Of Coffee With Milestones

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that I might act like I never check my stats and that I would still keep this tangle of words updated even if no one else in the world read this blog, but deep down I appreciate each and every single one.

I am from re-reading my blog posts every time a new notification or comment comes through, so yeah, the most views on my blog are from me, I write for me after all…

I cant do magic so I write

When February begun I happened to notice that I was 14 blog followers away from 3000 and randomly mused how if I got one new follower everyday I would reach that milestone on Valentine’s day.

Turns out Valentine came early… I’m already past that and counting….


And since it’s the love season I hope you checked out a post that best captures a bloggers love language incase you are wondering how to show me or a blogger close to you some love… as inspired by a best selling book The Five Love Languages, which I have never read…

a blogger's love language

I experience my blog vicariously through every single interaction, seeing how you see my blog; some find it funny, others informative. I have been told some read my blog for the news and current affairs and I am here just thinking hey its not even that deep, even though each word I share may or may not be a glimpse into my life, very soul and my journey of becoming me.

The beauty of chaos of the place I call home.

To celebrate my milestone, I would love it if you shared what this blog means to you (if it all, maybe this is the first post you have seen here ha!) and of course do introduce your blog, country of residence and what your blog means to you.

Feel free to mingle around in the comments, meet some new blogging friends, why don’t you…

Thank you for the support, shares, comments, likes and yes even those times you just read, roll your eyes and keep scrolling, while I live my life blissfuly unaware you were here….

Happy Valentine Blogging


PS sometimes I ask myself why I stick with WordPress regardless of the 1001 issues I experience with it and to that, I have one word: Community. The most views to this site are from the WordPress Reader, even if I never shared my posts anywhere else I know someone on WordPress would read and of course shout out to the regulars who are practically family



  1. Reading your blog, for me, means seeing you do great at what you do and knowing that you’re happy. I guess some of us just cant help but marvel at how beautiful you and your words are even from afar. I agree the community here is something I can’t let go, and sometimes I’m disappointed at myself for not being involved as often as I was before, but I always try to do so when I have the time.

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    1. Thank you Elle
      Means a lot 🥰
      Well you know how a butterfly is unaware of its beauty, it is thru the mirror you hold up that I see myself.

      Yep, getting involved in the community is an important part of blogging, right up there with actually posting content 🤣🤣

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  2. Your blog is awesome, some politics, movies, books, social media trending, national and international headlines, your own musings, all served in bite sized portions garnished with a lots of humor.
    Your blog reminds me of A Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Esp during this period when he is at home, if not hosting a show like that, I seecan you being on the creative team..QUARANTINE-WHILE.

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    1. I love love A Late Night Show with Stephen Colbert… so crazy story I can totally see myself on show like that….


  3. Hi there, your blog means a lot me, for a while I step out of my world into yours and see things from your eyes which is most fascinating.

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  4. Congratulations!
    I personally love seeing someone who looks like me go after what they want and follow their passion.
    It reminds me that my passions matter too and that I’m not a coconut for wanting to write and have a blog as I have been told once.
    Congratulations again 🙂
    Looking forward to more of your writing.

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    1. Why would they say that? ??

      When I’m done hopefully we will have convinced people that having a blog should be a basic part of online presence in this digital era.

      Thank you


  5. Congratulations🤗🤗🤗
    This is inspiring. Though you write about a couple of things, I normally visit your blog for blogging tips, inspiration, and the latest news update of Zim. Am truly inspired. Not forgetting the creamy coffees.

    Thank you for accepting your call as a writer. You are a blessing in the African content creators. Seeing the world through your lenses its truly fascinating

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    1. Thank you so much.
      Oh and guess what I have some blogging insights that will be coming soon after reflecting on this milestone…. And there will always be coffee cheers

      Thank you again and much appreciated

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  6. B, congratulations on your new milestone. I’m so happy for you.
    What I enjoy most about your blog is your way of telling stories; you make reading current news in Zim interesting and I’ve learnt alot through your blog. I also come here for the Movie reviews as I kinda like what you like most times and you do an awesome job whipping a reviews. The coffee dates feel like I’m reading a script for talk show segment, very interesting I must say. Cheers to more blogging stories ✨

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  7. Congratulations!
    Your blog inspires. It is a story of inspiration,of adversity,of going after your dreams, really of becoming….hahah! But that is what it is. Your blog or should I say you show us African content creators that it is possible to go after our dreams ,excel in it and have fun while doing it. I can’t wait to see the next couple years of your becoming. This world has better get ready coz your light is going shine so bright!

    My blog is This is Me! https://www.thisismestory.com. It is all about getting to a place where one knows who they are and can boldly proclaim,” This is Me!” . I want to create a generational movement of people and brands changing mindsets,knowing who they are, embracing their story and capitalizing on it to impact society. My blog represents new beginnings and bold shifts for me.

    I am Patricia Opio from Uganda. Well, This is Me!

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    1. Thank you Patricia…
      I too wonder where the road leads 😎

      This is me is like becoming 😊 in a very strange way.
      A pleasure to meet you

      PS if your site had a soundtrack it would be This Is Me from the movie The Greatest showman

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  8. That’s awesome. CongratZ!
    I enjoy your blog because it shines a light on a different part of the world while showcasing how we all struggle with the same things. The variety of your posts is great. That way – there’s no way to get bored. Your coffee posts are a classic.
    You spoke the truth regarding this community. That and my passion for writing is why I’m still here. I have to say that there are times when only the community keeps me from totally leaving. It’s pretty neat!

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    1. You are totally right, I have a friend who left WordPress but they are back on it again they missed the community 🤣 it’s cold out there

      Thank you Goldie

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  9. Congratulations B! 🥂🍷You surpassed 3,000! I would totally drink too that! Why do I like your blog? You are funny, passionate, relevant, supportive, you write from your heart. ❤️ You are very articulate, and you cover many subjects. I too love the reviews as the recommendations are great and we like the same things. 😀 It’s amazing to see the world from another place through your eyes far, far away. We humans no matter where we are go through much of the same things. I don’t think I’m explaining myself very well, but I think you get my meanings. Maybe it’s exactly what you said in your post, community. This WordPress community is amazing and it really does feel like family! Keep on writing!! I love my blog and what it has brought to my life, and that is this, meeting and sharing. Growing and learning! It just gets better and better! 🤠🐴❤️

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  10. You are doing something really good with your blog. You’re doing an amazing job! I love reading your posts as a lot of them remind me of home. And the humour please!

    So glad to be somewhere in that number. Congratulations B! 🎉🎉

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  11. Congrats on the milestone, you surpassed 300 well done.

    You speak on a lot of issues,capture a lot of thoughts and have a way with words .to sum it up its like having a cup of coffee with a friend and you speak anything and everything with them💙
    And even the most serious of things you bring out humour in them 🤗

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    1. Thank you Mel ^_^
      Hahaha everything you say is true except I dont speak, I write hahahaha or rather I write as I would speak, there is a difference ^_^
      Thank you so much and much appreciated


  12. I am late in responding, and I am fairly new to your blog. I find your blog exceedingly refreshing. It is real. It is positive. It is pleasing. And it comes from a part of life and culture to which I am not directly exposed in my current everyday existence. It stretches me and makes me smile.

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