Of Yellow By LadyInk: A Review

Yellow by Lady Ink

yellow 163 days poetry and prose chapbook by ladyink

Yellow is a poetry chapbook by LadyInk

I read a review of Yellow on Chiseche’s blog and was intrigued enough to want to witness the unravelling of this unending love story; as one would pull at a loose thread on a favourite sweater and watch it come undone with; morbid curiosity or is it curious morbidity…?

Its like…, its like.., its like scratching away at an itchy scab until it starts bleeding afresh.

Yellow is a book of bite-sized poetry stitched together to show the unravelling of a love-you-forever love story

Sometimes forever is only 163 days

Yellow is a colour that brightens up your life, yellow is the sun, yellow means freshness, positivity and optimism, yellow is the sunrise and sunset and sunflowers, yellow is the brightest colour in your life, and for LadyInk yellow used to be a favourite yellow dress……

The brightest thing I owned was this one yellow dress
till you came into my life....

LadyInk’s Yellow titled book, is yellow themed on yellow coloured pages, yellow.

poetry and prose by ladyInk

Yellow is poetry and prose which reads like a 177 day diary of a whirlwind love story, from the heady high of a new found romance, the butterflies in the stomach, the cant get enough of each other -text me for no reason- love, through to the red flags, the degrees of silence and separation.

You know right from the first page that forever is only 163 days, but still you too almost forget, walking down this familiar path a couple of lines each day….

Day 1
I always believed love was fleeting,
till I looked into your eyes,
and saw your persistent urge
To Stay

I always believed love was fleeting till I looked into your eyes and saw your persistent urge to stay

Day 18
I wrote your name,
and that is the most beautiful poem I have ever written

I wrote your name and that is the most beautiful poem I have ever written

LadyInk beautifully captures the anatomy of a love story, not the forever kind of story, but the one that seems like the forever ones, right up until forever ends, who would have thought forever could end?

You never asked to learn my lobe language and I never bothered to speak it

Yellow is corny, yellow is sweet, yellow is mundane yet profound at the same time yellow is that everyday story of Love Vs The World that you hope never ends….. 

Love is enough isnt it
it conquers all doesnt it

Day 58
Love is enough, Isn’t it?
It conquers all, Doesn’t it?

Yellow is the bravery of sharing unspoken thoughts written down but not unfelt

Yellow is a piece of LadyInk’s heart, falling apart for her poetry to fall into place

You can download a copy of LadyInk’s chapbook by clicking on the button below


PS it took me just under thirty minutes to read this book and thrice that long to write this review if you are looking for an interesting way to spend the next 30 minutes read Yellow and you do not need to be a poetry connoisseur to relate to this age old familiar story.

Yellow 163 Days



    1. The book is beautiful poetry 😍
      Fair warning that it will tug at your heart strings somewhat violently….

      Do find a quiet half hour to tuck into this epic, would love the feedback

      Thanks 😊😊

      Liked by 1 person

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