Of Coffee With Mellow Creme’s True Love

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that sometimes you need to stop; smell the coffee (well that’s if you love the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, maybe you prefer an aromatic herbal persuasion or you love the smell of freshly cut lawn, maybe gasoline does it for you or petrichor the smell of the earth when it rains) and love a little….

Amidst all this craziness maybe all we need is true love. Artist Mellow Crème just dropped a new jam featuring Carlo Music titled True Love Check out the animated lyric video

The lyric video is an animation of handmade paper art (quilling) telling a love story of two giraffes in the African landscape kissing through the seasons of time. Aaaaaw♥♥♥

The cover art of the single is the same giraffe couple K-i-s-s-i-n-g in the clouds.

For some it may sound familiar, it’s a remake of a 90s classic True Love by Busi Ncube and Ilanga. Mellow Crème is an Afro Hip Hop waxing lyrically on this track an ode to the timelessness of Zimbabwean music and also a dedication to his wife.

Its corny, its goofy, and in these trying times serves as a reminder that there has to be more to this, maybe all we need is True Love. #ZimbabweNeedsTrueLove

Had a quick coffee with Mellow Crème on True Love

Man, you just took me back to the 90s with this jam I remember singing out “..no more fake love I need true love baby..” I don’t think I even knew what that meant back then. So what does True love mean to you, also how long have you guys been together?

MC: 5years married. Dated another 5. True love to me means being with someone or some people who make you whole. Who don’t judge you but support you unconditionally. You are vulnerable with them and that gives you the courage to enter a new day and say “I’m gonna do IT again today.” I’ll face the world and enter the stage.

While listening to this couldn’t help think it also reminded of 90s rap the likes of LL Cool J I need Love back when we didn’t have lyrics available on the internet and had figure out the words to a song or make it up as we went along, how has that era shaped your sound?

MC: I’m an 80s kid and LL is one of my favs its a fact. His concepts and themes I relate to. I’m like a soul singer in hip-hop. Love is my favourite topic

Bumped into a TrueLoveChallenge whats your angle.

MC: Saw it too. Globally its been around for a while now. There’s so much going on in the world. Covid, wars, riots, social injustice and hunger but deep down human nature tells us that love will always come out tops like creme

mellow creme

For Mellow Creme a song is not just a melody to him. It is a collage, a painting, a sketch or sometimes a book. New Album Fruit of my Roots in the works and you can check out my review of his last album below:

Mellow Crème




      1. Mellow Creme your sister is amazingly talented!! I want to learn quilling! ❤️ She’s a wonderful sister to have and I feel honored you have responded to my post. Thank you!! ❤️😃 AND you are VERY WELCOME!


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