Of A Letter To AfroBlogers

Dear Afrobloggers

When I first started blogging I struggled to find a place to belong in the blogosphere. There seemed to be very few people blogging from this side of the world.

With time I discovered I was not alone, the were many others from different corners of the world and continent, and I wanted to know more about the, to know what their blogging journeys were like in their respective countries and if they had insights to share.

blogging in africa

Afrobloggers was born from a need such as this, to bring together the community of African Bloggers and to have a place where one could find someone whom would read their posts. Some like me act like we write selfishly for ourselves but deep down a tiny part of us just like with any artist would wish for another pair of eyes to not so much as understand but to read, maybe even relate just a little, learn something  or just to marvel and laugh at your creative  dexterity.

Where the world meets African Bloggers…

The beauty of Afrobloggers is in the diversity, it’s a place you can belong and still be individual in a community of kindred folk.

Who is Afrobloggers? I am African Blogger, you are an African Blogger, we are Afrobloggers, no one started it, but someone gave it a name and now we bring the community together making the circle bigger and better.

Reading through the entries for the #WinterABC challenge has had me beaming like a proud uncle seeing new names mixed with familiar names and faces, look how our family grows. Maybe my dreams are not such an impossibility…

Yours Sincerely

Uncle Of Bloggers




      1. hmmmm Pius Pius Pius what willI do with you…. hahaha ok how about this I promise to listen, I might laugh and I dont know if I will have useful advice, but I promise to listen


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