of coffee and egg rolls

 If you were having coffee with me….

If you were having coffee with me I would be pleased you joined me. We would sit in the kitchen, I would put the kettle on and say “I hope you like scrambled eggs. Please feel at home” and when you were nicely settled “tell me how have you been?
I would tell you how I have had downs and ups on the roller coaster ride that is the circle of life, we buried an uncle, a brother got married and a niece was born all in a short space of time, that is life for you, round and round it goes.

If you were having coffee with me I would share with you my secret recipe for making perfect scrambled eggs, but first I would show you how to make an egg roll
You need 1 egg.

Egg Roll.jpg
Step 1 place egg on flat surface
Step 2 push egg gently with you index finger….
Congratulations you have made an egg roll.
Do you hear a voice in the background saying don’t play with your food? Me neither we are not playing with food I was simply, erm…. lets just say illustrating how nothing ever is as at it seems.☺

Moving along on I was going to teach you how I make my scrambled eggs.
You need eggs, seasoning, tomatoes onions and any other stuff you fancy on an omelette.

Step 1 take the eggs that we were rolling and break them into a bowl then whisk together with the seasoning.
Step 2 pour the beaten eggs into a preheated pan (works best if it is a non-stick pan without any fancy Teflon coating)

Step 3 it should now look like you are making the perfect omelette, here comes the fun part now try to carefully flip the egg.egg1.jpg

Step 4 presto scrambled eggs


If you were having coffee with me I would confess that most times I try to make to make an omelette, I usually end up making scrambled eggs. Maybe I really should get me one of those fancy non-stick pans, in the meantime hope you enjoy your coffee and eggs.



  1. I love the egg roll recipe 🙂
    Whoa! Life can sure be a roller coaster but let’s try this: sorry about your uncle, congratulations you’re now an uncle! and hope your brother finds all the happiness in the world. Phew! and I sure don’t want to taste your eggs hihi

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    1. hahahaha thanks ☺
      I lose an uncle and I become an uncle hmmm life has a weird way of balancing out….

      how good are your omelette making skills come I challenge you to an scrmabled egg making contest hahahaha.

      P.S. my eggs taste great your lose

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      1. I’ll spare you the shame of losing that contest by not agreeing to it 🙂
        but I’ll be so kind as to invite you for breakfast hihi

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      2. by the same token I will extend to you the same courtesy of not pressing the challenge. . . Hehehe 🙂 and I graciously accept the breakfast offer thihihihi ~B

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  2. Thanks for the coffee (tea?) and not-so-perfect omelette. Scrambled eggs are better anyway. Also, much appreciated for the lesson on how to make an egg roll. 😜
    Sorry life has been such a roller coaster lately. If we were having coffee, I would confess that my life has been a roller coaster, too. Peace, love, and egg rolls. ❤️

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    1. actually it is tea in a coffee mug ☺
      and yey to scrambled eggs they are just imperfect omelettes…
      you welcome about the egg rolling lesson lol

      Life is a roller coaster but we try to enjoy the ride as best we can hey ♥♥

      peace love and egg rolls

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  3. That’s the best egg roll recipe I’ve come across. Not much work to it, and fun too (as long as the roll doesn’t become a splat). I like scrambles better than omelettes. Omelettes are pretentious. Scrambles are whatever they want to be, and much more fun. (Or so I tell myself because I never did get the hang of making omelettes.)

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    1. Ooops. Not quite sure which button I pushed but hadn’t finished my comment. Just wanted to add that’s a lot of living in a short space of time (the ups and downs), and thank you for the coffee and scrambled eggs. 🙂

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      1. Thank you for stopping by much appreciate it 🙂
        It was a lot of life crammed in a short space of time catching up I guess with the odd stretches where nothing seems to happen lulling you into taking everything for granted…

        thanks again


    2. hahahaha isnt it just the best recipe for days….. oooh I should have added that one must be careful to place egg on center of table far from edge and to not push it too hard otherwise that is how you make an Egg Splat ☺☺☺

      But I agree omelettes are rather pretentious (and I am not just saying that because I have “difficulties” making them) scrambled eggs are way more fun and if an unexpected visitor shows up while you are eating its easy to share, yes? because sharing is caring


  4. Funny – I like omelets, but my husband prefers scrambled eggs. I find that I have to chop up my omelet so that he gets what he wants.
    Thanks for making me smile with this post.

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    1. hahahahaha oh its not a small coffee mug and not at all a tiny tea cup…..
      have three cups no one is judging only low key looking at you weird hahaha as I pour cup number 4 (of the day mind you)


      1. ooooh Thanks…… hahaha much appreciated….
        You do know I am already a fan of Vhuvu’s ♥♥♥♥ she stops by sometimes thanks ….small circles we roll in lolz

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  5. Haha,in that last paragraph you stole the words out of mouth. Well not really stole because I’ve been saying the same for years. Omelettes taste
    better as scrambled eggs anyway 🙂

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  6. I’m ashamed to admit that my friends are always laughing at me because I tend to be the one who never gets the punch line until after the fact so it was no surprise when I was reading the egg roll recipe that I had to pause for a second before I said to myself “huh?” Then after the required amount of time, while crickets chirped, I laughed.

    This is by far the BEST scrambled egg recipe I have come across. 😉

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    1. Aaaawe he or she who Laughs last laughs best that’s what I always say ♥♥

      and crickets chirped hahaha gosh you are priceless lmao

      glad you love the recipe its way fun to do and not pretentious at all hahaha ~B

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