Of Coffee With Entanglement

If you were having coffee with me I would be happy to have you visit this tangle of words and welcome you to these my musings. As I poured you a cup of your preferred beverage, I would ask you if you know the similarities between quantum physics and relationships, they are seemingly unrelated and yet strangely parallel.

For starters they are both mysterious, no one fully understands either of them. And then there’s entanglement.

Quantum entanglement
Quantum Entanglement

People get entangled with each other, feelings are caught, and it seems that tiny, subatomic particles — things like electrons or photons — can also get entangled with each other at a great distance, in a way that physicists still don’t fully understand. “Somehow what happens to one particle can have an impact on what we would expect the second one to do, even if those particles are nowhere near each other.”

Entrelaçamento quântico, telepatia, lei da atração:

If you were having coffee with me, I would expect by now you have run into a Red Table conversation between Will Smith and Jada Pinkett.

We ride together. We die together. Bad Marriage for Life.

There’s a Shona Proverb Chakafukidza dzimba matenga which literally translates to what covers houses is the roof, it means that outsiders can never really know what goes on in someone’s home behind closed doors… What might seem like a picturesque family might not be as picture-perfect and whats seems like a messy entanglement may not be as complicated as it seems, we only know what people choose to let known…

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that its easy to get caught up in the lives of stars as its almost like being a celebrity automatically invites the world to a front seat of your affairs; as if one is on a reality show set, subject to public scrutiny and opinion. For a short while, we forgot about what was going on in hour homes and focused on the Smiths’ home.

after all this drama who is to blame concerning Jada, Will Smith and August.

Zanu PF is the ruling party of Zimbabwe and has been at the helm since independence in 1980 and to some it has become synonymous with the systemic corruption that plagues the country. The Vice President says that our problem is that we got our political independence but we did not get the knowledge on how properly run the country….

#entanglement #zanupfmustgo

A protest against corruption On 31 July that was organized by Jacob Ngarivhume is entangled with a protest for ZANU PF to go its difficult to sort out which came first or who is defining the objectives and although all opposition leaders are in support of protest you do not need to be an analyst to realise such a protest would be deemed a revolution and borderlining on treason…

Newspapers have already carried headlines to the effect that all is not well at the ruling party corridors and threats are being issued to politicians activists to dare and just try something, people are said to be sponsored by western imperialist forces bent on causing chaos and spreading covid…

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that there’s speculation that the government will use the rising cases of COVID which are almost reaching 1000 as a way of tightening lockdown restrictions and to pre-empt any protest or disturbances.

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that it feels like we are always on the verge, flailing at the edge of control. The other day in town I had to wait hours and hours to get a ZUPCO minivan and it turns out that ZUPCO service is either on strike or they ran out of fuel and cannot afford to refuel and service their vehicles due to the discrepancy between how much they can charge per trip and the price of fuel. The government outlawed private commuter transporters who can only operate as a franchise of the state-owned enterprise ZUPCO which seems to failing to cope with the demand or the unsustainable pricing models.

where are the ZUPCOS?

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that Minister Of Health got removed for office for conduct unbecoming a government official over allegations of corruptions with a pending court date. Meanwhile health workers are on strike over incapacitation and lack of suppliers, and in the past week as the COVID cases have been rising an alarming number of them are health care workers…

Viral images of riot police dispersing striking health workers.

Credit tmukwazhi

I read an interesting quote about how a hungry person will beat up another hungry person at the behest of another person who is neither hungry nor there with you….

Head and peoples By Medi Belortaja | Politics Cartoon | TOONPOOL

The universe has its entanglements which happen at levels which we can sometimes miss…

Meanwhile work is underway to build a monument to honour spirit medium Mbuya Nehanda over a century after her death, maybe they know something we don’t know and her spirit needs appeasing either that or clearly someone really needs to re-evaluate priorities. I don’t know the budget of this project but looks expensive to me and we have more pressing needs and I am sure Mbuya Nehanda would not mind waiting, she has been waiting for over a 100 years already, when will her bones rise?

If you were having coffee with me, I would ask you what are you entangled in your neck of the woods?




  1. i would love to have a coffee with you, so I could listen to all you have to say. I am also sorry for the affairs in your country, seems dire. What a shame!
    Thank you for a wonderful read.

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    1. People jump so easily to conclusions forming opinions easily and then dishing them out as fact… Its easy to get swept along.
      Thanks for the visit


  2. I think I can explain quantum physics better than relationship, it’s a fact space is constant on earth and a variable and out of our planet and it exchanges characteristics with time. Now I don’t think relationships have even a basic theory

    Our minister of health in Uganda is in a dilemma of trying to spread the virus she has fought for the last 3 months

    Your VP admitted that they have not known what they have been doing since 1980

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    1. Quantum Physics makes so much sense, it follows some form of logic and accepted convention… relationships on the other hand, I cant help think of a quote I read about how when you feel butterflies in your stomach thats logic and common sense deserting you…

      These our government people really dont have a clue and they want to pretend they have it all figured out, I think we would progress easier if truth was put on the and those have solutions step up while those who dont take a seat… easier said than done.

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  3. It is also my personal theory that you can never know everything that’s going on in people’s private relationship and lives. If you take sides, you will be the enemy.

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    1. Absolutely agreed, you pick a side and declare why someone must leave or stay and when things work out different….

      ….and also celebrities have a habit of capitalising on public emotion for publicity, not to mention these guys who are A-List actors and probably had someone says script this and rehearse exactly what they wanted to say.. I don’t trust reality shows, when cameras are rolling everyone becomes an actor 😂😂

      Meanwhile August’s new album is suddenly getting lots of attention very convenient.



  4. You mention the business between celebrities, and I know I’m a minority in such matters, because other than whether or not I like their work, if I ever had the chance to talk with them – after telling them that I do or don’t or have no clue about their work, I couldn’t care much less about their lives. Perhaps some might have opinions I care for and we might talk of that but I’m such a terrible fan – that even my favorite actors or singers need never worry about my hanging around them. I’m that guy who would dodge a line of people waiting to talk with or be photographed with the celebrity. Nope, I just plain do not care to know all the stuff about their real lives.
    I do still feel sorry for the normal people of many African countries. Corruption seems to be it’s own pandemic across Africa. I’ve only been to Egypt and would avoid ever going back. You have shown me some lovely places in Zimbabwe and it leaves me sad that your politicians have found a way to manage things worse that ours have managed our country – which is often shocking if you hear the details.
    It seems that many of our politicians have all but gone open about liking anything chaotic or troublesome because it give them a chance to flex their right to control people – which is bleak, but I also suspect it is true.
    On the other hand – I love the glimpses I get of Zimbabwe from you my friend. You always manage to find joy where I might have had to work harder to find it. All the best.

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    1. hahahaha if all celebrity fans were like you I bet the celebrities wouldn’t even need to do some of crazy antics they do for attention,like running for presidency haha!
      Corruption is such a cancer eating away at everything..
      Thanks Gary despite all this when we are not poised at was seems like anarchy it has its moments i wish everyday could just be like this


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