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Its blogging awards season and the results for the inaugural Afrobloggers Awards are out, check out the link below to meet some of Africa’s leading content creators according to the most prestigious blogging community

afrobloggers awards winners
2020 Afrobloggers Award winners

Incidentally Voting is now open in the ZimBlog Awards hosted by Tribe of Influencers to recognise and reward Zimbabwean content creators for their dedication to their craft.

During the voting phase for Afrobloggers Awards I got asked how come my site had not made the finalists and I explained my ineligibility as it would have caused a conflict of interest but I am legible for these ones and the first thing was figuring out a category to for my blog.

blogging categories
What category would you place it?

My blog is very multifaceted, one day you may read about a book I read and the next a movie or tv series I watched and sometimes it’s a chat over a virtual cup of coffee… if you haven’t yet check out my About Page for a walkthrough of what you can expect on this blog.

we are going to need new categories

Why Social Issues and Politics?

From the feedback I have received some people follow this blog for my perspective of life in Zimbabwe. A previous post when I was celebrating the milestone of passing 3000 subscribers asked if people could share what they liked about my corner of the internet and yep, it appears that my site is a place you can catch up on what’s happening in this teapot shaped country.

The beauty and chaos of the place I call home

Becoming The Muse testimonial
Becoming The Muse testimonial
Thoughts of Peshy
Becoming The Muse testimonial
Sanctuary of greatness

A sentiment I hold was also echoed in my Book Club Chat about how literature is reflection of society and so books and their reviews also plays in part as a commentary of what is happening around us.

Becoming The Muse testimonial
Becoming The Muse testimonial

Let the record state that I did not say my blog is a political one, I am not a politician or political analyst, and I come from a place where expressing wrong political opinions might not be a healthy way of enjoying coffee.

  I am simply a man sharing about the history unfolding before my eyes as the present becomes past and the future present.

To vote for me go to https://vote.tribeofinfluencers.com/ sign up via your preferred social media platform and select Becoming The Muse under Social Issues and Politics

Confession next to the other nominees, I feel a bit like a mosquito in a room full of elephants, when all is said and done at least I can say, “But you have heard of me?”

Worst writer Jack Sparrow meme

*you can vote once every 12 hours and also do check out the other categories and vote for any of your favourite Zimbabwean Bloggers that made the list, after me of course.  

So lets see, I have been nominated, I have been blogger of the year, I have helped organise Blogging Awards maybe next year I wont do anthing at all, just to see how that feels…..




    1. I’m even wondering how they are going to resolve this it’s going to be a nightmare for the judges 🤣🤣🤣 and I don’t plan to make it easy for them

      I was expecting you to be here as well so i could challenge your streak😇


      1. I suppose noone nominated my blog, haha.
        I am trying to cover events from across the continent as well so maybe these are strictly for those who write exclusively about the motherland 😂😂


  1. Your blog is indeed multifaceted
    One cant just box it I one niche and we truly appreciate the diversity.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. B, I’m going to sing you a song in Yoruba, please go find the translation/meaning yourself. After all, you plan on doing nothing Blogging Awards related next year 😔.

    “Bo o ti e dibo, oti wole! Anise, bi o ti e dibo, oti wole!” 🎶💃

    Good luck! 🤩

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