Of Blogging Milestones

WordPress is quite the cheerleader on your blogging journey… I don’t know about you but I kind of like getting those notifications from WordPress that you have been flying with WordPress for so many years or that you have congratulations on getting so many publishing so many posts on your blog or that you are experiencing a sharp spike in your stats….

From my last notifications on milestone achieved my blog is six years old and has over 500 blog posts published on it:

To date, this article is the 540th post on my blog; this year I have posted 160 blog posts totaling about 106 000 words….. but whose counting right?

Despite all the challenging times faced this year, I have managed to stay consistent and even had small promo to celebrate my six year love affair with words; asking people to share their favourite articles…

Sometimes you can see visions through his writings. You can build a picture out of his words and he’s so easy to understand. I combed through internet for this one. @Beatonm5 happy 6th anniversary on your blog. Of The Lady Of The Creek https://t.co/817dljRfMv?amp=1

The story that appealed to me is the one on mermaids and tradition. The story of mermaids intrigued, maybe because they scared me so much when grow up. I could have given a review but words limitation https://t.co/UvqAsa8Quw?amp=1

I like Of Coffee with Crust and Sadza Foundation. I had never tried it but when I asked my older brothers it became story time of their days back in high school. You are really funny and random. https://t.co/ckRnWIm3iA?amp=1

This is it. All you need to know about about @Beatonm5 If I was having a cup of coffee with you, would probably ask you how you felt after being waved by Princess D. https://t.co/JDvf0fX50x?amp=1

This is my favorite post by @Beatonm5. Speaks volumes to a 16 year old me and speaks volumes about the man behind the script. I respect you. Of Periods https://t.co/xJsyRUZ60e?amp=1

I liked Of A Letter To African Bloggers because as a fellow writer still shy about taking my stuff to the internet, it resonated. Especially, how you want to create an environment for African bloggers to be heard in an Afrocentric context. https://t.co/IjMuhzivsG?amp=1

Of Coffee And The Simple Life if i remember correctly there was a picture of the most beautiful sunset and you Uncle love your coffee https://t.co/HHisuQz9ff?amp=1

@Beatonm5 loves coffee… And he also gives a human face to the Zimbabwean struggle… https://becomingthemuse.net/2018/12/30/of-coffee-in-a-fuel-queue/

Oh and Prowl Magazine included me in their influencer issue; guess local uncle is influential ^_^

Uncle of Bloggers




  1. I totally enjoy those notifications from WP. I hit 400 posts recently, so I am looking forward to hitting 500.
    I see your views increase every year. It means you’re doing something right. Mine are lower this year than last. I planned on doing a similar post at the end of the year.

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    1. I never actively pay attention to my insights and stats so these WP notifications are a welcome surprise, like, wow it’s been a year already….😂😂😂

      I was looking into my stats as research for something, this year mobile internet data prices have been increasing on a monthly basis (run away inflation things) and so internet has been a pricey commodity and then couple that with the electricity crisis and other things it makes sense that… although my views are slightly higher this year I had significantly lower local Zim traffic, with the decline noticeably coinciding with the first wave of increased internet data costs….

      I really should document this plot a graph and email to the man who owns the largest telecommunications company and ask him his thoughts who knows he might offer to power my Wi-Fi Zone so we can continue teaching blogging and digital skills to teens since he never got to build that woman her house and want to get people to tell stories like that which don’t normally make the news….

      I think I digressed right lol let’s call it brainstorming some of my best ideas start as blog comments ^_^

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  2. Congratulations on all your word use and the influence it has had on readers!

    I, too, enjoy the cheerleading WordPress gives. Today it told me, “You’re on a 19-day streak on Holy Sheepdip!!” TWO exclamation marks! But, to be fair, one of them is part of the title of my blog.

    I’ll check out some of the links you shared. “Coffee with Uncle B” has me especially curious.

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  3. I Love how WordPress tells us milestones! It’s so encouraging and I try not to focus too much on them. But it’s DEFINITELY motivating. The stats I like the most (because I’m old) and am in awe with all this technology that people all over the world is reading my words! That will FOREVER be a huge WOW for me. So thank you for reading and liking my posts from your part of the world. I just got the most likes on one post milestone, I think it said 15!! And WordPress congratulated me at 100 posts not too long ago. Haha, I’m just a baby in this blogging world! Thanks for sharing! 😃

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    1. Hahaha it’s been a pleasure to find out what Zack and Chloe get upto
      Congrats on passing the first 100 🎉🎉🎉🔔🔔🔔 and here’s to the next
      Stay writing


      1. Awe, thank you!! You are so VERY kind and encouraging! I ain’t stopping anytime soon and actually hope I can write more often! When a carrot is dangling in front of you, like 200 posts, I want to reach that carrot! Haha, so would my horses!! 🥕❤️😄👍


  4. Congrats B! Your dedication to blogging would be impressive for anybody, but given the challenges you have to deal with in Zimbabwe, it’s even more remarkable. And yes, you are influential! You’re an online ambassador for the real people in your country, not just the rulers.

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    1. Thanks Josh…
      Blogging Ambassador hmmmm Well I am a self-styled Uncle of bloggers haha and we about to turn this up lol

      No idea what that means but sounds like how you end a killer award winning speech and drop the microwave like its hot

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  5. One day, I hope you will have a button on your blog posts that says, ‘Click here to buy me coffee’.

    We enjoy your invitation to coffee (blog posts) so much we would love to host you too.

    But as distance doesn’t allow the pleasure, I’m sure many of us outside South Africa would happily contribute $3 for you to have coffee on us, or to alleviate the cost of the data you buy to publish your posts considering that Zimbabwe followers had to cut down their internet usage because of hyperinflation.

    The buy me coffee button will be perfect as I see starbucks prices are indeed between $3 and $5 around the world.

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    1. That day might not be too far away 🎉🎉🎉
      Just that some of the payment gateways do not support Zim banking systems could be the sanctions lol or the habit of the Central Bank to raid nostro funds

      I don’t believe in New Year resolutions but the closest to having one is getting a buy me coffee button from January 2020

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  6. Congrats on achieving quite a big milestone ,you are a real influencer for sure.You have made it to the top throuh sheer hard working and we are all inspired by your blogging to the fullest ,thumbs up my fellow country man.

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    1. Thank thank you….

      There’s a lot of work behind the scenes even when it looks easy glad to be of inspiration…

      Are we going to Mzvondiwa this holiday season


    1. Uuuugh. I thought I was replying to your comment to me, Beaton, but it looks like I messed up and my comment is out of the thread where it belongs.

      WordPress needs to give an edit option for comments.

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      1. Well I happen to know the conversation in question so it’s all gravy in the Navy

        But you are so right, I really wish WordPress could let you edit comments you made on other people’s blogs or at least allow you to delete then you could comment again lol


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