Awards awards awards, its always good to have something shiny, so I will use this page as my Trophy Case. Most blogging awards come in the same format where one has to answer questions or share things about themselves. I have a list  OF Random Things about myself that I already shared.

The Blogger Recognition Award by RapDoubleOhBaby

The Liebster Award nominated by That Other Petraguy


The Versatile Blogger Award nominated by SinawoYvonne-Michelle


Afrobloggers Recognition Award nominated by  AfrobloggersMiss MonaTuli

Afrobloggers Award

The Versatile Blogger Award nominated by Vincent


Dragon’s Loyalty Award nominated by  Krista Kemp

dragon's loyalty

The Creative Blogger Award nominated by Simon

The Creative Blogger Award

Liebster Award nominated by Donna ,  The 5am SoliloquyOdenbkAre we there yet?Some String of wordsimpossible journey blog The Writer Chic


Blogger Recognition Award nominated by  Lisa