Of Coffee With Reversals

If you were having coffee with me I would be happy to have you join, it’s a beautiful day the sun is shining and the bothersome crows which some to like hanging around like a dark cloud, have gone off to bother someone else… Does the presence of crows symbolise anything or they are just misunderstood birds and not harbingers of ill fortunes?

gunguwo pied crow
Gunguwo (Pied Crow)

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that you can read meaning into anything, if you think about it. Stare deep into your cup and watch it spin round and round. If you turn then, then you turn again and you turn yet again, you are not just turning around, you are going round in circles…


If you were having coffee with me, we would sit outside in the morning sun, so I could let my hair breathe, I grew it myself…


I kind of feel like a lion with a mane, a king and his crown. Now imagine you were me, scrolling through the internet and happened across this campaign by Clicks South Africa….

Dry and Damaged hair
Fine flat hair

…what in the actual hair

frizzly and dull hair
Normal hair

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that we live in times where people are hypersensitive about identity and for example where I to express how I prefer hair like mine and someone out there might take offence and say I am discriminating against those with bald haircuts and would be asked to state my position on those with faux locs and if their hair mattered too

Two strand twist

But those Clicks Adverts were problematic.

Clicks has since removed the images and issued an apology and all is right with the world

No, now boycotts and picketing are being called for… as we have coffee right now, reports are coming in on the protests…

Clicks Witbank Credit Abramjee
Clicks Polokwane credit @Abramjee
A sign at Clicks Goodwood Mall Cape Town
credit Esa Alexander/Sunday Times
EFF protestors outside Clicks Polokwane

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that for the longest of time the revolutionary party which has been the ruling party for the past 4 decades has maintained an uncompromising stance on its sovereignty, how Zimbabwe will never be colony again and anyone who spoke against it was trying to reverse the gains of independence.

Slave Trade and Colonialism:A Case for reparations for Africa and Zimbabwe.  - State Of The Nation

But with each day it seems like they are the ones undoing these gains and taking us back like we never left… First, there’s the Global Compensation Deed (GCD) where the government is seeking $3.5Billion to compensate settler farmers over the violently executed, land reform programme. Second, word on the street is that a Chinese company has granted a mineral concession to mine right within Hwange National Park, wait, didn’t we lose this country one mineral concession at a time…


 And there’s talk of how the government considering returning The Land to some of the white farmers who were protected by bilateral agreements between Zimbabwe and their Governments. Of course, the government says it’s not reversing Land Reform and any such stories you read are falsehoods being peddled by the opposition party bent on causing regime change at the behest of imperialistic powers, which is why they are going to create Provincial Social Media Teams who will counter this propaganda…

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that schools are set to open in two weeks for the exam classes with their final examinations set for December. I question why they are pushing for the exams when the country is still in lockdown and the state-run public transporter seems incapable of meeting the current demand for transport next throw in students and their teachers.

Commuters waiting for ZUPCO

I don’t think much of any learning has happened this year, I really wonder if the students can fit into one term what they should have been doing all year. Then when they write their exams how will they progress next year when the classes they are supposed to move on to haven’t done anything all year… maybe they should let 2020 be a gap year and we try this again next year.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that tourism activities are now open again and its supposed to be business as usual. But can someone tell me how tourism is supposed to work when one cannot travel even into town without exemption papers for COVID let alone inter city travel which was stopped as covid lockdown measures. Maybe tourism is open only to those who can travel in private planes and helicopters…

The next time I am going past the security checkpoint and the ask me for Essential Services Covid Exemption Travel Documents I am going to tell them I am going fishing, isnt it all tourism services are have been officially declared open.. when that fails I will take out these papers which forged…. erm typed myself because why pay someone to do what anyone with a computer and a printer can do…

So whats going on in you part of the world, Scientists are still baffled why COVID isn’t so bad in Africa.


… and again another offending headline updated


PS Jacob And Hopewell finally out on bail after a 45 day stay in remand on charges of inciting the public to violence… they are banned from using twitter as part of bail conditions.



  1. Geez, can people think first before they post something problematic on social media? Everything’s just downright offensive 😩 And classes are still pushing through in our country, obviously the government says “we just have to try” LOL, even if a lot of the students clearly don’t have the means to conduct online classes. In a country where internet is still a privelege, some say, these days, it should be a right. I love your hair. 🙉😌

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t know what worries me more that people genuinely don’t know they are coming off as offensive or that they think a retraction and an apology will fix everything… till the next misstep..

      I hear you on the online classes internet should be a basic human right, up there with access to affordable medical care, food, water and education…

      Thanks 😍

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I am not sure how long, it’s at least 5 years…
      Haha thanks it’s grown on me, used to be very self-conscious about it but now I stare back 😁😁😁

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Woah, some attitude there brother, but that’s exactly it, own it with the uttermost pride. 🙂

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  2. Oh my.
    Such a fuss over trying to reach consensus about which lives (or hair) matters.
    It is fast becoming apparent that one of the downsides of social media is the volume of voices it provides to both elected and non-elected idiots.


  3. geez! How are people still doing some of these things nowadays, honestly it has gotten to the point where I think people just act cause they know they can get away with anything after a “sincere apology”. Thank you for showing me this side of Zimbabwe at least I know we are not the only messed up country in Africa

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    1. I suspect some do it for the publicity then make appropriate apologetic noises and then watch how they will launch a massive diverse range campaign which earns them even more money….
      Zimbabwe has it’s moments
      Thanks for visiting Peshy

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  4. OK, I have a question. How are they racist? They included 2 photos of black female hair that were bad and 1 photo of a white girl with flat and fine hair (which is also not good). They WERE diverse. What was the problem? That there were 2 vs 1 or that the normal/good hair was only shown on a white chick?

    And the BBC tagline…. PLEASE… On a side note, I do wonder what poverty has to do with the lower number of deaths. Seems almost the opposite.

    Learning this year… ahhhh…. it actually worries me and makes me wonder about some conspiracy theories actually. It’s almost as if someone didn’t want the new generations to learn and get smarter. (Not that it hasn’t been happening already)

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    1. Hi Goldie why does your comment appear blue coloured teach me your ways hahaha

      I think the problem was the normal/good hair being only on white girl … kinda reaffirming an age-old stereotype where ladies are conditioned to want their hair to be like white people hair…
      From one end of the mirror its supposed to be a simple concept for a shampoo that works on different diverse types of hair…
      but from the other end of the mirror all some see is your hair is bad and for 4C Hair type being fine and flat is somewhat a good thing because it means one’s nappy hair isn’t coarse and kinky but straight and fine… like a white person’s hair the last part has been an implied theme in most of the black hair industry all the hair relaxers, cremes et al even the weaves…
      On that backdrop this advert becomes not just insensitive it’s downright offensive when all your life you have been told your hair is bad … I remember in school the black kids used to be asked to cut their hair every week it was untidy while the white kids grew theirs… probably why after I finished school and had a choice I stopped cutting mine just to see what would happen to it if I let it grow…

      I never did finish reading the BBC article to understand how the correlation between deaths and poverty… I read enough to figure out scientists had projections on how the pandemic would ravage Africa and since it hasn’t yet they are now speculating… I haven’t read the updated version yet.

      Haha learning… I was trying to homeschool my nephews and they don’t know anything like what have you guys been doing even cumulatively the things I knew when I was their age, granted I was a weird kid and I read the dictionary for fun and almanacs for laughs 😁😁 if I had google and the internet back then I would have been unstoppable 🔥

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  5. If clicks can be fined for anything I would say fine them for ignorance, I think in their bid to be inclusive to everyone they forgot to check where they placed what. Since they had 4 ads they should have compared African natural hair to African natural hair and the same for white hair, that way they wouldn’t have been caught in the crossfire. Being entirely honest the hair they used was brittle and dry but they could have easily found a picture of healthy afro hair as well. The same way they could have found dry, frizzy white hair if they really wanted to.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are so right Sue…
      I think it just shows that at the level where all this is done isnt a diverse space even they say they employ thousands of diverse employees… if there were Africans at decision making positions they would have not approved this campaign.


      1. Update: it was actually a Tresemme ad. So PnP, Checkers/Shoprite, Woolies and of course Clicks have removed Tresemme products from their shelves. Clicks has suspended and ‘accepted’ a resignation from the Excutive responsible as well.

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    1. Watching the Clicks saga unfold has been informative some trying to explain how brands use outrage marketing to gain publicity others putting it down to simple ignorance which shows how privilege works…

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  6. “maybe they should let 2020 be a gap year and we try this again next year”

    My thought too.

    What is happening to the world these days with the insensitive headings posts?

    Anyway, I hope all will be well in Zimbabwe.

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