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I don’t think I have ever been to a bank in the past…. 3 years or more. I stopped going to the bank way back when you had to queue for hours and hours to get your money as if you were begging for a handout… I wrote Of Queue Waiting in 2017 while standing in line at an ATM.

Number 58 in ATM Queue

The few Zim dollars that were in that account eventually just got chipped away with bank charges until there was a negative balance and eventually the bank account just got shut down. How have I been surviving without a bank account? Good question, mattress banking and mobile money wallets.

 Would have been perfectly fine too until occasion called for me to have a bank account asap, so I had to go bank hunting. Can you imagine the hoops banks will have you jump backwards to open an account, you are like “Hey take my money” and they say, “No first we want a copy of your soul…” are you hearing yourself?

Then I discovered BancABC which definitely has its foot on the innovation gas pedal and has won the CCAZ 2020 Award For Most Improved Organization and runner up for Most Innovative

First of all you can open a local bank account easy as ABC; download the bank mobile app, BancABC A360 register and *boom* you have an account. You can also use the USSD menu and dial *242# to access mobile banking services.

The Mobile App has been zero-rated for Econet Mobile users which means you dont need mobile data to use it

Well of course my experience wasn’t that simple, the mobile app decided to do buggy things and failed to complete my registration. I messaged the A-Team via Twitter to enquire about a way forward. I was surprised that within moments had gotten a response and after a bit of back and forth my issue was resolved.

Getting an Instabanc account or a prepaid VISA card is a quick process you don’t even have to go to the bank just walk into participating franchise such as in Pick n Pay Supermarket, find the BancABC booth make an initial deposit and *boom* You can bank and shop

Again I had a couple of challenges getting my VISA card set up but they still got ironed out very quickly when I contacted the A-Team. I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into the BancABC booth to make a deposit again and the guys remembered me and enquired if everything was now working… I promised to give a shout when I wrote about my experience so Shout Out to Webster and Rutendo and the rest of the A-Team

The prepaid VISA card is great for making online payments but the account has some limitations and as I needed a bit more functionality for my banking experience and enquired how I could open a proper FCA account. The A-Team emailed the necessary paperwork and I was able to open an account without ever setting foot into the bank, how about that?

I now officially bank with Branch X, a virtual division of BancABC.


Branch X is Virtual Banking service that came about as a response to COVID-19 challenges allowing one to conduct all sorts of transactions through video and telephone banking a bold combination of people and technology, not just another automated service.

Branch X also offers Dial-A-VISA where you can order a BancABC Prepaid VISA Card and they will deliver to your doorstep… That’s some innovative banking strategy right there especially with the new normal where one wants to limit unnecessary movement.

I haven’t been to the bank in 2 years but I have been banking…


PS The next thing I want is borderless banking, check out my last article on Being A Digital Nomad: Unease Of Business  



    1. I think it’s got some expansion plans…. Imagine if such a bank had branches all over the continent or franchised with v other banks, money transfer on the continent would take a very innovative leap.


  1. I doubt we’ll see botderless banking anytime soon. Banks will always be among the most heavily regulated institutions in the known universe and nations will never agree to losing that authority.

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  2. My grandmother did mattress banking, when she died she had 400,000. Wow a que for the atm, unreal. I rarely enter a bank, but if I do, what I like is its conceriege banking. Private one on one


    1. My grandma did the kind of banking where she buried her money in unmarked sites in her backyard… When she died, well, that kinda was that, but there was a bit of cash under her mattress although when it was discovered we had had a currency change making that money pretty much worthless, can’t even trust your money to stay money *sigh*

      Ooh I know a bank that used to offer personalized conceriege like prestige banking services to its premium clients… But it’s practically shutting down now, the banking environment isn’t very sane.. Just the day was reading about how government ministers actually travel to neighbouring countries to do their banking as they don’t trust local banking, but that only came to light because they had gotten swindled off thousands of dollars.

      All things considered my current bank really is doing the things and I hope it stays growing but not so much that won’t be able to maintain the services they offer (that’s kinda of what happened at my last one practically signed up everyone but couldn’t deliver)
      Thanks for dropping by


  3. I rarely go to the Atm..i really do not like the long queues. Nowadays when you got to the bank, they firstly ask what you are to do, most of the things they will tell you to go do it yourself on the app

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    1. Society is going paperless and plastic money… But it kind of needs to be an organic process in Zim we were sort of forced to go to switch to that because of the serious cash shortages; This before you throw in the currency and inflation drama and broken trust in the banking system where you are not even sure your money in the bank will be there when you wake up….



      1. Ohh I see
        Electronic banking has made things simpler right? No need to be worrying about money running out on the ATM


  4. Hahahaha you know why I am laughing? Because I just published a post on fintech and doing away with traditional banking, we think alike B! Great minds and what note 😅

    I feel with the ever evolving tech, soon traditional banking will be a thing of the past. With mobile banking and fintech taking grip of the financial sector, and all these fraudulent banks will lose footing. But our teapot government will try to fight this because they can’t capitalize and corrupt their way into it. In the end, the tech revolution cannot be stopped, can be delayed but can’t be stopped.


    1. It’s an awesome bank I hope they grow across the continent or franchise up with continental banks to make regional payment solutions… How else will Afrobloggers be able to send payments to bloggers once our dreams become fully a thing


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