Of Being Blogger Of The Year: Zim Blog Awards

It is with utmost modesty that I inform you I was voted for Blogger Of The Year in the Tribe of Influencers Zimbabwean Blog Awards.

Zim Blog Awards
2020 Zimbabwean Blogger Of The Year

If you know me by now, you should know I am so modest; I would never hurt a fly and I might drink papaya herbal tea and mix up my metaphors, just to cut off my nose, like a tree, gnawing at its roots, if only to prove your point, by toppling.

I told you I was sick

You see?

Of course you do not see… Let me walk you through my tangle of words that is Becoming The Muse

A place I entwine the beauty and chaos of the place I call home, legends of old married to the science of today, spawning narratives that celebrate the magic and mystery of my ancestry.

With almost seven years of articles it would be easy to get entangled and here’s a quick walk through of my site:

My Stories

•Where you will find the fictional stories, some inspired by real experiences and others simply made up but all celebrating aspects of my life in words.

My Reviews

•Reviews of Books, Movies, TV Shows, Events and Experiences

My Verse

•The home of my poetry

My Coffeeshares

•Conversations over a virtual cup of coffee where you can put your feet up and catch up on life and everything. If you were having coffee with me….

My Guests

Coffee chat conversations with guests and guest articles

Kitchen Diaries

•If I were a foodie this is where you would find my recipes but it seems to be mostly about my misadventures in the kitchen and the recipe for disaster that I am brewing, its going on in the kitchen and I dont know whats cooking.

Combi Diaries

•Misadventures in public transport

Hair Diaries

•Had I been a natural hair blogger this is where you would find hair care tips and my hair journey but its mostly a fancy excuse to show off my hair

There’s also other content which cannot fit into any specific label making it hard to decide exactly what my blog category falls in. I have long since embraced that maybe it is nicheless and I will not impose structures on it.

When I am not working on my blog I am trying to figure out ways to shape, build and support the African Blogging communities, reclaiming narratives and changing perspectives; in some circles I am affectionately known as the Uncle Of Bloggers…but don’t take my word for it here’s a few excerpts

From: Benjamin Watch
Everyone loves an Uncle, especially an insightful one like Beaton whose experience and knowledge just take you places and give you perspective. So it’s only natural that I am a big fan especially his coffee sessions (I refuse to explain what they are so head over there and you’ll understand what I mean.) So if you were to be push me to the wall, I would admit that this is my favourite blog and I still hope that one day I’ll make that trip to Zimbabwe and share a cup of coffee and Mazondo. (Google that)
From: Lord Rhaikara
Half about life in Zimbabwe and half about being a kind decent human

For the Zim Blog Awards my blog had been nominated under the Personal Blog Category and I was preparing myself that should I win I would rant about how I feel the label of Personal Blog makes blogging seem more like simply an online diary; when these spaces can be so much than that.. sometimes I dream that in the exact way we now value rock paintings in figuring out our ancestors lives, maybe blogs may one day provide future generations with key insights into our life and times…

Computer Networking

When I initially scanned the list of winners for Zim Blog Awards I noticed an absence of my name on the personal category…Oh well “Congratulations to the winners” I thought to myself as I swallowed down a pang of disappointment…

Later on I would be shocked to find my notifications full of people congratulating me (I had not scrolled all the way to the bottom of the page where the Blogger Of  The Year announcement was)

The feeling has been surreal I even had to go back to bed so I could wake up again and prove it was not a dream, like the time I wished upon a shooting star only to watch it land at Robert Mugabe International ^_^

My notifications and messages only get this busy on my birthday the one time I feel like a celebrity for a day with people being nice to you for just being born… I have even wondered if I deserve the accolade but seeing all the people supporting and cheering has been like a signal from the universe reaffirming that the best part of blogging lies with the community, people you may have otherwise never met who become friends unmet but never unfelt

I think I can finally own it and have even updated my bio


Thank you to everyone who supports this tangle of words that I weave and cultivate. The only tragedy worse than an unread story…. is an untold one

I cant do magic… so I write

Bear with me while I bask in my own light


You can check full list of nominee and winners on button below:



  1. Congratulations!! Well deserved indeed! I am just as humbled, hard to accept the accolades but you so deserve it! I love how you broke down your blog with all the categories! 😄 And you are gracious, with your humbleness and oh so welcoming. I use way too many exclamation points but they are all deserved!!!! ❤️ Keep writing 🤠

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Many many thanks!!!!
      I think the exclamation marks are contagious !!!!! Appreciate!!!.
      I figured that this post will probably get attention from new faces so decided to give them a crash tour of what they have been missing out on

      PS I spy the cowboy hat wearing emoji!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You make me giggle!! I’m so glad you did the tour because it got me thinking I’ve never visited your sight as I just read what you post as it’s always notify me on my phone. I Love your blog sight and was thinking it’s so well put together, sofisticated I think, and I went back and viewed mine and it’s just okay. Haha, but then I thought it’s me for now. I’m not very tech savvy and I would need to spend hours on my sight to change it and I kinda don’t want too, at least right now. Hopefully it’s easy enough to navigate my sight even thought I don’t have it in categories. I didn’t know I was going to have so many categories, maybe someday I’ll make those nifty boxes with the help of WordPress. You are an inspiration!!!! 🥰😉👍


    1. That makes One Of Us because I was surprised a lot hahahaha… well not like a total surprise as a part of me has been wondering if one has to die first before everyone can start telling you how awesome you are, even entertained an idea of staging a fatal accident involving losing control CTRL [on the keyboard] obviously for a character in short story, right?

      An Arachnid Wordsmith
      you say the most weirdly flattering or
      is it flatteringly weird things


      Liked by 1 person

  2. Congrats B!! Like everything I’ve read here, this post was such a delight. “The feeling has been surreal I even had to go back to bed so I could wake up again and prove it was not a dream, like the time I wished upon a shooting star only to watch it land at Robert Mugabe International” Bravo!!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you very much Winnie

      And it’s true blogging is so much fan when there’s a community to interact and learn from



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