Of Coffee With Chengetayi

If you were having coffee with me we would be having a chat with Chengetayi N. Mnisi. I first ran into her back when you could count the number of Zimbabwean bloggers on the fingers of one hand and now you need to sign an appointment book to get a few moments of her time, unless you are Pinenut…

She has gone by the name Pineapple on social media and having grown into herself, is now known as…. allow me to introduce: Chengetayi.


She’s a choreographer, fitness instructor and owner of Pineapple Creative Studio which has been in business for 2 years running and growing.

Chengetayi has been featured on BBC Africa for pursuing a career in dance over her corporate job in advertising. She quit her job!

So we hanging out with Chengetayi…

B: Tea or coffee

C: Coffee in the morning. Tea in the evening.

Chengetayi Pineapple Creative Studio

Adulting Total Rubbis Coffee Mug

B: Here’ to the best of both worlds!!! We are starting the third year since you said goodbye to a conventional career path and hello to your passion, how’s been the ride.

C: It’s been really amazing hey, I’ve been very open to growth & change. Given the times we are living in now, I’ve had to adapt & adjust so many things about how I work & it’s been working out great. I’m content & happy with the decision that I made. 

B: You own your own damn studio *slow clap* I know you dance by yourself when no one else comes, but when you look in the mirror, what do you see, who do you see?

C: I see the woman I never ever thought I could be & I am so proud of myself. I have achieved everything that was once a wild dream to me, and I am confident enough to aim bigger and higher now. I’m so proud of Me 

Pineapple Creative Dance Studio

B: Lets throw in your bundle of joy, Pinenut into the mix. Motherhood is a whole journey by itself and life has no manual, how have you been balancing it all?

C: To be honest I don’t balance it all, everything doesn’t have my equal attention at all times. I prioritize, one day at a time. Sometimes motherhood comes first, on other days work, and then marriage & I have to fight for it to always be me as well above all. It’s tough, it’s fulfilling & what matters most to me is that Pinenut is healthy & happy. I think I’m doing ok on that end. 

Mother and child

B: Take us back, to a moment just before you made the most important decision of life *BOOM* where are you and what are you thinking?

C: I am in bed, after a glass of red wine, thinking, I can’t keep doing this anymore. I’m emotional, drained, overwhelmed, I’ve cried too many times. Enough is enough, I am in control… 

B: A world without music or a world where there is only one song on repeat?

C: Yho! This is a tough one. I’d rather have no music, one song on repeat is torture 😂

B: What colour are you when you dance?

C: Yellow! 

B: Lets talk about the roommate… they dance?  

C: They dance!? He is only 1/3 of one of the biggest dance crews to come out of Zim, HD (High Definition) So yeah, mans can dance! 

Happy couple

B: Whats the secret…. To well life the universe, securing partnerships and everything.

C: Do not settle, you know exactly what you want, now go for it! NO EXCUSES! 

B: If you had the Felix Felicis or Liquid Luck Charm from Harry Potter and you could not fail whats the first thing you would do?

C: I would start a school of dance, identify & nurture all the talent that’s in our beautiful teapot country 

B: And then the pandemic happened… how has this changed how things have worked out.

C: It definitely pushed me more into Fitness than Dance but I’m not complaining. I’ve met some amazing people & impacted more lives than I think I would have just found Dance. It just sucks that I can’t use the studio. 

B: You have been awesome if this were live on TV whom would you give shout outs to?

C: I would give a shout out to my husband, daughter & everyone I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with, you are all amazing! 

B: I hope they are reading hahahaha Bonus question: Knowing what you know now and you could go back in time what would you do differently?

C. I would just be more assertive & confident about making life-changing decisions. I’d stop holding myself back 

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B: Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule for a coffee chat… Chengetayi is certainly one to look out for and you can check out her social media:  

Facebook – chengetayi.mnisi Twitter – @Chengetayi_

Instagram – @Chengetayi_ LinkedIn – Chengetayi Mnisi 

TickTock – https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMdpEAurr/ 



  1. Do not settle, you know exactly what you want, now go for it! NO EXCUSES! 

    This !!!!

    Its very brave of her to pursue her passion and I know how toxic the work place can get. I hope that we will all have the courage to say no to the bare minimum if we can thrive like her.

    Thank you for hosting her on here B. Bless you both.

    Liked by 4 people

  2. Pineapple is gold! First met her at a wedding rehearsal for my uncle, she is a very patient choreographer especially for us with 2 left legs…proud of who she is becoming!

    We will talk about the mug later ha ha ha

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you Pamela
      Yep just spreading some inspiration on the interwebs
      I am well thank you and you hope you good
      Cheers to dropping by


  3. Loved the dance moves
    Do not settle👏👏👏….her level to quit her corporate job is admirable.
    I also love her name..Chengetayi

    Liked by 3 people

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