Of 8 Year Blog Anniversary

Blogging Anniversaries remind me of birthdays, like how first you are excited with each small milestone, and as the Christmases add up, you even begin to forget… I used to wonder how someone would forget their age or birthday even… Sometimes it’s because you don’t want people making a big deal of it and sometimes, well, it might seem like there is nothing much to celebrate…

WordPress is such a huge CheerLeader, it will remind you of milestones you had no idea you have made in the blogosphere, like how you posted for seven days in a row, or how you have passed such and such views, likes and follows… It will remind you that you registered on WordPress on this date and to keep flying with WordPress…

WordPress celebrates the fact that you registered; whenever someone asks me for blogging advice, I tell them to just start and start now, don’t think so much about it… Oh and join Afrobloggers ^_^

8 years blogging anniversary

I have been flying with WordPress for the past 8 years, what a journey…

From when I would write 11 posts in a year to now when I clock in 100+ posts averaging 600 words-a-pop in year….

annual stats becoming the muse

Some of my most viewed posts of all time:

Of Being A Creative: Things Not To Say To A Blogger 2021

Of Being A Creative: The Soul Beneath 2021

Of Making Money From Your Blog 2020

Of Hurricanes And Avenging Spirits 2018

The Idiomatic Man: Figures Of Expression 2018

Some interesting search engine results:

I have come to appreciate that something I write today, might actually become more useful to someone tomorrow and this blog in a way is a legacy, chronicling the journey of the future becoming the present and as it becomes the past and the history unfolding before us.  

And here is a quick shout out to people who’ve interacted with this tangle of words (which really is the best part about blogging, the endless connections you will make)

Of course first of all shout out to me, for not listening to doubt, one of the voices in my head

Sam Goldie Kirk of the Dailyflabbergast whose blog is an oasis of calm in a world that wont stop whirling about. “To stop a whirlwind… One day at a time.

Matt from Prolific Potpourri of all things artistic

Diana the 🐴🐎horse whisperer over at My Life And Horse Stories

Lebogang Shazzygal who has a safe space to be vulnerable challenge mediocrity and comfort zones at Sanctuary Of Greatness

Patricia Opio 🦋passionate about embracing one’s story at This Is Me Story

Justine who serves gratitude and stocktaking at Words From The Pot

comments on Becoming The Muse

And also shout out to you, you and you and every decision that has led you to this tangle of words, I hope I have been of muse.🥳

Do pop by the comments and share a bit on what your blogging journey has been like and also include the country you are reading this from… Man’s International check the statistics, I am in Harare, Zimbabwe by the way..


PS Low key thinking of doing a small small giveaway, suggestions suggestions….



  1. WordPress is a whole mood. The cheerleader of note. So like what kept you going all these uncleB? I mean like for 8full years!! Aiii this is a milestone. You are a muse indeed… The one and only uncle of blogging.

    Of hurricane and avenging spirits has done so well. Bravo to you👏👏👏 I haven’t checked it. I’ll run now and check it out. Of being a creative I’ve read all of them and of making money with blogging…great tips right there. I remember when I started blogging I would just camp on your blog for days😆😆😆😆
    Thank you so much for the shoutout🤗🤗🤗 I for one would have given up by now.
    if I never became a part of the Afrobloggers Community.
    Lebogang from 🇿🇦..yappy

    Happiest Blogiversary💃💃💃

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  2. This blog is home… Each month , i look forward to camping here.

    . congratulations on 8years of goodness. Thanks for always writing and writing…

    I am glad that you exist.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you Marshall. Haha one doesn’t build a blog in a day, like with everything else one step at a time, thought to share this just to show that I didn’t wake up like this 🤣🤣

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      1. You, are awesome! That’s all so very true. The you that’s thoughtful, is inevitably leadership material. I’m glad we have you. Live long, and keep charged, for you, and for us.


  3. 8 years with one blog is a milestone…I’ve been on WordPress for about 7 years with a about 5 blogs…but I’ve settled on this one. I still wonder how we connected, but I am glad we have. From reader to collaborator to international friendship. My little brother B… here’s to 8 more years.


  4. Happy blogversary (is that a think?) Blogging is a journey that demands consistency and you have been nothing but consistent. Giveaway ideas: help someone start a blog or navigate the old one? Books, tips on writing google search worthy articles pun intended)

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    1. hahaha it is a thing now, which is the beauty about blogging, you can define anything however you will and it becomes a thing
      Interesting ideas I like the idea of helping someone start one or taking their current one to the next level hmmmm


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  5. Howdy B!
    What a beautiful blog post about celebrating your 8 year anniversary!! YAY! I’m so very happy you gave yourself a shout-out, because you deserve it and no self doubting, nope, we need to push self doubt away! We all do, but it’s wonderful people like you who help others through your blog and blogging experiences! I am indebted to your kind help in making my blog space better. 😍

    AND thank you for the shout-out for my blog, so darn sweet and my horse whispering is like part of my soul. I’m thinking I should be more like you and try linking and featuring other bloggers, something I’ve never done before which is something outside my comfort zone!! Being in the U.S. and reaching around the world with blogging is sometimes mind boggling and humbles me as how we see the world through our eyes and how we share this world and have others enjoy what we see is truly AMAZING to me! As your tangle of words is shared and loved by so many (which by the way if your words are tangled mine may be a real mess, since I’m not sure where I’m going with my long drawn out response here!) I was considering cutting back and blog less thinking I’m just getting redundant, but you’ve renewed my inspiration to continue as I truly love to share my passion for this life!! Keep up the great work and blog!! You are funny, passionate, helpful and so kind. Witty, very witty can’t wait for the next 8 years!!

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  6. Happy 8th Blog Anniversary!!
    What a milestone!

    To many more years, many more blog posts, coffee dates and everything else you offer.

    Your blog always gives me a little taste of home and I love it.


  7. Yaaaay! Uncle of Bloggers, you are 6 years 1 week older than me on WordPress 🤩😅.

    Thank you for making blogging cool and for being our Blogging Uncle true and through (wait, is that how they write/say that? 🤷🏻‍♀️)

    Belated happy anniversary 🥳🥳🥳


  8. Happy Blogversary Uncle B!!

    What indeed would we do without you? Blogging in Africa just keeps getting better coz of you…

    Cheers to more years when you are old/young and…..mmhh grey… greyer??? Hahah!!


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