Of Coffee by Candlelight

If you were having coffee with, we would be having coffee by candlelight, two candles lighting up the room, there would be no soft music playing in the background or rose petals scattered on the floor; this is not a romantic coffee date, its because there’s a power cut…

For the past couple of months there has been an increase in electricity black outs in frequency and duration, in the beginning the power utility company tried to down play the severity and scale of the problem making it seem like it was mostly “routine maintenance” and faults causing the power outages.  A week ago they even took to issuing a statement on people spreading “fake news” on social media about the state of load-shedding, since they had not communicated anything on the official channels

Well its now official, we are in stage one of the electricity loading shedding phase, this is when there are timed electricity blackouts in various regions, neighbourhoods and provinces of the country of anything from about five hours to ten hours of electricity darkness everyday depending with the area..

Why is the power company load-shedding? The water level at Kariba Dam Hydroelectric power station are at such critical levels that the River Authority has started rationing the available water and consequently power generation has fallen and cannot sustain the national grid load, so they shed some of the load.

How do they plan on solving this crisis? I read something about a plan on importing more electricity from neighbouring countries such as Mozambique,… but knowing our country’s crazy financial (mis)management I am not holding my breath maybe I would pay more attention  if they called for a national vigil to pray for rain or hold a rain making ceremony, appease ancestors, even a rain dance, I would go and dance.

rain dance

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you, sometimes I like to fancy myself as a Rain God, it seems to rain around me could be something about my hair, it rains after wash day.

washday rain

Did you ever hear about the Zambezi River God, the Nyami Nyami, its rumored he too can(could) make it rain or not rain, and the latter seems probable in light of if you reflect on how we got hit by a category four cyclone a few months back yet not a drop reached the dam, some things can not be explained away logically and scientifically, there’s magic and mysteries deep within our history.

If you were having coffee with me, I would ask you if you would like a plate of pasta with your coffee, coffee and pasta because yeah forget about bread I only buy that on special occasions because its crazy priced. A loaf of bread costs more than a litre of fuel and looks like the fuel price will go up soon due to its unavailibilty and so will the LP cooking gas especially with the power cuts then everything else will go up too, its inevitable.

coffee by candlelight

If you were having coffee with me, I would hope you do not mind I blew out the candle to save it for next evening’s darkness and as I type this post squinting at the keys in the dark, yes I am ashamed to admit I do not know the computer keyboard as well as I should, for I need to see the letters on the keys to type; I am from angling down my laptop screen on its lowest minimum brightness setting(to save battery) so a  bit of light can shine on the keyboard keys. I had never put much thought into a it, but yep a laptop with a keyboard backlight would not only be super cool, but super handy.

This is only stage 1 of the load-shedding programme there’s also stage two which will probably have longer hours of darkness and who knows what they will do in stage three, stage four , by stage five probably switch off the light at the end of the tunnel; welcome to the dark ages.

Considering once upon a time this proposal was tabled that since they could not afford money to commission a new power station, they would instead impose a ban or regulate standards on high power drain appliances, from electricity geysers to fridges, aircons, electric cookers/ovens, dishwashers

“If we make a saving of 200MW, through the use of energy-efficient appliances, it’s actually cheaper than putting up a 200MW power station; and we don’t have the money.”

Wait what? Yup

Whats happening in your neck of the woods and do yo know how I can build a power plant in my backyard or better yet whats Elon Musk’s number, if you see him tell him I might have a proposal and I don’t mean of the marrying kind.




  1. Now imagine how aggravating it used to be when such issued occurred BEFORE computers and the Internet were so widely spread. 1. If you didn’t have a laptop, you wouldn’t be able to write your blog. 2. If you had no Internet, you wouldn’t know what the rumors are and what the explanation is. Just sitting in the dark. Unsure of why and for how long. Been there, done that. It’s fun in the beginning, but then it just gets boring and annoying.

    It’s crazy how bread is more expensive than fuel here, too.

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    1. I was just laughing with a friend that growing up the internet was something we knew from the movies and we used to learn lyrics to songs the hard way by listening, then rewinding the tape and playing again hahahaha and now the internet has become a part of or lives and its hard to imagine how we existed without it, the world a click away …. I suppose in the dark I can catch up to some old school reading paper books and hard covers and write in journal just like I used to back in the dark ages when a compter was scary and complicated hahahahaha
      thanks for dropping by and the laughs and encouragement it keeps the darkness away

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      1. Good to see laughter! Yes, it is such good medicine.

        I used to sit on my bed in the 1980s listening to songs, writing down the lyrics, rewinding again and again to figure them out. Some I got so wrong!

        Not until the past decade did I finally learn that Elton John was saying, in Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road, “a couple of vodka and tonics”. I thought it was “Accurin tablets”, figuring that must be some kind of British painkiller pills.

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      2. ah yes the drama of misheard lyrics… I sed to love Elton John’s Sacrifice and the words I heard were atrociously wrong might have even changed my understanding of the song meaning …. maybe its the way he sang because I never tried to sing a candle in the wind solo part I only lip synced and gave up trying understand the rest of the song except that it was made a dedication for the late Princess Di

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      3. I forgot about that remake. I just went to listen to it to refresh my memory.

        And here we are back at talking about candles. I hope your laptop isn’t dead! I hope you have a great day, somehow, in the midst of the mess of electrical shortages.

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      4. It hadnt even occured to me about the candles that wold have been the theme track for this blog post, but I would be singing that in dedication to my laptop, the battery icon is flashing an ominous green, I hope I can finish this reply before it decides to force shutdown… then if the power schedule is to be believed still have 3 hours without electricity till its 10pm..

        Its 7pm and can safely say day was ok all things considered and the trip down memory lane was loads of laughs I am making an Elton John playlist soon as the power comes back
        Have an awesome day yourself and thanks for the company

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      5. I purposely did not write anything further as I know how it can be with reading comments and then wanting to reply, but your laptop was dying so I hushed up. 🙂

        I read a bit of the other comments and it appears that you might be in Zimbabwe. I know a woman in my community who moved here from there. Quite the change in climate and so much else, by the sounds of it. She experienced terrible violence there and moved to Canada to marry.

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      6. hahahahaha I appreciate the thought ^_^
        And yes I am in Zimbabwe, its a beautiful yet chaotic corner of the world and it has its moments

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  2. A line from a song comes to mind:

    “Children died,
    The days grew cold,
    A piece of bread could buy a bag of gold –
    I wish we’d all been ready.
    There’s no time to change your mind,
    The Son has come,
    And you’ve been left behind.”

    Seems there is one thing or another causing great concern everywhere in the world today. We need rain here in BC, Canada too. A couple summers ago, my community was evacuated for 19 days due to forest fires. It’s already pretty dry here.

    I am praying for you and the power situation.

    And if I run into Elon, I will let him know you were asking after him. 🙂

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    1. I wish we had all been born ready

      its strange how the weather conditions are really doing the most these days of climate change, the winters are getting colder and summer hotter, the dry season is arid and when it rains it floods…. what strange times we live in, maybe these are the end times and we still not ready…

      Thanks for dropping by and who needs Elon maybe what he can do I can do too all I really need is a bag of prayers and a pile of money to burn^_^

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      1. I believe we are in the end times, but I am ready. I don’t believe this world is all there is, and I look forward to the better place with Jesus. ❤ Waaay too much mess here!

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  3. ” stage one of the electricity loading shedding phase, this is when there are timed electricity blackouts in various regions, neighbourhoods and provinces of the country of anything from about five hours to ten hours of electricity darkness everyday depending with the area..”

    Zim stage one is flames compared to South Africa.
    The cycle here is 2 hours per slot over 4 days which translates to;
    Stage 1 in RSA: 2hrs x 3times = 6hrs in 4 days with a maximum of 12hrs in 4 days
    Stage 2 in RSA: 2hrs x 6times = 12hrs in 4 days with a maximum of 24hrs in 4 days
    Stage 3 in RSA: 2hrs x 9times = 18hrs in 4 days with a maximum of 34hrs in 4 days

    Stage 1 in ZIM: 5hrs x 4times = 20hrs in 4 days with a *maximum of 40 hrs in 4 days
    Stage 2 in ZIM: I’m afraid to even ask.

    The fact that each slot is so long shows no regard for businesses whose revenue is dependent on electricity. Is there an exception list e.g. hospitals, schools?

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    1. yeah and of course our power utility company does not even respect the schedule , anytime you find the electricity working is a small miracle I have friends in ares where there is only power from 11pm to 5am I cant possibly imagine how that is working out for them….

      Business is suffering but on the upside we had already trashed our industry and production sectors and now mostly a consumer market getting a large fraction of our imports from South too, I even have that open veiw decorder and watch SABC and ETV like a local lol
      so we just finishing up the lil things like with a schedule like this we can kiss winter irrigation goodbye and thats goodbye winter wheat but hey some of us werent having bread anyway….
      Hospitals are not supposed to get load shedding but somehow it still earns up happening and obviously neighbourhoods with houses of senior government people are less likely to get the really hectic load shedding…

      going off the national grid seems like a really wise idea, these govt-parastatal monopoly companies really take their client base for granted

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      1. Unfortunately, if many were to go off the grid, new tariffs are likely to be introduced as South Africa is trying to approve a bill that requires those off the grid to register with the national regulator of energy and pay a fee. I can imagine how much Zimbabwe is paying attention to these schemes.

        “goodbye winter wheat” True. Especially considering that the west of Zimbabwe lost hectares of maze due to heat and drought in 2018. Many switched to sorghum and wheat but weather still ain’t playing ball with the cyclone Idai flooding the East of Zimbabwe.

        Now the North (Kariba) is going to make the whole country lose the small grains and vegetables that farmers switched to after thinking water irrigation is their saviour.

        Smiling, Zimbabwe, building its character! Pity the old gods and new gods do not play on OpenView decoders. Zimbabweans could have learned new prayers from Game of Thrones. #darkhumour

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      2. I was thinking of moving next door to the United States Embassy they recently completed a 200million dollar embassy, one of the biggest in Africa, one wonders they know… but knowing those guys, they probably have their own tiny power plant hidden quietly in their backyard..


      3. oh yes, there was this one time when municipal water was hectically erratic (it still is and its not entirely 100% safe to drink to date) anyway they tried to introduce a system where anyone with a borehole or well in their backyard shold have a water meter that shows how much water they drew from the ground so they can be charged for all water belongs to the water authority after all…. anyway they havent quite gone round to enforcing the idea just like they dont quite get round to enforcing everyone who owns a tv pay for a tv licence wether they watch the nonsense on the tettestial channel or not… I dont and sometimes when I see the tv license inspectors at the gate I just ignore them, maybe one day they will bring a court order but until then:

        Valar Dohaeris!!!!!


        PS waiting for the final episode like ok so who would rule over a pile of ashes, an ode to mad presidents, kings and queens… winter ends

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      4. just saw this game of thrones meme with the people cheering for the mad queen in on frame and reigning fire and blood in the next
        juxtapositioned with pics of zim folk celebrating the military in the coup not a coup in one frame and the military firing into citizens in the next frame, people got dark humour


      1. hopefully in six months the year will be over the rainy season will be here and everything will be green again and this will seem like a terrible dream from way back and we will laugh about it

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  4. Did you ever read So Long and Thanks for All the Fish, by Douglas Adams? There is a character who is a rain god but he doesn’t know it and can’t understand why it rains so much around him. Here’s a quote: “though he did not know it, Rob McKenna was a Rain God. All he knew was that his working days were miserable and he had a succession of lousy holidays. All the clouds knew was that they loved him and wanted to be near him, to cherish him, and to water him.”
    I don’t mean to make light of the situation though. It sounds really hard. I hope it gets better.

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    1. hahahaha I happen to really really love the Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy by Douglas Adams, a trilogy in four parts and So long and thanks for the fish is the fourth part….

      hahaha making light of the situation sounds like a great idea, many hands make light work, lets see if that brings back the power faster…

      thanks and 42


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  5. If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you, sometimes I like to fancy myself as a Rain God, it seems to rain around me could be something about my hair, it rains after wash day.

    I laughed.

    Some parts of Kenya are in the dark many times. It is miserable to be without power, the world does not seem lively, especially at night, because you cannot go out for walks, you have to stay in the house with a timed candle. And surprisingly, that is when sleep disappears.

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    1. hahahaha I know right.. you are home in the dark and you cant sleep but if the was electricity and a movie you wanted to watch you would barely be able to keep your eyes open

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