiences away

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