Of Coffee With Windows

If you were having coffee with me, we would be keeping it low key I would probably be talking to you through the window, you know maintaining social distance.. Looks like the world is in the throes of a third wave… though technically its more like a new peak than a third wave since the pandemic never really receded…

looking through the window

The numbers are going up again and the statistics are becoming names close to home.. Its tough watching people deal with loss and there is not much you can do but say kind words and wave at them through windows…. Names on little boxes on our screens that’s what we have become…

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that speaking of windows, Microsoft is set to unveil the next edition of their Operating System… Windows 11 on the 24th of June… It’s a bit strange considering Microsoft had said Windows 10 would be their final named version with biannual updates…

 To give Microsoft credit, when Windows 10 is retired from support in 2025, after an effective 10 year run, it will be one of the longest-running Operating System next to Windows XP, which had support for 13 years. I guess someone just got bored and decided to give Microsoft a fresh coat of paint and let the marketing guys figure out how to make sure the world got to talking about Microsoft again, especially in this new normal where the home computer has once again become a central shrine where we sacrifice our time for school, work and play.

windows 10 and windows 11

I am not sure if there are any fundamental life changing innovations in the new Windows; one part of me says don’t fix something that’s not broken and another part says just because something works doesn’t mean it cant be improved. There has been leaks of the Windows 10 and those brave enough to try out the leaked version say its like Windows was thinking how do we Mac this up?

sneek pic of windows 11

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that it looks like we would have to wait for Microsoft to make its official announcement maybe its packing more beneath the hood than just some layout changes… And on that official tip, if you were having coffee with I would ask if you remember that story I told about the burglar who dressed up as a ghost to rob people….

ghost thief

…Yeah, he was sentenced to serve three years in jail.

Meanwhile a lady who has a pending smuggling case after being caught with 6Kgs of gold in her handbag (I am still trying to visualize what sort of handbag she carries) has been elected as the President of the Zimbabwe Mining Federation and was announcing how they have a zero-tolerance for smuggling. It would be an interesting world if we could see ourselves from outside the window, looking in…

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that a judge has been removed from duty after a tribunal found her guilty of gross incompetence…  All good and fine, except that the judge alledges that it’s because she did not do the bidding of the Chief Justice who also has his own issues altogether, it would make your head spin…

Anyway outside looking in, I would tell you its Fathers Day, I don’t remember my dad much but I hope he is up there among the stars thinking wow B turned ok…

I still wonder about a random stranger who accosted me on the street, he was an older gent who wished me a happy father’s day then he walked away… I never saw him again and I don’t know if I would recognize him were I to ever run inton him again. See thing is, I am not a father and he wasn’t my son… unless he was from the future come back to assure me that I would make a great father some day…. hmmm

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that have just finished the Business and Tech Week of the WinterABC2021 Storytelling Festival… you can catch up on my posts for the week here:

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There’s talk of looming Total Lockdown in Zimbabwe, Uganda is already on a total lockdown and meanwhile in South Africa there is a story about a mom who may or may not have given birth to decuplets, cover ups, scams and conspiracies… fodder for a crime thriller murder mystery, still waiting for an official version of things on the Tembisa 10

Statement on Independent Media Tembisa 10 Reports

So whats been happening in your neck of the woods?




  1. 🙂 I am a hardcore Linux user. Therefore, I have no intention of messing around with Windows 11.

    I wish the folks over at Microsoft all the best and a lot of people from around the world would be paying close attention to the official launch of Windows 11 on Thursday 24th June 2021.

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    1. I dabble with Linux mostly as a recovery solution like when I have accidentally lost partitions and need to restore them or just fiddling around with live boot to recover files from machines with forgotten log in credentials… Lil things like that😁

      But yeah am surprised that am anticipating what Microsoft will reveal…

      Thanks for visiting Renard

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  2. Thanks for the coffee and the wave through the window. I’m so sorry your COVID numbers are going up again. Ours here in the Netherlands are rapidly decreasing after we had the third wave back in April. So much so that we’re almost completely out of lockdown by the 26th.

    I had no idea Windows 11 is coming out so soon. I had heard of it, but didn’t pay much attention. Oh, the days of Windows XP! And Windows 7. And the dreaded Windows 8 (I couldn’t get used to that one). I definitely understand Microsoft about its need for publicity.

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    1. Good thing the numbers decreasing your side, gives hope that this thing won’t always be this way ☀

      Hahaha and there’s the windows which is never never spoken about Windows Vista 🤣🤣🤣 and OMG Windows 8 was such a train wreck then the we had Windows 8.1 which led to Windows 10 which was a hybrid version of all the others…

      I heard they want to bring back those widget thingies from XP🤣🤣🤣

      I figured they were feeling the heat from Chromebooks and such stealing their thunder wanted to remind people that we still here😎

      Thanks for visiting

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  3. We talked about Microsoft 11 the other day because my husband works with Microsoft products. I’m a Mac user so I’m not going to use it. But almost laughed out loud about what you said about someone being bored and especially about the marketing guys. We’ll see what they’re up to!

    I’m so sorry about the worsened Covid situation in your part of the world. I read about the third wave (or peak, as you say) in Africa and other places a while ago. Where I live we are doing quite good. But we won’t be safe until other countries also are safe. I’m waiting for my second Pfizer shot appointment now which should happen in about a week.

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    1. ….also if that’s what Microsoft is up-to I hope that they can come up with a more exciting name than Windows 11🤣🤣🤣… Windows 10.1 or hmmmm Windows Special Final Edition Totally. . 🤔

      Until everyone is safe no one is safe

      I still haven’t gotten my shot, last time I went to the clinic they had run out and only open to those getting their second shot…. Might check again this coming week.



  4. I think that whenever one gives birth to a double digit number of humans at one pass, that lady should automatically be granted a superhero status of Superwomb-man, except I can’t work out what her super costume would be. DC & Marvel have pretty much locked down all the good ideas.

    About windows 11 I’ve seen an upgrade of anything lately that really deserved more than a yawn. Most these changes are designed more to help some company’s stock price, not us mere users.

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    1. Gary 🤣🤣🤣🤣
      But yeah super hero status should be conferred…. One thing I can say about the costume is that will definitely need to stain resistant 😎
      Still trying to figure out if the whole story was a hoax gone to far or there’s a deep sinister cover up conspiracy….

      I have noticed software has a habit of getting updates that are more cosmetic than functional… I mean hey you’ll find the calculator asking to update as if there had been recent changes to basic maths operations….
      But yeah it’s more a money thing, than a user experience thing…



  5. Loved your opening sentence – that’s hilarious (and depressing at the same time). Your criminal cases seem a lot more interesting than ours. That is SO weird about the 10 babies story. Why did that get all over the internet? I think it was even on the tv here. How bizarre. #WeekendCoffeeShare

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    1. The opening sentence is an ode to the “new normal” 😎
      …It was the age of innovation
      It was the age of depression…

      Upon reflection, the criminal cases seem to bring out a curious thing about how only small crimes do the times… Someone once remarked on how if you want to go to jail steal $15 if you don’t want to go to jail…. Steal $15 billion… 🤔

      Giving birth to ten babies at once would kinda break the world record which is currently at nine… Not that its a competition as it seems like a highly risky procedure likely to result in fatalities in an facilities (which is why some people suspect some sort of cover-up)


  6. Interesting stuff with Microsoft, and I’m sure I’m not alone if I were to say out loud, “Microsoft leave things alone please!!” Oh well, life would not be life if it were not for change!
    So sorry about the rise in cases with a third wave and so I pray for vaccines to get to other countries and/or more people will get vaccinated as I think it’s helping here, at least I pray it’s so as everything is opening up here. I’ve been vaccinated, my whole family has too. Thanks for the coffee B! I hope you and family stay safe! 😍


  7. Thanks for coffee B. I hope the man you met on Fathers’ Day is really your son from the future implying we are close to a break through in time travel. Did you ever watch a movie called The Time Traveller’s Wife?


  8. Third wave? Lockdown? Meanwhile in Ghana, we are acting as if Covid-19 does not exist. People are refusing to wear nose masks and are gathering in large numbers 😒

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    1. People grow complacent and behave like Covid-19 is a conspiracy until the numbers start adding up…. And sometimes a lockdown is the only way ensure compliance it’s like we are little kids who can’t behave and need to be told to time out


  9. where the home computer has once again become a central shrine where we sacrifice our time for school, work and play.

    This got me laughing 😂


  10. 6kg of gold? Niiiiiiice!

    Windows 11… I was a big fan of Windows XP and was sad to see it go. I think Windows realized that Apple has been doing it the right way (new phones every year) so they decided to follow suit. More money for them. I have nothing against updates, but to stop service for the old versions is terrible, I think. Just a way for them to make money. So, I will probably use Windows 11 for the next couple of decades lol. Even with no support.

    I got into a conversation with my partner a few weeks ago because they were upset I did not wish their mother a happy mother’s day. If I saw her, I would, but otherwise, I’m not going to call her up. She’s not my mother and I am not her child. I grew up with mother’s and father’s days celebrated only within families. Here, in the US, now, everyone wishes everyone happy mother’s and father’s day. It’s just weird… Makes me wonder if maybe they’re all siblings they just don’t admit it. LOL

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    1. That last part 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.
      It would explain a lot.
      Here we didn’t that whole wishing people that until recently with the over commercialisation of all these “days” and holidays

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