Of Coffee On WashDay

If you were having coffee with me…… you would be in time to join me on my washday ritual. Washday for me comes every once in an assymetrical number of days, possibly weeks sometimes monthly there is no definite system, but usually the weekend before a week with events I want to look my best…… Happy Valentine’s day  ♥♥♥♥

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WashDay I circle it on my calendar in red over and over again and in case you are wondering, washday is not about laundry, it is a whole day dedicated to all things hair. I have twisted locks and you can tell by the length of my locks I am fanatic about it, you can call me Rasta B  


First step is oil treatment or a conditioning mask, shampooing the hair makes it dry and brittle so first I pre-oil.


After that the soap opera begins, detangling, anti-dandruff shampoo…. Lather, rinse and repeat until the hair foams freely and the rinse water runs clear. My eyes always wind up blood-red like I have been huffing paint; I have tried No More Tears Shampoo, but am not sure how much of it one must drink to stop the tears, though you start burping really cool bubbles. Sometimes when I run out of shampoo I use dish-washing liquid, and fabric softener as a conditioner. Some say it’s a terrible idea, some say its ok, all I know is it works except for an urge to want to wipe down dishes in the kitchen sink with my hair.

I am currently raving about a shampoo I bought from a street salesman. H e approached me while I was walking in town and said “Rasta Big Up, I promise if you buy this stuff you wont regret it” and since it cost only $1 I decided why not. He even gave me his number assuring me I would be placing a future order.


I was a bit skeptical the bottle and label is unremarkable and the unscented gel shampoo smells is like detergent but I have to give it  a thumbs up a single palmful lathers up my entire hair and it doesnt dry it out. I think it has traces of conditioner and moisturiser in it. I’ll definitely be calling him up for my next fix.

If you were having coffee with me we would sit in the sun, and warm up after that soap opera affair as we wait for my hair to drip dry. One always hopes washday falls on a nice warm and sunny day.


Next I section my hair into some sort of buns or is it bangs? I am not quite sure. Followed finally by retwisting all the new hair growth with beeswax; some oil and moisturiser.


My hairdresser introduced me to this hair Ganjalizer Super Natural Herbal Hair Food. I suspect it has questionable legality issues seeing as the label claims it contains 100% Ganja also known as marijuana, cannabis, weed, herb, hemp…. People who sell it don’t display it and if you look like a plain clothed policeman undercover (i.e clean shaven; plain bald head) and ask for it they will tell you it’s out of stock.


It does have the scent of marijuana and I think when you use it you might want to stay away from police sniffer dogs or areas where drug searches are conducted…. just to be safe. Common street myth is if you want your hair to grow luxuriously infusing marijuana seeds into your petroleum jelly and using that as hair food is the holy grail.


If you were having coffee with me I would tell you about the acid test of successfully completed washday.

The Acid Test …. Walking downtown in an area where hairdressers and barbers are lined up on the pavement seeking out clients… If not a single one of them calls you and says “lets style or cut” or offer any service done on your hair then you know your hair is on point. Though sometimes just to fool you they might just call you…….

If you were having coffee with me I would ask you if a random hot person compliments you on your hair and then when you smiling and feeling yourself graciously trying to accept the compliment and then they suddenly say “By the way I am a hairdresser, here is my card call me sometime……” how genuine was the compliment they paid you or did they speak to you just to solicit for a potential client and would you call them?

Thanks for the visit do you have any hair routines and tips you might want to share? Have a happy heart day.


Ps Some guys have washday too ☻☺☻




  1. Oh my, this sounds like quite the soap opera! It makes me glad I shave my head, because that’s a much simpler routine! I don’t get beautiful hairdressers giving me fake compliments, however.


      1. I typically shower in the evening (I do lots of sweating during the day), and shave in the morning. First I rinse my head with warm water, then lather it up with shaving cream. Then I just shave it with a standard disposable razor. It typically takes about 10 minutes.

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  2. I doubt that I’d qualify as a random hot person, but I’d like to compliment you on your beautiful hair and your motivation in keeping it that way! Very cool and enjoyable post!🛁🚿

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  3. THat’s really interesting about marijuana in a hair product. I never knew it would be good for it. My hair is as long as yours but I do very little with it. I’ve found the older I get it’s best I leave it be. Too much washing makes it dry out, and I never comb it. I only comb through with my fingers.

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    1. I usually leave my hair alone for the greater part of the month and I no longer own any combs or brushes so i just wake up like this…..
      **Shakes locks**


    1. hahaha they are low maintenance most of the time… but like anything else worth having you gotta put in the work nothing good ever comes easy….


  4. Thanks for the free hair care tips. My locks are about the length of yours and I’m always on the lookout for new ideas. Will stay away from the ganjalizer though – don’t want any sniffer dogs near me. Lovely locks by the way.

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    1. You welcome. …omg you have locks 😍 the ganjalizer stuff is potent, 😜 does wonders for the hair.
      Do share some hair tips us dread heads must stick together :’)


  5. If it’s your thing, then the time it takes, is time well spent. I have no patience for hair, which is why I chopped mine.. Wash, towel dry and leave! 😉
    it does look cool, yours does, though!

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  6. I need that ganja thing. It’d restore my hairline. I stopped having wash days because it was so involving. I might resume the whole routine thing since the braids on my hair are due for removal. I used to hot oil treat it with a mixture of olive, caster, Shae butter and coconut oil overnight while covered in a warm towel. Following day I’d first wash the oils out with warm water then shampoo it with Cantu. Wash and condition with Cantu leave in conditioner and tie 5 big braids for it to dry. My hair is coars so I don’t use towels or anything to dry it. It dries quickly alone 😂. Lastly I oil it a little bit with olive oil or caster oil so that it stretches.


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