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You may or may not have noticed, but I would define my writing style as that I write as I would talk had we been having a conversation face to face. I have always wanted to add a podcast to this blog so I can read out my articles to you, and you don’t have to wonder what I sound like… looks like guys at WordPress has been thinking of the same.


Following a partnership with Anchor you can now have your WordPress.com hosted blog converted into a podcast either with using an automated voice or you can upload your own custom voice.

Connecting WordPress To Anchor Podcast

I haven’t started doing this yet, as you will need to create a new Anchor account for this service if you already have an existing account. I am not quite ready to do that yet, maybe I will wait until they fix up how I can integrate my already existing Anchor Podcast.. You can check it out below:


I usually tell people not to worry too much about their stats or get a bit obsessive with checking as mostly one will end up caught up in looking at the numbers and it can be a distracting ego-metric.

But that doesn’t mean one cant get meaningful information about their traffic which can help you assess other aspects of your blogging, for example if you want to work on your social media marketing and search engine optimisation.

Checking your stats for Referrers can show you where your traffic comes from, so you can then process if all those hours you are putting into a platform are worth it, if you are effectively utilizing a platform, need to change your strategy or focus your energy on a particular one.

June 2021 Stats
June 2021 Stats for Becoming The Muse

From a casual look at my Stats above, Twitter earns me the highest referrals from Social Media, and I have noticed it’s that way for a lot of bloggers who use Twitter, incase you are wondering what platform to base from… Clearly, Instagram doesn’t really work for me, few people actually click that link in bio thing, but it’s great optics for branding and just being noticed so people don’t ask if you are still doing that writing thing.

WordPress.com Reader

I shouldn’t be surprised, but it always catches me off guard that 60% of my traffic comes from the WordPress.com Reader… The WordPress Reader is a powerful tool that doesn’t get enough recognition.

wordpress reader

I use it to find new bloggers, to find bloggers who have written similar things to mine, mentioned a particular topic such as my blog or a book or movie I am reviewing; honestly, it’s a Search Engine all on its own.

I use the reader to catch up on particular blogs by grouping them into lists which I can then browse through, I follow tonnes of blogs so I need a way to streamline how I catch up with them.

Create a list in WordPress reader
Create A List WordPress Reader

It also works just to check out articles from blogs on a particular theme for example finding bloggers who have posted content for WinterABC2021

Searching in WordPress Reader
WinterABC WordPress Reader Search

The Reader is also available in the mobile WordPress App, for on-the-go catchup of blog posts from your phone. You won’t be able to create and manage lists from there but you can still access the lists you created from the Desktop Browser version.

wordpress reader mobile app
WordPress Reader Mobile App

Reading and interacting with other blogs is a great way of connecting with other bloggers and you should pencil in time for such activities as part of your blogging related activities jut as you schedule time to actually sit down and write


PS What interesting WordPress Features, tips and tricks work for you?



    1. Lists are great when you follow lots of bloggers and this way you can curate a reader feed which you can cycle through…

      I borrowed the system from the one I use on Twitter where I can’t keep track of the 10k people i follow so I made lists for news, poetry, writers, bloggers, friends, etc because my TL refreshes with thousands of tweets every minute.


  1. Old news b about anchor, Been up since the start of 2021. That’s why I went a different route with my podcast, I’d found it quite boring to explain the process of my art. So I went story time.


  2. I didn’t know I could create a list of blogs to follow consistently. The pictures you added did magic. Thanks uncle B.

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    1. Lists are such a lifesaver and you can keep track of specific bloggers without having to look up their socials or get email notifications to see if they have posted something new.


  3. Thanks for the tips B! I’ve seen that added to my WordPress, turn your blog into a podcast. I’m not sure I want to do it, but it sure sounds interesting!! I didn’t know about lists. I mostly use my phone to get notifications on new posts from those I follow. But it is difficult to keep up with everyone, but I do my best! Lol 😆
    When I’m on my laptop I tend to look through the reader even though I can do that on my phone too… But it’s hard to find all the time I would need to read and read and comment and comment!!! I guess I need to retire!!! I know I’m not alone as I don’t know how everyone keeps up?! 😜

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    1. I have had people “who don’t like to read” who keep asking me why I don’t do a podcast version of my blog, so they can just listen… The idea is indeed interesting I mean people are already doing audio books…so, audio blogs… Why not 💻🤣

      Retire?? Oh no we only just getting started with Midnight Murph 😎

      Creative use of lists can help with keeping up, let’s say in your case you can set up one for coffeeshare and one for weekly smile and if you have fellow horsey stories one for those and so forth and instead of trying to scroll thru the whole reader timeline you can just take bite sizes cycling through lists…

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  4. Oh I meant retire from my real job working at the lab. So that I could blog more!! I’m so happy to hear my blog isn’t boring! Lol 😆 I do wish I had more free time to do more with blogging.
    Anywho, thanks for the ideas for the lists, more importantly explaining as I am going to create lists just like you suggest, weekend coffee share and weekly smiles for sure and then horsey one too!! 😉

    I didn’t think of the podcast like that which makes sense. People listening instead of reading, got it! Hmm… Definitely intriguing!


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