Of Coffee With Uncle Of Bloggers

Of coffee with an Uncle of Bloggers

If you were having coffee with me, I would warmly welcome you into my world, and ask you to make yourself at home and help yourself to some sandwiches, I have bread today. You may not know it, but its actually a bit of a big deal, getting bread, one has to stand in a long winding queue but fortunately yesterday I discovered to my delight I noticed an old acquaintance now works at the confectionery department of a supermarket and they got me bread no hustles, that’s kinda how life is like these days its about who you know, and if you don’t know anyone, life wont be pretty.

I want to think you know me, or if you don’t you should because you are here now, having a warm hug in a mug with me, oh silly me allow me to re-Introduce myself please call me B, Uncle of Bloggers ….

A rare picture of me being an Uncle to a blogger of tomorrow

If you were having coffee with me I would ask you to think for a moment what the next generation of bloggers is going to be like growing up with all the internet and tech as part of their everyday lives. If I leave my nephew with my laptop for just a second I will find he has already opened the browser and gone to YouTube to watch nursery rhymes; imagine I first used a desktop PC when I was 16 years old and I got my first email address after I turned 18 and it was bloody hard work to open one too, requiring intricate questionnaires that were more demanding than a Visa application.

A rare picture of me being an Uncle of bloggers of today

uncle of bloggers Afrobloggers

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that if there’s anything I have learnt about being a blogger, it’s that No Blogger Is An Island in the sea of digital vastness that is the internet you need a place with kindred folk who will show you the ropes, on whose network you can flourish.

You could be an exceptional writer, with top drawer content and yet be unknown and unread while someone else gets mind boggling engagement by publishing a picture of a fruit.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that a website is more than simply posting your content, you must also nurture the community around you. When I first started blogging I drifted a bit until I found my place, I wished I had someone or somewhere I could ask about internet things and at the very least someone to simply read and give me feedback… with time I became that person for others, I am the Uncle of bloggers.

Uncle of bloggers

Why Uncle of Bloggers? In Game of Thrones there was a Mother Of Dragons and here I figured hey the number of people I have helped pushed/pulled onto the blogging game I might not have birthed these dragons but I am the proud Uncle beaming at how yesterday you were crawling and today you are flying high being awesome…

My life is so much more interesting in my head

Yes my mind is a weird place, you really do not want to ask me what I am thinking or why we are sitting here in the dark and why this place smells like smoke and the toast has a slightly burnt flavour like it was rescued from King’s Landing after the Mad Queen unleashed Dracarys all over it… Promise me if you see me turning into the Mad Uncle you tell me

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you, to reach out if you have any blogging questions or simply want me to have a look at your site and tell you my thoughts, I might not have the answers you seek but I promise I will read.


This post has exactly 5 images in it as per the #WinterABC challenge. And here is a bonus one so I can show off my hair length.



    1. Isnt the nephew supposed to treat their uncle to coffee… repeck for your elders and what not

      its more somewhat burnt than slightly bunt, the toast

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  1. It’s true that good writers don’t automatically get a loyal following. If you want likes and comments, you have to feed the beast that is the blogger community.
    Speaking for myself though, I must say that I read and comment on other blogs only when I feel inspired to do so.
    For me, it’s not about view stats at all. I just enjoy writing. Of course it’s flattering when someone likes a post or nominates me for some award but that is not what I set out to do.
    Blogging is an exercise in detangling my thoughts. It’s a form of therapy, so that I don’t ever need actual therapy. An audience is welcome, but not necessary.

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    1. Hear ye, hear ye.

      My blog exists for three reasons,
      one…to spit out and see what colour my saliva is because I cannot tell when it is inside my mouth.

      two, to assess how a younger version of me thought as I get older, many blogs I re-read and am horrified at how different I already am the following year. I write to study myself.

      three, to tell friends who used to serve this reflective purpose in my life (of sharing deep dark bright thoughts) who are now too far away for the intimacy.

      I guess blogging means different things to different people, you and I are have a common use. Self-therapy.

      And like you, I only like when I really liked the other person’s blog. And I comment when I really can’t help myself, like now. And I don’t necessary do both in the same post (laughing at myself).

      OK, I’ll stop here.

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      1. “to spit out and see what colour my saliva is because I cannot tell when it is inside my mouth” I read this many times like BARS am so stealing this for my whatsapp status

        hahahaha I feel all kinda special right now


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      2. Smiling.
        You always put a smile on my face Beaton…
        When I’m not frowning at the way your brain works of course.
        The laughter makes me full longer than burnt toast and coffee ever will.

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      3. but my brain works perfectly fine I had an expert examine my head the other day, I stared in the mirror and said to myself yep that looks just about right….


      4. el oh el you not supposed to agree this is the part you tell me I need a second opinion maybe a cat scan, there’s cat curled at my feet I cold ask for a quick scan…


    1. hahahahahaha thank you, between you and me , that post pretty much wrote itself and I was watching it unfold like who are you…..

      Well when your hair looks like mine, mine will look like .. erm mine still hahhaha
      thanks for the visit

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  2. Yes B, nourishing your community is a hugely important part of blogging. I found that when I spent 2+ hours a day reading and commenting on other people’s posts, my traffic was much better than it is now.

    On another note, do you also have to stand in a long queue to get coffee? That would be terrible!

    Have a great day/night! I’m off to find pictures of fruit to post on my blog.

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    1. its easier to just brew your own coffee hahahaha I am also learnin how to bake bread too although I can only do that between 10pm and 5am cause thats when there’s elctecricity, turning into a night creature now hahahaha

      its 121am right now good day

      PS did you find the fruit

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      1. But you still have to buy the coffee beans, don’t you? Or is Zimbabwe a magical land where there are coffee trees all over the place that people can pick from? If so then don’t tell anyone, or some rich guy from the US will buy all of the coffee trees and make it a crime for anyone who’s from Zimbabwe to get anywhere near them.

        You’re going to develop night vision if things don’t change soon!

        No, I haven’t found any good pictures of fruit yet. I’ll keep looking!

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  3. Hi Beaton,
    Count me as one of those who would be honored to have your visit and comments on my blog site.

    It’s a free site from WordPress, so I don’t get any free SEO help and readers remain a rare event.
    My stories get pretty good reviews and I’m almost done with my first main project of collecting creating and sharing essays that I intended to be short and fun to read. I have around 60, all 10 minutes or less to read, and thought the project would go to about 75, so I’m almost there.

    But this is my first theme & setup, so I have no clue if I’m doing this right or have just cobbled together something that only sorta works.

    But you’re a busy guy and I’m happy just to be able to call you a friend.

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    1. I always drop by your blog when I get a moment and I really look forward to your comments they are always something else..
      Congrats on the story collection and wold love to check them out when you done

      thank you and much appreciated

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  4. I loved having coffee with you and I hope you don’t mind me calling you Uncle B! It’s people like you who nurture and help and guide. Your words flow like honey to my ears, and as hard as life can be, as hard as we work, this thing called blogging makes me smile. Not only smile but amazes me that I am chatting with someone across this world in Africa! 😀

    Never in my wildest dreams would I think a thing called blogging would open up to me meeting wonderful human beings. I realize it’s just the written word and not meeting in person but it’s still amazing and absolutely so enjoyable to read. I’m honored and love reading your blog. I love all the blogs I read and try and stay involved with and friends I’ve met while I’ve been blogging just a few short years.

    I love the Game of Thrones analogy, the dragons were really COOL. Thank you for sharing and I love your hair, probably longer than mine! 😀❤️ -Diana

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    1. I was wondering if I had people who were Game Of Thrones watchers in my feed hahaha judging by the show’s large rating I was fairly sure a few GOT fans would love the analogy ….
      Oooh my hair is looong just a lil while earlier a strand brushed down my back and I freaked out for a millisecond thinking it was a snake, I really dont like snakes ha!

      I do so love connecting with people all over, viacriously seeing the world through the eyes of bloggers I have met in these streets


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      1. Hahaha, I Love your hair and I too have had strands of hair tickle my arm and I think is that a spider? Eeegad, I have arachnophobia and so silly when I jump and it’s just my hair! 🤣🤣🤣 So FUN this blogging world and meeting you and others!! AND you are correct, lots of GOT fans out there including ME!! ❤️


    1. hey you know what they say… if you have it flaunt it but modestly of course… I am down to earth the picture of a tree with roots for feet and hair for branches
      Thanks I see you ♥♥♥


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