Of Coffee with Freshly Cut Grass

If you were having coffee with me; “Come in, come in” I would usher you in and offer you a large mug of steaming hot coffee it’s the perfect weather for it. Somewhat cloudy with a chance of rain. Its been a rainy week, thunderstorm season to be specific.

I guess the rain is trying to catch up since there was hardly a drop in December when we were supposed to be in the peak of the wet season. Crazy in just a week the grass had grown lush green and unruly and needed to be cut. Can you smell it? The smell of freshly cut grass, I kinda like it. It ranks right up there with petrichor the smell of rain.

I wonder if it will be enough to save us from another impeding drought this season. I mean we really need to start considering more indigenous alternatives.

I was in a supermarket the other day and saw a large queue of people waiting to buy maize mealie meal being sold at the government recommended price of ZWL$50 and customers limited to buying only one per person. The price would have been way more than that had the government not intervened anyway one can only hope that setting price checks will not see basic commodities disappearing from the shelves… again.

Fuel price has gone up …. again; this is the first time this year after almost close to a month. There was a time when the energy regulatory authority would announce a fuel price increase almost every week.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you how this time last year when fuel price hiked there was a violent wave of riots followed by a rather violent clampdown by the security forces and an internet black out period where internet was shutdown as social media was blamed as being used to incite and mobilise people to violence.

It feels like it was decades ago, you know how time flies when you are having fun, well its creeping right now. I remember the president having to cut short his trip to the Davos summit to come and address the burning country. I wonder if he will go this year, for a man who is supposed to be on leave he seems to still be officiating all manner of state functions almost as if he cant trust his deputies,…*sips my coffee and asks if you want a refill.*

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that I would not blame the president, for not trusting his deputies, if you have witnessed the spectacle that is the Vice-President’s messy divorce with a whole lot of dirty linen and skeletons being exhumed and aired in the public, witch-hunting, finger pointing accusations and counter-accusations; one would wonder if someone capable of dragging a former for better for worse till death us part loved one like that would treat us mere citizens. Anyway a cease-fire has been called as they are now going for an out of court settlement…. although the thought lingers so what happens to the criminal charges laid, maybe we just forget about those and move on, nothing to see here.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you about a wave of violence by machete wielding gangs constituting of artisanal gold panners know as “Mashurugwi” due to how these literal gold diggers started in the areas surrounding the mining town of Shurugwi in the Midlands Province of Zimbabwe. Public concern was on how they seemed to have been left to terrorise and murder citizens with impunity and nothing done about it almost as if they were being “sponsored” or enjoyed patronage from high political offices.

The police have launched a blitz Operation Chikorokoza Ngachipere “End Illegal mining” to try and bring sanity back on the streets and arrests are being made.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that this country’s polarized politics has a way of getting into everything and on Friday the police raided the offices of the main opposition party MDC in search for machetes and subversive materials

I haven’t seen any official communication on the findings of that raid; me thinks someone saw an opportunity and used it…

Meanhwile ran into an old news article from a state newspaper subsidiary the Chronicle November 2017 (from a periodywhen the current president had been removed from Vice-Presidency by the late former President just before he in turn “retired” as president) on how he was reportedly responsible for using machete wielding henchmen to assault his perceived enemies….

If you are having coffee with me I would ask you whats the best way to respond to a letter of reject on a proposal you made.

Do you simply reply noted the corporate equivalent of the chaotic neutral Whatever. While you draft a scathing monologue for your blog pretending that rejection builds character as you create a voodoo doll….

Oh look I did most of the talking, how has your week been what is going on in your neck of the woods?

PS And yes I do know that the scent of freshly cut lawn is actually a distress signal, its the blood of the grass being cut or more scientificaly green leaf volatiles to heal the plant and to warn the rest of the grass to prepare….. Oooh I am sorry grass but death becomes you.



  1. Enjoyed coffee with you as I munch away on my kettle corn I popped to go with as a snack. Sorry you lost power and was down to 1% – not fun. And lots happening there it seems… We have much crazy politics. Darn near insane really…. Hope you continue to get RAIN!! 😃

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    1. The power thing has been going on for almost a year now you would think I would learn to make sure I charge my devices before I go to bed because it’s standard there is no electricity during the day (6am – 10pm give or take a couple of hours 😂)

      It’s cloudy today doesn’t look like rain not at least it’s not hot as hell 😵

      Thanks have an awesome week


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  2. Enjoyed coffee with you – while reading about the grass being cut and need of rain – I sit here with 6.5 inches of snow and cold, cold temps outside dreaming of summer coming here again with grass to be cut.

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    1. Wow Barbara the difference in seasons is quite something else, had a chat with someone explaining how they were practically snowed in and had No Travel warnings..

      And it’s summer here ☀☀

      Thanks for that visit

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  3. I love the smell of freshly cut grass too.
    There is definitely a disparity that needs to be addressed – there is not enough maize for people to buy and yet in North America there is a huge wastage of food!

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    1. I draw the line at the smell of gasoline and motor oil though haha but some folk like it…

      Yep definitely something needs to be done but turns out the people who should on know better are busy doing other things

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  4. Also love the smell of freshly cut grass and I learned a new word from you: petrichor.
    I didn’t know the smell of rain had a name 🙂

    Will have to wait a while to enjoy the smell of freshly cut grass though – it’s really chilly over here:-)

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    1. Thank you… Yes it has a name can you believe it? I have a post which explains a couple of interesting things about petrichor I meant to include a link to it, but ran out of battery on laptop so had to post via mobile phone and the interface tires me out!!
      Anyway can you kindly Google this phrase and let me know if the post comes up for you (I want to check something please and thanks)

      Coffee with petrichor

      It’s still summer here fortunately it’s raining a bit so it’s not getting as hot as its been

      Thanks for dropping by

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  5. I’ll help you make the voodoo doll, I am sorry about that rejection. Disappointment is really disheartening.

    On traveling presidents, my favourite name for ours is “Passport President”, *sigh*

    Freshly cut grass, meh. Niether here nor there.

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    1. Yes!!! Here’s to some African magic they know not who they be dealing with 😂

      You know I am beginning to think our president are in the same whatsapp group where they tell themselves how to (mis)govern their countries

      Dont fight it, actually the chemical compound that produces that is kinda designed to be liked by predators on that come bite me tip 😂😂😂


    1. Hahaha during research on the compounds that create that scent it got ruined for me too so I figured yeah let me pay it forward!!!!

      Fun fact it’s not your fault for liking the smell our receptors are wired to like it from our hunter gatherer days when our ability to sniff out whether something was edible or not, in a way some receptors in your brain read that signals as yep come eat me, …. Kinda like blood in the water attracts sharks…..
      .you are welcome


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      1. Now you’re just spoiling everything Beaton, even my belief in conscious choice overpowering our basic instincts.

        I shall find something you love and ruin it *Liam Neeson voice*

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      2. I’ll save you the Taken skills I loved the movie Zootopia it’s now called Zootropolis it’s ruined… 😂😂


    1. I am fortunate to not have allergies so I can smell all I want 😂😂😂 hmmmm reading that again like Ok that could so go out of context but you know what I mean right!!! 😅

      Fun how a lot happens and everything stays the same.

      Rejection kinda sucks…

      Thanks for the visit Pam


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  6. Wishing application rejectors were made of grass, and lawnmower blades were made of machetes. The smell of freshly rained on steaming city streets, with a dressing of petrol are an acquired taste.

    I’m also that guy who smells his soaking wet socks after getting out of the rain. Don’t judge me.

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    1. That is some violent visualization I am going to need therapy….

      We need to do research to see how sniffing one’s socks might cause so sort of brain atrophy resulting in an acquired taste for crude motor oil and water vapour steaming from the hot tarmac …


  7. I quipped once to a very stable minded creative writing instructor about how I wanted to carefully return a rejection letter from a publisher who squashed my hopes of landing one article in his magazine with a rejection letter of my own.

    “Thank you for your recent letter below, but I’m returning it as it does not meet my current needs. Good luck with your other efforts at rejecting others.”

    She was not amused.
    Sigh. . .

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