Of Ke Dezemba Boss

“Hello December Hello” those are the opening lines from Dlala Mapantsula a track by the South African hit Kwaito group of yesteryear TKZee.. Tkzee in the area🎤🎶

Never mind my disillusionment in learning that their 1998 hit track Shibobo released in support of South Africa football team The Bafana Bafana in the 1998 FIFA World Cup sampled from the 1986 track The Final Countdown by Swedish rock band Europe I still like the Tkzee version better. ^_^

The point being, Ke Dezemba Boss its the festive period and for some of us, nothing says festive than a chilled beverage of an intoxicating nature conveyed in a transparent cylindrical silicate-based container..

Beer in a wine glass

Like Jacko from the 80s sitcom, Brush Strokes I find a certain pretentious sophistication in drinking beer in a wine glass. My beer of choice is Charles Glass Castle LagerBalanced to perfection.

The Mixologist

This year when Castle Lager held its National Braai Festival themed #BraaiPaden meaning braai/barbecue at your own house, keeping up with the COVID-19 regulations. I was delightfully surprised to learn that my favourite mixologist, The Beverage Whisperer was one of the designated brewmasters for National Braai Day.

Brewmaster Castle Lager ZW

If you are not familiar with my favourite mixologist, well I would be happy to point you out in the direction of this coffee chat from the beginning of the year Coffee With The Beverage Whisperer

Coffee With The MIxologist

To close off the year, am just bringing back my favourite mixologist alongside my favourite lager to celebrate The Best Of The Year and to just say cheers to all the wins  🍻🥂

Best of the year

This Castle Lager advert has me laughing for days 🤣🤣🤣

Whats your poison?


PS Drink responsibly.



    1. It has very cool bubbles and the foam creates an interesting head but also the poring is a bit of an art otherwise it simply foams over.


  1. Hi Beaton, I’m a wine drinker mostly, if I drink at all. My daughter has taken up a side hobby of learning how to make certain popular drinks, and I tag along as she tinkers with bourbon, rum, gin, vodka and other fluids I know next to nothing about, but most of her creations taste good enough to finish, but I really don’t have the sophistication to really enjoy such things. If alcohol is called for, my go-to is red wine with Chianti being my favorite. It comes from Italy and a certain type of grape from a certain region and chianti is a dry, not-very sweet wine with a sharp edge to it, but labels vary a lot so experimentation is always ongoing. Occasionally, I like certain types of beer, but here I tend to the very dark, almost chewy, Irish beers. I don’t spend much time or money here though as a 6 pack of bottles can easily last for 2 months in our frig. If I do enjoy one, I’m with Sam and taking it in straight from the bottle, while wine has to be in some variety of glass
    You should see the bottle of Chianti my daughter-in-law got me for Christmas. It’s twice as tall and maybe 3x as wide to hold 7 liters of my favorite red. I’ve not even figured out how to pour from such a huge bottle, but I’m pretty sure a pitcher of some kind with a funnel may be called for – and I’m going to need some help consuming it.

    Can I count on you to pop by for a taste with me?
    I’ll likely do a blog post of some kind on it though I may be myself banned from the coffee share weekend with this essay.

    Can I be the first to wish you a Happy New Year?


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