Of Self-Love #IAMme

Its the month of love, and and you cant help noticing splashes of red in adverts as they “subtly” try to remind you its Valentines’s Month

splash of red

Here I was watching tv soapies “for research purposes” when I came across the new Ackermans lingerie advert promoting self-love and body positivity themed the #IamMe campaign.

As soon I finished watching it, I was like what did I just watch?……. because I loved it……, wait not like love love more like like like

Here’s the thing, traditionally lingerie adverts have been impossibly shaped models, posing like they know Victoria’s Secret; in air brushed shoots that leave unrealistic expectations not to mention defining beauty standards for the everyday folk.

The Ackermans advert was shot with the barest of touch-ups, celebrating the (flaws) uniqueness and diversity in body shapes sizes and colours. A celeb-studded cast of 5 vivacious personalities graced the set, parading their insecurities, vulnerabilities and true selves.

Who am I ..... Busiswa

“Nobody thought that I would do a lingerie campaign right, right! But look at me now.”

Busiswa Gqulu SA music star

Don’t let your body stop you from doing anything that you want to do

who am I .... Kim Jayde

My mother always stressed the importance of trusting the voice inside of me. There is nothing more powerful than woman’s intuition

Kim Jayde MTV base presenter

“It’s all about that body positivity and loving every curve, every line, everything, just own it! It’s who you are. That’s what makes you beautiful.” 

Kim Jayde
Who am I .... Pearl

“Growing up I wasn’t always body positive, but I think growing into my own over the years has allowed me to really just accept myself.”

Pearl Modiadie Televison Host and Radio Presenter

“My mother always stressed the importance of trusting the voice inside of me. There is nothing more powerful than woman’s intuition


I’ve finally accepted that beautiful doesn’t mean flawless, so embrace every one of your flaws “

who am I Rami

I’ve got stretch marks on my tummy and I never used to like them, people confusing me with a zebra, but then I thought, you know what, they look like flames, they look like fire and I actually like that.

Rami Chuene Actress and TV Star

“We need to learn to accept that we can never look the same, people have different shapes and sizes and the more you embrace what you have, the more beautiful you become.” 

who am I Minki

Its important to tell each other that we are beautiful

Minki van der Westhuizen Actress and Tv Personality

“I just want to be the best version of myself and I want to be real and approachable.”


The campaign seeks to leverage the influence these ladies wield and hope that some of the self love trickles down…. (and also sell a bra or two of course)

Who AM I? I am Fire and I am just a man behind women supporting other women and sometimes I write about it….

Give your self the best Valentine’s gift and love who you are…..

….ladies join the movement

Next time the advert pops up on tv though it really should have a warning tag so I can close my eyes because growing up we were taught that peeking at the female form one would result in one developing a stye on the eye….

.…which is why I wrote this whole post with my eyes closed and thats my story…..


Image Credits: Ackermans IG page

Of Litfest Masvingo

Of Lifest Masvingo

Big things mostly happen in the big cities, while the small towns seem destined for small things even though the dreams are the same, the opportunities not so much.

golden opportunity

I hail from such a small town, always awed and in envy of the creative arts communities in Bulawayo and Harare; a quick check of events and you will find from hip hop conferences to creativity workshops; while the only constant event I can name from home is the Masvingo Drama Festival.

One thing I really love about the internet is that geographic boundaries do not constrain you, everything is a click away whether you are in a smallest of towns or the largest of metro-cities in the global village we might as well as be standing side by side…

global community

While scrolling through my timeline on the interwebs I was delightfully surprised to find Litfest was coming to Masvingo ….again.

litfest comes to Masvingo again
poetry slam

LitFest Harare is an annual event, to celebrate Zimbabwean Literature and they are currently running a poetry outreach programme in collaboration with various stakeholders.

a celebration of literature in Zimbabwe

Whilst checking out the details for the poetry slam, I was both pleased and dismayed to also discover that a poetry Masterclass was in progress; pleased because I love it when these things happen in the small towns and dismayed at the fact that I was finding out only then, while it was already happening; that it was happening…..

Masvingo litfest poetry masterclass

The poetry workshop covered

  • From novice to professional poetry
  • Publishing
  • Technology, marketing and branding
  • Perfecting the art of writing

Facilitators Rudo Chakanyuka, Chirikure Chirikure, Robson Shoes Lambada an Edward Dzonze

I missed out on the workshop but I was there for the slam, the performances were so electric that there was an electricity blackout ok

power black out

…. maybe that was not the reason why there was a power cut but still the show went on, first under the light of phone flashlights from the audience and then generator power; mains electricity came back on in time for the final round……

The lineup for the poetry slam had the following ensemble;

  • Ngoni The Poet Wenduru
  • Lisa Sibanda
  • The Cyclone
  • Christopher The New Tone
  • Takudzwa Mhuru
  • Takudzwa Mashoko Mazwi

Intervals between rounds were filled with guest perfomances by Chirikure Chirukre, NRS The Nameless Radio Station, The Preacher

The slam comprised of three elimination rounds, as wordsmiths dished out verbal servings on the poetic platter with a menu ranging from the serious to the whimsical that included identity, jilted lovers, domestic violence, feminism, love and even how to deal with a bad debtors.

A shoutout to the debut performers; it takes heart to stand in front of a group of people and bare your soul… and congrats to the lucky poet of the evening Ngoni The Poet Wenduri

The Litfest team was then heading to Bulawayo for another poetry treat

Image may contain: one or more people

This is a great initiative in engaging the creative arts and I really feel creatives need to learn how to embrace the digital space establishing the brands that they are, and you can read that as me encouraging people to take up blogging, so the rest of the world can discover the gem that you are and your story……..


Image credits Litfest Harare

Of The People Who Live In My Phone

The internet has become the new alter where we sacrifice our attention, as well as each other, inviting and intruding upon virtual strangers for inspiration, encouragement, motivation, amusement, friendship and even cheap giggles.

to the people who live in my phone

Here are some people who live somewhere in the void between my phone, laptop and I; who made my past year, on whose sites, pages and timelines I would camp and occasionally laugh uproariously while I shook my dread locks….

@buhle_matsha the self-styled #MokoombaGroupie on whose timeline I discovered music by Mokoomba (a Zimbabwean musical group, originally from Chinotimba township, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe; The name MOKOOMBA stems from the deep respect that the Tonga people have for the Zambezi River and for the vibrant life that it brings to their music and culture ) because I know she has exquisite taste, great love for her family, is very expressive of her opinions and sometimes she writes, smiles,laughs and dances

@D_elleriously whose delinquency takes varied nomenclature forms, sometimes mildly stable genius, other times simply mad or delirious but always scathingly hilarious, whom I suspect shouldnt be let out to the general populace without a charred warning label. Less a writer and more a person who writes you could check out this guest post:

The Curatezim twitter account, technically its not one person and the account that is curated by a different Zimbabwean every week some are interesting individuals, others you would have more fun watching paint dry and some really make you want to shout that’s why they shut down the internet cause they dont deserve it but hey one can always mute a twitter account and wait out the week. Years back I once curated the account during a time when one of the mobile networks was running a free twitter promo, the real deal not the current version without pics diluted like cordial mixed by an evil stepmom, fun times….

image from bitchininthekitchen.org

The BritchyOne’s blog is high key one of my go to, for a humorous fix. A racounteur whose escapades feature characters assigned creative pseudonyms, which even come with a list of characters. I wouldnt say I found her blog; rather she found mine at a time I was writing a poetry series or more correctly a poetry duet with Mable, and I in turn returned the favour and checked out her blog and one year later still hooked and least because she once described my blog as something something swashbuckling Damascene steel, those are not things one easily forgets.

And how can I not mention, Josh who was one of the first people to follow my blog and years later still checks in on the regular and even featured as a guest blogger on a post about his trip to Belize:

Josh is a nature and jaguar enthusiast, (the wild cat not the car but I wouldn’t know maybe he is partial to the British automobile) and who knows one day you may see his name on a wildlife show……

I have surprisingly quite large blogging circles and there are lots of others who are probably reading this thinking why I did not mention them, I see you fam; shoutout to the #BlogIndaba crew you guys are life and definitely made my 2018 the richer for it….

global community

I shall make an effort to periodically introduce all my other faves because well, A website means community

Blogging means community

No blogger is an island

My other go to online page is Afrobloggers and if you had not known by now I am one of the people who labour diligently behind the scenes; where the world meets African Bloggers, as we try to reclaim our narrative and using the opportunity blogging awards us to simply tell our stories and maybe even write our own history while its happening, for some of us its not just a hobby, when we write to breathe

You can find the other bloggers on the directory of African Bloggers we are working to compile by clicking on the button below:

And others may be found on this twitter thread


Ps Oh yeah and my blog is open for guest articles

Of Genevieve Nnaji’s Lionheart A review

Movie review

Netflix premiered Genevieve Nnaji’s movie Lionheart  as the first Nollywood Original flicks; in a whooping $3,8 million deal that saw Genevieve become the first Nollywood billionare.

Netflix presents Lionheart a film by Geneive NNaji

I have had this movie cued to my watch list since its premiere on the 4th of January and seeing I had extra data to burn, courtesy of the internet shutdown on social media, I decided why not now…….

African Movies particularly from Nigeria (Nollywood) had for a long time set a predictable precedent on the nature and theme of African movies, usually along the lines of witchcraft, dark arts, infidelity and characters in stereotypical roles; the medicine man with the weird eye make-up, the cohort of powerful associates practicing disturbing rituals in communion with even stranger deities for riches and more power, the evil mother-in-law, the back stabbing uncle and the know-it-all gateman……..

To be fair though the movies weren’t all like this but a lot of them followed this formula, when you find a winning formula you normally stick to it. After you watched a couple of them you would be sufficiently creeped out that if you were invited to Nigeria you would be kinda afraid of winding up either as a sacrifice for a ritualistic killing or converted into worshiping some Mami Wata or under water dwelling spirit.

Lionheart is a delightful afternoon breeze on a hot afternoon’s day, it’s a breakthrough movie exploring the subtler themes; family and tradition, patriarchy and gender empowerment and even ethnic relations mixed together in an easy moving plot, set in the corporate world and a conversational script with non-over-the-top comedy yet quite funny. That’s how I will summarise it without giving away spoilers in case you are considering watching it…..

“Lionheart” is an inspiring drama about family values, succession, and most importantly, female empowerment. It highlights the various challenges faced by women, particularly in male-dominated industries.

Genevieve Nnaji

Nkem Oweh (of the Osoufia role fame) is in it this time plays quite a surprisingly grounded character Godswill but none the less still ends up being one of the memorables.

Godswill Nkem Oweh Lionheart
"Keep talking" Nkem Oweh Lionheart

Pete Edochie is cast in his usual boss role, owning it and dropping gems.

I've come to realise that most men invest all their time in matters of transient value, at the expense of what they should cherish, what they should value like love, life, family.
Lionheart movie quote

I’ve come to realise that most men invest all their time in matters of transient value, at the expense of what they should cherish, what they should value like love, life, family.

The biggest legacy... I would leave for posterity... is you
lionheart movie quote

The biggest legacy… I would leave for posterity… is you

You are the pendulum of my life. If you stop swinging, then I am done

Lionheart movie quote

You are the pendulum of my life. If you stop swinging, then I am done


Geneviève Nnaji, what can I say without sounding  like I am totally fan boying, because I have been a fan since forever. During an interview with WomenandHollywood.com she had this to say on why she choose to be a filmmaker:

I’ve always had a hunger for visual storytelling. There is so much material out there that is still untold — countless real-life stories from within and outside Africa, and today, we have the chance to tell it ourselves. My hope is that Africans will have adequate representation globally, and be given a seat at the table in big studio productions as we continue to grow and improve from within the continent.

I also believe that my generation of women need to continue to work at paving a path better than the one that exists today for the future generation of women in film

Genevieve Nnaji

I loved the movie however there’s this thing about being writer, director, executive producer and star of your own production, the whole movie becomes about the main character and the other characters wind up sidelined……

There were subplots that felt undeveloped or rushed through, if not sacrificed for the movie to stay in the 1hour 30 minutes viewing time, then in favour of the main story and plot which is what stops it from getting a perfect rating from me, unless its got a sequel.

Oh there’s a cameo appearance from one half of the Peter and Paul duo PSquare; Peter Okoye and the scene opens with him playing a piano intro of their track Omoge Mi one of my faves

Omoge mi Peter Okoye as Arinze in Lionheart

Final Verdict

Watch it, I have watched it three times, found it to be a much needed diversion from the current events, if you have watched or would watch it lemme know, and also do share if you are a fan of Nollywood movies.


PS Turns out I was wrong they saved the gatemen for the cutscene after the credits just before it fades to black

the know it all gateman lionheart endscene

Of #BlogIndabaWednesday Life is Poetry: SoulfulMiss #2018BOTY

Every Wednesday my blogging circle Blog Indaba The meeting place picks a blogger to crush on and hype them up all over the interwebs because blogging means community^_^

Introducing this week’s Creative Crush Anesu of SoulfulMiss

Sue Nyakubaya Soulfulmiss

Sue is a Poet | Blogger | Writer | Frolover She uses poetry as a way of expressing her thoughts; the soul of a young woman making her way in the world – hence the name of the blog SoulfulMiss

The last series of poetry on her blog were for the 16 Days Of GBV and some a feature posts by various poets

Her blog has several expressive pieces but one of my favourites is one of her earliest posts simplistic yet…… deep.

I am bolder
I am proud to be me
I own my struggles
I am beautiful
I am a better version of me!

Like a Butterfly…

Every Wednesday evening, as Afrobloggers we host a twitter poetry session; the Afrobloggers Wednesday Poetry Session #AbWPE.

Afrobloggers Wednesday Poetry Evenings #AbWPE

During the month of November, Sue helped connect and partner with Poetritis group to bring about a fused PoetritisWPE on Wednesdays

My Day 19 post is about an event people must not miss; well why not join us in an evening of Poetry this and every Wednesday on twitter simply follow the hashtag AbWPE and bring your words……. where will the muse lead you?


Of Mutarazi Falls Adventures: Skywalking with Legends of Mount Nyangani #2018BOTY

Day 18 of 25 Days of Blogmas celebrating highlight moments of the year #2018BOTY

There is a Shona proverb “chitsva chiri murutsoka” which translates to; “to experience something new, travel”

Following where the road leads

Inyanga where you so high you can reach up on the tips of your toes and touch the sky, kumakomoyo.

Mount Nyangani

It could be an optical illusion but the clouds feel closer to Earth or is the Earth closer to the clouds, the highest place in Zimbabwe; where the Heavens meets Earth

Mt Nyangani Highest point in Zimbabwe

Located in eastern Zimbabwe, Mt Nyangani is in the northern part of the Eastern Highlands mountain range which comprises of three main mountain groups

  • 1. Nyanga (to the north) which contains:

Mount Nyangani (Zimbabwe’s highest mountain),

Mt Nyangani

Mutarazi Falls (Africa’s second-longest waterfall

Mutarazi Waterfalls

and the Honde Valley;

Honde Valley
  • 2. Bvumba Mountains (central)
  • 3. Chimanimani (to the south).

Mount Nyangani is as majestic as it is mysterious, home to myths and legends, its held in awe just as great as it is feared. Cases of people, vanishing, without a trace, in these mountains are neither legend nor myth, they are real…..

This mountain swallows people

Some say an ancient spirit calls these mountains home, others say you might see strange trees with strange human like anatomies and that the mountains are sentient, they never forget……. take a wrong step and you may never be found again.

You didnt read it here but if you have a really talkative friend and you wanted to be rid of them ……. just let them keep talking and the mountain will take care of the rest…….

Image result for warning hiker icon

Far warning to the wayward hiker before venturing into these mountains, you may want to seek permission from the local elders, never stray from the trail and should you encounter anything surreal; such as a strange colourful snake, a smouldering clay pot with no fire in sight or a brick of gold, it’s best to pretend you have not seen anything and just keep moving…..

But dont let the legends scare you away from splendour

World's View Mt Nyanga

How do you fancy a skywalk adventure on the Mutarazi Falls?

Mutarazi falls skywalk

Are you braver than a 3 year old???

If the Skywalk is too tame for you, how about the Skyline; ziplining high above the world

skyline zipline Mutarazi falls

The Mutarazi Adventures

SkyWalk – 2 suspension bridges designed to look like vines above the falls allowing panoramic view of the Mutarazi Falls and its surroundings .
Skyline is a 400 meter long Zipline across the face of the Mutarazi Falls. With the Mutarazi Falls measuring 762m high it is easily counts amongst the highest ziplines in the world

Far and wide Mutarazi Falls 
skywalk skyline

for pricing information:


What myths legends and mysteries have you heard about Mount Nyangani and if you been on the Mutarazi adventures how was it?


Of A Quick Guide To Pinterest #2018BOTY

Day 17 of 25 days of blog posts celebrating highlights from the year #2018BOTY

I opened a Pinterest Account and did not know what to do with it

I have seen people give raving reviews about Pinterest and decided I was doing something wrong, so I decided to learn about it and give you the low down on all things Pinterest

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest, Inc. is a social media web and mobile application company that operates a software system designed to discover information on the World Wide Web, mainly using images and, on a smaller scale, GIFs and videos. 


Allow me to break it down, Pinterest is a visual search engine. Think of it like Google but for images; imagine it as a weird love child of Google and Instagram which not only gives you images but acts as bookmark to where the images can be found.

Now that you know what it is; 

How to use Pinterest:

When you save an image to Pinterest its called a Pin

You can save pins for various ideas from recipes, hairstyles, blogposts, wedding decor to practically anything you can find on the internet.

To keep your Pins organized, it is recommended that you create Boards under various themes or categories for example mine look like this.

If you want your account to look a lil extra you can create cover images for your boards that follow a particular theme or colour for that professional feel…..

Bloggers; ensure you have a Pin share button enabled at the bottom of your posts so your articles can be pinned. Pin your posts giving brief descriptions and not forgetting to utilise hashtags for maximum reach

  Pinterest is a great place to share your content to an audience who would not primarily be in your regular social media circles but might be searching for something you have written.

For example in the Pinterest search tab; searching Zambezi River God will get you the Nyami Nyami legend and a Pin that leads to a post about the Nyami Nyami Zambezi River God on my site 

For those who want to kick it up a gear and have analytics and other extra options to their account; UPGRADE your Pinterest Account to a Business Account (its free!!!!)

upgrade pinterest account to business account
pinterest analytics

…. and then also tinker around with the other options like claiming your websites and social media sites.

claim your website on pinterest to get attribution and analytics for your content which may already appear on pinterst

I am still learning this Pinterest thing but we can learn together if you have any handy hints and tips on how to win at Pinterest do share. Feel free drop your account in the comments so I can find you and why not follow other bloggers whose Pinterest links appear in comments.

Follow my Pinterest by clicking click on the button below:


Of Free Web Hosting #2018BOTY

Day 16 of 25 Days of Blogmas celebrating The Best Of The Year #2018BOTY

If you do not know by now you must know that I am passionate about self-expression, embracing the digital media to add your voice to the world. I am builder of local blogging communities


Africa has so many untold stories, some almost magical and others well not so beautiful and I watch how people are quick to complain how only a certain kind of story or people get media coverage and funding, well thats what happens when you wait for someone to tell your story they will skip over to the things they want to talk about.

The blogging scene has evolved a long way from where it started, its no longer simply a past-time hobby, its tool that can open up worlds, even change perceptions and gives you the power to write your own history while you are witnessing it…

Sometimes I feel like we are the generation, the past will die with, as we lose ourselves to the future, that is why I write.

If you Google the word marooro the first search result is my blog post on the Zimbabwean traditional marriage ceremony, and just like that even Google thinks I am the go to person, its not because I am an authority on all things culture but because not enough people wrote or tagged it.

In light of this you understand way I was quite excited at what the Free Web Hosting guys are trying to do; offer free Web Hosting services to Zimbabwean Bloggers 

Zimbabwean Bloggers free web hosting

“Our main aim as Free Web Hosting Zimbabwe is to make sure that an online presence is available to any and all who need it, beginning with our creatives and more so the bloggers”

What Is Free Hosting?

The standard 100% free web hosting package comes with:

1G Diskspace

5G Bandwidth

1 Sql Database

5 Emails

*  Domain registration of a .co.zw on our platform costs $8/yr & a .com $13.50/yr. Payments in EcoCash

** offer is available only for local Zimbabweans

I am sure the first thing you will think is there’s got to be a catch right? That whole despise free lunch because well nothing is for free…. or whats in it for them

They are able to offer this package because their holding company Nivacity offers paid hosting packages in South Africa and they had servers laying idle and thought hey why not……..

And watch this space might soon be giving bloggers digital skills to be visible and  survive in the digital space 


Of #BlogIndabaWednesday : TeeMadzika #2018BOTY

Every Wednesday my blogging circle Blog Indaba The meeting place picks a blogger to crush on and hype them up all over the interwebs because blogging means community^_^

creative crush

The creative crush for this week is Teemadzika

Pretty much everything has been said before, I just tell it differently or at least I think I do.

Tafadzwa is A fan of all things life especially oxygen |Poet among other things|Foodie and he brings all these things together into a blog with a bit of everything where its always a quarter to quirky

I have been an avid follower of his blog watching it grow just like his hair ha! He thinks he has the good hair but between you and me mine is longer.

My favourite category on his blog is the Stories From An African Childhood

which is about, no prices for guessing the childhood shenanigans he got upto, some of it is relateable, in the way all most parents seem to be the same person and some of it will have you angling your head at an angle thinking to yourself are you for real?

Today is also day 12 of 12 days of festivities issa blogmas challenge; one blog post a day celebrating the best of 2018 hashtagged #2018BOTY

One of the things I am super pleased about this year is how people have found inspiration or been mused to explore their creative side and embrace the medium of writing as a means of self-expression 

Its little things like that, finding out someone has also started their own blog because they read yours, or how a comment you make can sway’s someone’s decision; seeing how even the things you thought no one noticed can open up whole new worlds of possibilities….

I am a muse and a brand

Tafadzwa has a fiction series he is working on which can be found in the RANDOM PIECES OF WRITING category:

While we were discussing this story, he mentioned he wanted to do a sequel but didnt want to ruin it, cause well it was some darn fine story, I told him to go for it, and he did.  Its a remarkable feeling when someone who is good at what they do value your opinion like that.

You can find posts by the other members of the BlogIndaba community under the hashtag #BlogIndabaWednesday

Makupsy – 5 Tips On How To Write Attention Grabbing Blog Titles

Dante – Does Poetry Ever Dribble?

EthneticMe – How beautiful is right now? Creative Crush



Of The Band On My Hand #2018BOTY

Today is day 11 of 25 Days of Christmas, one post everyday celebrating the best of 2018 #2018BOTY

This year was should be the year I would have bought my best phone ever then even done an unboxing video and full on interactive review made for a VR Box in 360 degrees

but you know what they say 

Man Plans, and God Laughs

Chess with God

A stranger in need decided their need for my laptop was greater than mine and that it would be better if they and not me possessed it. If only they had given me a warning then I would have backed up all the words that called my laptop home, and also my external hard drive.

And just when I was wondering what else could possibly go wrong, my phone decided to tap out, lights out, knock knock, no one is home.

A moment of silence to all the drafts you will never read 

Image result for dead phone clip art

My current replacements are like those biscuit spare tyres that you are supposed only supposed to use until you get to the nearest tyre dealer and those are supposed to be a blogger’s best friends next to a whole lot of internet.

Related image

While I was writing this, I was busy trying to figure out what my best purchase for the year was and I have it. The best thing I bought cost me  fifty cent bond coin. I bought it from a lady who sold odd assortments, at an illegal fleamarket stall in downtown Harare.

A hair scrunchie thingie, I dont know its has a real name.

Initially she quoted me a ridiculous amount of money stressing how it was made of strong, durable, elastic material but as I walked away she kept dropping the price until she said;

“Just give me whatever you have.”

All I had, was a fifty cent coin and she said that was exactly enough for her busfare home and she would accept it, since business was slow and she had not sold a single item all day.

Its an interesting thing this elastic hairband thing (again what is the word for this stretchy oddity? Please help

I bought it at the beginning of the year and have worn it more as an arm ornament than as a hair securing device.

wearing elastic hair band as wristband

I really would not mind buying another exactly like this but the government cracked the whip on vendors after the Cholera outbreak in attempt to bring sanity in the streets, and have no way of finding the person who sold me this particular one. I have seen many others but they dont quite feel like this one does, some too stretchy others not stretchy enough; this one just right.

I have really long hair, and sometimes it gets all up in my face, or an errant strand brushes up on the nape of my neck, like some sinister serpent slithering around my neck and startling me; (I really do not like snakes I have a very rational fear that people get bitten and they die. Perfectly reasonable, possible, probable, & inevitable……) and still I wear my hair band as an armlet except for when I really need my hair tamed behind  my head like when cooking or eating especially burgers or brushing teeth  and other things 

two strand twist rasta

Whats a hair band for but an excuse to simply flaunt your hair.