Of Coffee With Sunday Morning Rain

If you were having coffee with me, this would be a beautiful day to visit, Sunday morning rain is falling and the soundtrack of the day would be Maroon 5’s Sunday Morning.

Sunday, morning rain is falling….

Rain is really quite precious, if you want to know the value of rain ask someone experiencing the climate change, slowly turning the world into a desert.

climate change desert

The official currency of Botswana is The Pula and Pula means rain. Botswana has a rather arid climate and rain for them is valuable so they named their currency after it.

100 pula botswana

Pula means rain

The weather forecast predicted rain but still not much of it has fallen in the past week; in fact the Sunday morning rain has already stopped and the sun is out and about,

after the Sunday morning rain

Its already drying up you would hardly believe it that just a few minutes ago, it was raining.

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you, in the past week we had the introduction of a new money that is not really new money but the old money which wasn’t really money but a surrogate bond currency created to ease cash shortage. Good luck figuring out how our economy works because I do not understand it either and I half suspect those in charge a running a fiscal experiment on us.

Images begun circulating on social media about how the “new notes” were already on the black market and withdrawal limits at the banks were still pegged at 300 ZWL which isn’t much in a land of hyper inflation; although the minister of finance assured the nation the inflation figures will go down to single digits by the beginning of the year; not to be pessimistic or doubt his financial acumen, I really don’t see how that will happen. But perhaps I should not even express such a view as one must not say or do things that will damage confidence in the economic recovery process.

Banks which seemed to have caused the cash leak in the streets were identified but of course a handy explanation was availed on how everything was on the up and up so much ado about money.


The communications by the reserve bank seem to show they are very concerned with not causing anxiety and despondency; so I shant post the images of the cash on the street which to my untrained eye looked a whole lot more than the figures that have been explained but what do I know? I skipped through accounts classes to dissect frogs and probe them with electrodes inject them with weird solutions and monitored the results, fun times, maybe I should write about that instead.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell how the minister of finance presented the 2020 budget and once again well lots of things were said and written something something tax thresholds raised oh and launching the satellite.

the budget has set aside resources for the research and development programme, including the launch of the space satellite

 I understand the value of innovation and the need to make advances in tech and space especially as a digital creative having access to our own satellite would be a commendable achievement, but my concern is more on how we haven’t solved the more local problems before venturing way into space, potholed roads, rolling electricity cuts, ailing health sector and economy. I cant help wondering if its not another grand scheme that simply siphons money away without ever delivering anything, these have been known to happen

The casual the minister mentioned the launching of The Space Satellite like its something we are already aware about, as someone pointed out I hope they know launching a satellite into space is way different from mounting a satellite dish on the rooftop and you cant wikihow your way into space

Image result for installing satellite dish

If you were having coffee with me I wold tell you that The little nephew is learning to crawl and I am one proud uncle

Whats going on in your part of the planet ?


PS its the 2nd anniversary of the coup that was not a coup, if I were to go back in time I wonder if I still would have marched, if it would have changed anything?

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    1. Politicians seem to have studied from the same playbook or attended the same finishing school 😂😂

      Priorities regularly misplaced


  1. 🙂 Wow! Thanks to you, I now know that the word, “Pula,” means, “Rain”.

    By the way, I love rainy weather.

    I was enjoying a cup of tea while I was reading your blog post.

    I did not prepare coffee because it was quite early at the time and the strong, pleasant aroma of coffee would have awakened everyone in the household.

    Do enjoy the rest of your day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Because Pula means rain….

      Rainy days are kinda awesome, especially when you can just lazy around with a good book or movie and a hot cuppa while the world gets a good clean wash and things look brighter and greener when the sun makes an appearance.

      Thanks for dropping by

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Imagine we might soon have vacancies for space traffic controllers!!!
      Space the final frontier

      Haha the currency, nobody understands it, but it’s provocative


  2. My favorite “you can’t wikihow your way into space” 🤣 – TRUTH!

    Money, politics, government all sounds very confusing and one can only hope that someday it will all get sorted out for the good. Praying for that as it sounds a mess.

    RAIN = PULA! So COOL, I learned something new this morning! I pray for lots more Pula for you all there in the desert.

    Congrats on your nephew!! So fun watching them grow. And how fast that is indeed! ❤️ I ENJOYED my coffee with you today. Stay cool and hope more rain, I mean Pula will be coming your way! 😃


    1. Hahaha at Wikihowing your way into space that is craziest

      It’s really quite messy you think you have reached rock bottom and the politrickians unlock a new basement sub level, I really do hope we level up before irreparable damage is done to the future

      Because Pula means rain… Its such an awe-inspiring yet simple phrase yeah?

      It’s raining right now again, late afternoon thunder shower lightning and all


      Liked by 1 person

  3. I swear this country of ours is driving hordes to drink. The satellite thing is the silliest thing they have ever had the gall to talk about. I mean honestly!

    About the rain, you know how to keep the rain coming Mr. Rainmaker. Do what needs to be done for all our sakes please. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Feels like competing with country who can get drunk the most lol

      Of satellites and the space program….. Well Rwanda has a satellite in space so maybe it’s not entirely improbable if you can get a reliable partner developed country

      As for the rain…. Bikai Doro first.



  4. Sunday morning is glorious! I slept in and I am not rushing anywhere for a while, enjoying a full cup of coffee! Thanks for sharing the hoy of your nephews milestone. As for rain, I pray you get more. I have a cloudy day, but I don’t mind. I guess the coffee is kicking in!


  5. I am drinking coffee while reading this. I enjoyed listening to the song. It is still Sunday morning here in Albany NY. My awareness of the world has just expanded to your part of the planet and rain and coups that are not coups. Here in Albany it is cold (24 degrees Fahrenheit) but the sun is cheerfully shining. Congrats to your nephew for learning to crawl and to you for having him. Just think, soon he may be blogging! I am still puzzling over the satellite.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s now Sunday evening this side of the world; Zimbabwe.

      With an uncle such as me we will have him blogging soon as he can spell his name hahaha

      The satellite is a mind boggling idea.



    1. hahahaha thats precisely one of the reasons why I have this blog, so I will have a reference point to the beauty and madness that is around me, and perharps one day it will read like an unlikely story and will laugh about all this

      here’s to clearer minds

      Thanks for dropping by Gary


    1. Haha the world is a circus and politicians are the clown 😂😂😂😂 William Shakespeare might have said something like that…..


  6. Botswana’s imagery on the money note is amazing. Thanks for this piece of knowledge.
    There’s plenty of humidity over here, so I will try and pack it and send some of it your way.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The imagery is awesome I am trying to get friends in Botswana to explain the meaning behind, but you know how the people who have something never really think about it, I mean even I don’t know what the imagery on ours means except for a few features come to think of it.

      It’s 6 in the morning and I think it was raining all night, finally a nice significant deluge, the planting season begins


      Liked by 1 person

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