Of Coffee With A Black Hole

black hole

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you to excuse the mess, atoms have a tendency towards an equilibrium state in which they use the least amount of energy, and basically what I learnt from science lesson in school is that well chaos is the natural order.

Salt and sugar

If you were having coffee with me I would ask you to never mind the fork in my cup, but imagine you broke into my house and tried to brew yourself a cuppa herbal tea, how would you tell the salt from the sugar; would you have an interesting game of tea roulette? See how things gravitate towards entropy *stirs my tea with a fork because I can’t find a spoon(read as clean)*

Gravitate is such a fascinating word, imagine how life must have been before gravity was discovered or invented people just floating away and falling into space.

zero gravity

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that :

everything in life likes to live where it will age the slowest and gravity pulls it there…

A black hole is a region experiencing such a strong gravitational pull that nothing, not even light can escape from inside it. Which is why no one has been able to see where one is, until recently when a black hole and its picture taken, in a project that involved 8 radio telescopes around the world; 200 researchers and took more than a decade.

Black hole powehi

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that the first black hole to be seen has a name; its called Powehi, a Hawaiian phrase meaning “embellished dark source of unending creation

Maybe we should respect the black hole’s privacy but if you stare into the black hole it will stare back

lord of the rings black hole

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you I think there’s a black hole in my sock drawer but it only sucks in my socks, the left side ones, in particular, leaving only mismatched pairs.

missing socks
Ode to the missing socks

Gravity might be responsible for many things but I doubt gravity is responsible for the way our RTGS currency is falling in value.

 falling rates chart

Apparently the powers that be decided that their crazy scheme of saying that our pseudo currency the bond was equal in value with the United States dollar was not quite working out and set in motion a system which would result in the creation of something almost a currency of its own called the RTGS, don’t worry I don’t understand it either so I can’t even explain it except that the market is supposed to determine the price.

The result is that prices are now going through the roof as businesses simply multiply their prices by a factor of 3 and counting and call it price alignment with the prevailing rate. The internet service providers I use have already hiked their prices hiding behind that the prices are unchanged in the United States Dollar value conveniently forgetting no one ever earned USDs. Things like that make me wonder how an internet connection ranks on my basic needs.

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you how I read a newspaper article that the government intends to pay compensation to the former settler farmers who got evicted of their estates in the controversial land invasions almost two decades ago that sought to redress colonial-era imbalances. According to the government, the compensation is for infrastructure and improvements to the farms and not for the land which was seized by the colonialists and they hoping that this gesture brings closure and play a part in mending ties with The West.

You can see how this would elicit mixed reaction from people; some seeing this as the government selling out, to people who think that though its a good idea but paying compensations should be on a list of priorities especially in our current economic climate being sucked into a black hole…

Thank you for the visit an hope your week is awesome; do tell what’s going on in your neck of the woods. I hope you like goat because there’s a pot with a goat head stewing by the fire you can come join….

watched pot




  1. If I were having coffee with you I’d skip the salt and sugar debacle, I’ll have it black. Yes, I drink coffee now, it’s been two months.

    If I was having coffee with you I’d wonder out loud if it’s worth exploring all the mysteries of the universe, what happens when we it all?

    If we were having coffee, I’d marvel at your government, pay who? For what?
    I’d tell you that our daily newss read like a Got episode, two claimed kingship, suicide in the state house, murder at a vocational school, fraud and corruption and its only Monday.

    I’d tell you how I’m always being kept humbled at work, there’s always something I need to learn, some train for this or that…

    I’d tell you I’m excited about my birthday, 9 more sleeps.

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  2. Hi Beaton. I was hoping you’d stop by.
    If it were not so disruptive and injurious to so many, Zimbbwe’s attempt to mange the currency would be laughable. How many times has this been tried and always with the same chaotic result. You would think they would see well before hand how humiliating the results were going to be. It’s almost as if, hmmm, maybe each of these leaders through history have found some way to personally profit from the attempt. Well. Enough for being cynical – the day is new and young here and who wants to ruin it with such pointless talk?

    I love the photo of the missing sock board. i have mine in a drawer and only after beloved lost ones have been missing for years (or the kids outgrow a possible reunion) do I just give up and throw them away.

    Hope you have a near-politics free day with almost who-cares what weather. Without politicians, any weather can be wonderful.
    Peace to you and your family.

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  3. The coffee in your cup is beautiful, looks like honey poured on top and some melted sugar.

    I have tried so hard to understand what the black hole is, but it is still a wonder….. and yes I love eating the flesh of a goat head with kachumbari.

    Kachumbari is a mixture of raw onion, tomato and pepper. Lovely read.

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    1. I will remember that description, I love how you come up with the vivid descriptions for some of my cover pics.

      I think aspects of the black hole are a bit in the realm of unknown especially considering anything that goes in them never ever comes back out; the basic thing about them is that its a space a zone with gravity so strong that it curves spaces and time and not even light can escape it which is why scientists were so excited about the black hole image..
      I think I love the idea of Kachamburi is it like a vegetable salad do tell me more, its possibly I might have been having something similar and calling it a goulash hahaha
      Thanks again for dropping by

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      1. You are welcome.

        Haha. Yes Kachumbari is a vegetable salad, that is a better name. We love to eat with intestines, head and stomach of hoofed animals.

        Black hole, a very appropriate name, for it takes forever. I hope one day we will figure out how to get out. I can not begin to imagine the forces of the universe rebelling and swallowing us all.

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      2. we are not so different you and I, I love the intestines, head, stomachs of hoofed animals and yet to some people the idea is unfathomable

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  4. Hi Beaton,
    If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you how right you are saying everything in life likes to live where it will age slowest and gracefully.

    I would also tell you how I believe a black hole is a spiritual void that exists in many people’s souls.

    And that light can escape from inside and awaken our sleeping spirits.

    I believe it’s that light pulling us inside like gravity to our authentic selves.

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