Of Coffee: Single Serving

If you were having coffee with me, I would be glad you came along, we would be on a 5 hour road trip from Bulawayo to Harare. We wouldn’t even be having coffee or any other beverages for that matter because trying to cut down on bathroom breaks. Eating bananas helps reduce the need for a toilet break, because the digestion of bananas uses up a lot water and you are welcome for that tip.

There would be no bread with the coffee we are not having because the recent bread price hike has elevated bread into the luxury realm and some of us can no longer afford it.

I saw tweet about how:

 “There is no such thing as a product that’s too expensive, if you cant afford something then you are not the target market…”

I guess some of us are not the bread target market, its crazy how my list of needs is slowly decreasing as my wants increase, acting my nonexistant wage in this mickey mouse economy of ours where prices triple and yet “stay the same”

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you I hope your visit is unlike a single serving friend, someone you meet once then never again, a fellow hitchhiker on a roadtrip, a passenger in an adjacent seat on a plane, bus or even train and for the duration of the journey you are friends, like those single serving packages, a tiny bit of lotion, shampoo and conditioner for just one bath, a teabag, or coffee sachet for exactly one cup of tea…

Single serving packages

This is me saying I hope you keep coming back, so I don’t go crazy talking to myself in my head, over a virtual cup of coffee… Speaking of those single serving hotel packages what on earth do you with all those pillows that they pile up the bed, please send help.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that I am coming from a Blogging For Accountability Workshop a collaboration between Afrobloggers and The Municipal Review which resulted from the Connect.Hubs Project. The aim of Blogging For Accountability is to get bloggers to hold local government and the municipality accountable for the state of our cities and create an accessible platform for dialogue and engagement.

beaton Mabaso

I was one of the facilitators of the workshop and my presentation was on Blogging, the basics whats a blog, what can you do with one an how to support fellow bloggers

Beaton Mabaso Blogging skills

The were various other presentations from Social Media Etiquette, PR & Accountability to even a session addressed by one of the local councilors showing their commitment to being part of the process. I’ll have a follow up post specifically about the workshop.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that the workshop happened on our independence and between one of the sessions the MC asked if anyone in the room had written anything about Zimbabwe at 39, not a single hand went up…

I thought I was the only one who was struggling with writing a post to celebrate our independence; they call my generation the born free generation, but looking around at the ever rising price tags and the chaos festering beneath the surface, I wonder what exactly it means to be born free…

If you were having coffee with me I would ask you if you saw the full moon, its spectacular when you are on the open road. Did you know Easter is celebrated on the Sunday immediately after the Paschal or Passover  Full Moon (the first full moon after March 20 the vernal equinox) Plans are afoot to have Easter observed on the second Sunday of April but for now, it based on astronomical and mathematical calculations.

Easter comes with compliments from Judas for betraying the late JC for 30 pieces of silver to death by crucifixion on the big T and on the third day He Rose. I must confess I sometimes feel Judas is such a misunderstood disciple, if it was meant to be then the betrayal was part of the script and what happened, happened, and could not have happened any other way.

Speaking on death and resurrection it seems the man who died and was resurrected by a pastor in the controversial resurrection debacle which was called out by most as a hoax has died but for real this time, if it was God’s case, then there can be no further appeal.

Happy Easter and have an awesome week


PS One of the best things about events like this is meeting up with people we only know as usernames and social media handles…. apparently I am good people but dont take my word for it.



  1. Questions,
    1. How have the prices of flour and yeast changed? I don’t like bread at all but my boyfriend eats it daily from our oven. I have seen the process, it is so easy even I could do it (I don’t know how to cook). But then again I guess it doesn’t matter to you because you don’t have to make sandwiches for kids and probably know familiar alternatives that can be banked with flour and yeast.

    2. If you ever find yourself in RSA, I’d be honored to have you over for a night or two in Pretoria. I am offering because I wonder if you feel comfortable invite a stranger like me over despite the not wasting money on bread and butter?

    3. What was decided in the workshop. Did your peers think it is possible to hold municipalities and local government accountable considering the challenges of funding by a bankrup national government?


    1. 1. The prices for floor and yeast are also going through the roof so are the prices of everything else as our currency erodes in value but the prices in Forex currency are not changing … I happen to be quite handy in the kitchen and I can bake bread, pizza and even lasagna I have skills I can kill a goat an cook too, take its intestines and wrap them into each other like some sort of intestine wrap, I did that the other weekend ^_^

      2. Careful what you invite people to, I just might be in RSA sometime not in the distant future; and I would be honoured to meet you in the real world (and fair warning it would end up as a blog post too) I like to think of myself as tolerant people and not only do I make an excellent host, I am an excellent guest as long as there’s no unnecessary small talk then my introvert allergies flare up lol

      3. A councillor who was present also expressed the very same thing about the national government facing its own challenges and that impacts on their ability to carry out their duties efficiently. Currently the ordinary citizens are in the dark about key issues that are supposedly in the public domain and by holding the local government accountable we dont necessarily mean to force them into miraculous turn arounds but rather at least for truth if the national government is broke then they must say so and then we all help in with a way forward instead of just promises of better service delivery when they know thats all it can ever be promises and lies…


      1. 1. Whoaw, wow. Hectic.! Haha, my brain malfunctioned at the word “kill” and blurred the rest. I nearly convulsed at the image of intestines when I forced my eyes to reread to understand. Oh ya, second time it didn’t sound as disgusting. I suspected you have enough survival skills. #youoncementionedboardingschool

        2. Haha, excellent. I have enough blankets for winter. Fear not. You’ve never visited a more introverted household. It’s a public holiday here and I’m reading about what a parietal lobe is next to him reading about the latest euro scandal; Greece has tabled a list of demands of reparations from Germany for the costs and losses of the second world war in 1944. Something Zimbabwe still has to table to the United Kingdom. We don’t chit chat. #lookingforwardtowheneveryoucan

        3. I understand. A necessary dialogue. #notoptomisticeither

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  2. I’d love to make a few smart remarks to embarrass your politicians, except that:
    1) I think they are immune to embarrassment and,
    2) Why waste precious time with friends on the doings of politicians which always make you want to take a shower anyway?
    It sounds like you had a great trip Beaton. I would have loved to be in your audience.

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    1. I think these our politicians have such thick skins they wont even feel no shame…
      I had an awesome trip and it was awesome, I should have a few video clips up on the internet in a bit so yo can be part of the audience ha
      Thanks Gary


  3. Most politicians in Africa don’t care about improving their country. Everything is in a mess.

    Our maize flour prices have gone up again. We thank the almighty for the posho mills though. The wheat flour is fairly priced and I love good quality bread very much.

    Let us hope as the youth get older, they will make things better.

    I hope the workshop bears good fruit.

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    1. politics in Africa has a long way to go, it seems they forget they are elected to serve … and questioning them seems like jst asking for trouble and for the most part we stay silent

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