Of Coffee and Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV apple cider vinegar
apple cider vinegar

If you were having coffee with me, I would ask you if you ever tried Apple Cider Vinegar, between you and me I would tell you I think it tastes pretty horrible and also drinking it neat like a shot of whiskey is super bad for your internal organs because its acidic hello.. Dilute maybe from one teaspoon up-to four teaspoons at most of ACV to a glass of water.

Why would you drink it? Well its been the all new rage in the natural community for ages now, with it being claimed to be a great tonic and natural remedy for weight loss, belly fat reduction, lowering blood sugar, lowering cholesterol, reduces heart attacks, reduces cancer risk, kills some bacteria…

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If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that, some of this is not quite scientifically proven yet but the internet is full of raving reviews on the amazing benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar so having some in your kitchen cupboard and using it occasionally in a salad and in the odd kitchen hacks might not be a bad thing at all.

And I have recently discovered a new ACV use too, its apparently a great hair wash.

So the ACV wash is great for dreadlocks, removes build up makes hair feel softer. Someone even claimed their hair felt longer too. (But I wouldnt know about that hey, mine feels longer after every wash day.)

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that I havent quite figure out the ingredients for my next hair was but wish me luck because while I was figuring out how you mix an ACV hair wash I noticed you add bicarb and if I paid any attention to chemistry class well that is essentially a neutralization reaction between an acid (ACV) and a base (bicarb) to give a fancy fizzy salty water solution

acid + base + fancy salt water

The way the economy is set up and I be not having apple cider vinegar to waste washing my hair decided to look up the next available chemical reaction in the kitchen cabinets and I found a citric acid powder, which should work in place of ACV.

tiyler's citric acid

Its also interesting to note some people use lemon juice to wash their hair and citric acid occurs naturally in citrus fruits, I am thinking it should all work out

Wish me luck, lest my hair fall out

Rasta salt and pepper beard


PS Have you tried the ACV as a hair wash, as a face tonic or even in a salad; what are your thoughts, any interesting hacks to share in the tips



  1. I once tried ACV to lose weight, but that did not work cause the stuff tasted absolutely horrid and that was the death of that.

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  2. 🤔🤔🤔I’ve heard about the apple cider vinegar for hair use. To be honest, I tried it once and didn’t quite see the effects. Not sure if I did it wrong. Wasn’t sure how much of it to use and the ratio of vinegar to water, plus whether I was supposed to leave it on or rinse it off and after how long. The people who recommended it didn’t have answers to my basic questions and a Google search at that time didn’t provide the guidance I needed so I left it at that.

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    1. The ACV ratio seems somewhat a mixing by instinct and hair type, dry hair would require less of the vinegar as the mixture will result in dryness which is also why it should not be done regularly.
      Oh and you are supposed to rinse it off, and moisturise !!!!!!


  3. I have been drinking 2 tsp of ACV first thing in the morning for about three months because I constantly felt bloated. I guess ACV kinda helps my metabolism along that way. It tasted awful at first but now, I’m used to that taste.

    Weight loss? I’m not so sure yet though.

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    1. I read it helps with the digestion and assimilation of food, which would explain how it alleviates the bloated feeling.
      So the taste is acquired yeah ☺☺

      Thanks for dropping by

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  4. Good luck with your hair wash, B! I’m very suspicious of “natural remedies” or “alternative medicine” fads, because there are many people out there aiming to make quick money off of naïveté. That’s why I haven’t purchased any “magic” crystals…


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