Of Coffee And November Rain

Of Coffee, November Rain

If you were having coffee with me, I would smile ear to ear in greeting as I said “Hello November the month before the Friday of months.”

hello november

In the past two weeks we have had extreme hot dry weather, courtesy of well…, climate change; daily temperatures averaging the 30+ degrees Celsius. It finally rained on the first of the month woo hoo rain, I guess either my rain dance worked or the flamboyant prophet who lost his $20K Rolex rumoured to have said it wont rain till he recovered his watch finally got it back, #twabam ….

If you were having coffee with me, I would ask you if I ever told you about my very strange, unpredictably coincidental relationship with rain?  It almost always rains after I do a particular hair care washday routine.

Twice is a coincidence but consistently more than that has me connecting occurrences of this phenomena with specific sequences of my hair routine then cross referencing with my penchant for mermaids, to come up with my own conspiratorial conclusion……

King Kandoro conspiracy meme
King Kandoro conspiracy meme

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that its rained a lil bit and temperatures are lower, the sky looks bluer, plants look a bit greener even, like someone took a giant sponge and wiped clean the smog. I don’t think we quite in the rain season yet but the November rain was a welcome respite, now only if it would rain buckets on the Zambezi River because the Kariba Dam is at an all time record low

Low level Kariba Dam
Source: Bloomberg The Zambezi River Climate Crisis
Down the Zambezi River Path

Zambia our neighbouring country to the north separated with ours by the Zambezi River, is having electricity challenges as they also draw power from the Kariba Dam Hydroelectric Power Station and the Zambezi River Authority has been employing a strict water rationing regime controlling outflow from the dam to prevent draining it.

Nyami nyami causing the drought

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that its normally dry around this time of the year but more so this season than any other year and we really need to start having serious climate change conversations…

And meanwhile in the resort town of the Victoria Falls, 350 legislators were flown to the Elephant Hills Hotel for the annual Pre-Budget seminar themed:

 Prudent, deployment of resources for optimal economic recovery.

I am sure you can imagine how there has been a furore at the irony over this splurging of resources; even though its been tradition to have the seminar at the resort town every year one would have thought since the government had been advocating austerity measures; this year perhaps they would convene somewhere more less grand.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that we have a new currency… erm… wait its not a new a currency, as we already have a currency rather it’s a cash injection according to the explanation by the monetary authorities. Long story short, we getting new $2 coins and $5 dollar notes which will be same value as the ones we currently have and work interchangeably…. Wait what?? Yeah I don’t quite get it either seeing as to buy a loaf bread you would need $15 looks like we going to carrying around a whole lot of coins and notes.

Reserve Bank public notice

Its crazy that about a month earlier the government had somewhat denied the new currency/notes or whatever it is that we have and now here we are. Whenever they announce something one gets ready for the opposite, once upon a time they announced that the multi-currency system was here to stay….

Herald October 2018
Herald October 2018

If you were having coffee with me would tell you about how we had a WordPress WordCamp on the 2nd of November, there was fun, learning and well connecting and reconnecting, even with the current economic “difficulties” still managed to pull this event off (you can catch the highlights on my previous post)

One recurring underlying message that I picked up from most of the presentations was:


Just start, you cant edit nothing, you cant optimize nothing, you are not a creative if you don’t create, use what you have; first start, then build, grow, upgrade, update, optimize.

And there was an afterparty!!!!

Follow the …

 I feel pumped to start something; whats going on in your neck of the woods?




  1. It’s supposed to be dry at this time of year, where I live, but we still have flood warnings posted. Fields are too wet, locally, to get the harvest in. Maybe, with a good freeze to firm up the fields, they’ll be able to salvage the corn. Much of the plants low to the ground, out in the fields and surrounding, are still under water, even if the cold stabilizes the muddy fields. Best wishes for favorable weather where you are!

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    1. I think you’ll getting the moisture that should be coming this side, the world is going Topsy Turvy
      at this rate some places are going to turn into marsh land while other parts become deserts and none of them sustainably habitable.

      Thanks for dropping by

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  2. I laughed when I read the first part of this post, but was too tired to comment.
    I wanted to tell you, your drum worked.

    And thank you, for the encouragement you give us on blogging. We need that all the time.
    I wish you well too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha yes it worked!!!!
      I always try to spread the blogging spirit,
      Who knows maybe one day our blogs might even be important pieces of our history and geography same way those rock paintings by cave dwellers helped us understand the hunting and gathering life..(I should remember this haha)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Written word does not go away forever. It always leaves a mark. It will entertain, it will teach, it will remind, it will cheer someone up, it will encourage, that is why we do it.

        It must leave a mark on someone.

        About the hunters and gatherers, I smile.

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  3. Keep washing your hair everyday, just maybe the Kariba dam will be full in no time and electricity load shedding will be a thing of the past.

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    1. Hahaha there is no weekend, or it rushes by so fast before you know it is one epic Monday and resolutions need to be made and you haven’t finished the last ones

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