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If you were having coffee with me I would as usual be glad for you to visit, make yourself at home, put your feet up or not. Whats been happening?

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that have been having brainstorm sessions and I am super excited about what we have brewing, just keep your fingers crossed as each day I get a step closer to a dream.

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that even though a second wave of Covid is creeping on us, with cases on the rise and there’s talk of another lockdown or localised lockdown for hotspot neighbourhoods, people don’t seem to be really paying attention to covid protocols… yeah and me included.

beaton becoming the muse

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you about a message from my mum explaining how the WiFi package that should have lasted a month was depleted in a month…

Ginimbi apedza wifi
Ginimbi finished the WiFi

Ginimbi was a multi-millionaire socialite businessman who died a week ago in a fiery Rolls Royce crash which claimed the lives of three others. The internet went crazy over the late businessman’s flamboyant lifestyle with people speculating on the origin of his wealth and some concluding that he must have been in a cult or practised some get-rich rituals….

He lived life large and his end-off was equally larger than life with business grinding to a halt in the streets of Harare as his body was taken to the final resting place at his mansion and an all white farewell on Friday the 13th followed by burial on Saturday which was live streamed… one can understand how internet where the internet went

Ginimbi funeral procession

Meanwhile on the Rolls Royce Facebook page people were commenting on how their car had killed our tycoon, the car crashed into a Honda fit before veering off the road, crashing into a tree and catching fire. Rolls Royce is yet to give a statement but people clamouring for the guys to investigate the fatal accident.

Rolls Royce facebook comments

People also took to the Honda Facebook page to praise Honda…

Honda facebook comments

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you how some people complaining how so much spotlight was being put on a dead person, people following around the dead, instead of focusing on important matters like for example the case of Hopewell Chin’ono a journalist who is currently behind bars over a tweet and charges to obstruct to justice. His bail has been denied on the grounds that he had a propensity to commit offences and hence should be kept detained in prison.

hopewell chin'ono denied bail

Hopewell is also set to stand trial on charges of inciting people to revolt against the president’s administration during anti-corruption protests that had been called for on 31 July earlier in the year.

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that strange things happen in November neither should important events be done during that month.. The coup that is not a coup which resulted in Mugabe retiring from power around this time 3 years ago and some say that the current situation in Zimbabwe is part of the November curse coming back to haunt us.. to read more about November check out my last post… there’s something about November.

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you how my niece dreads going to school because each morning their teacher asks them what their parents intend to do with the fact that they take 2 taxis to get to work and teacher’s salary is not enough, then makes those students whose parents have paid an “appreciation” fee sit at the front for preferential learning treatment while those who haven’t are relegated to the back of the class… I told her to tell the teacher that Uncle B says that is an issue they must raise with their employer the government..  

And meanwhile in real-life drama of Malawian pastor family The Bushiris whose escapades read wilder than a script from the TV series Greenleaf who were out on bail on charges of corruption in South Africa, pulled a miracle escape from the country and then held a press conference revealing they had feared for their lives which is why they fled South Africa and are now in Malawi.

Shepherd Bushiri Image credit Frennie Shivambu

Being holders of Malawian diplomatic passports the legal entanglement that will follow will probably end up in an examination for international law students. Followers of Bushiri’s church have an almost cultic fanaticismand blind to any faults of the Bushiris.

04 February 2019: Bushiri Supporters seen praying outside court in Pretoria Thapelo Morebudi/The Sunday Times.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell that this year’s winner of the Voice UK 2020 Blessing Annatoria Chitapa is from Zimbabwe… woo hoo!!!

Winner of The Voice UK 2020 Blesssing Annatoria

So whats going on in your neck of the woods?




  1. so, the journalist that tweeted..did he threaten direct violence..because I always think about someone expressing an opinion as just an opinion or an actual threat…Either way, that sucks. I hope he doesn’t get executed or anything. My neck of the woods 1000 people a day are dying from Covid and people still don’t take it seriously.. people still come to work sick, I wear my mask when shopping and working, but drop it when eating or on break. My wife and I don’t socialize much but if with family, very few people (5 at most) we are mask less. I personally feel, i don’t stand behind the no symptoms bull shit.

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    1. In this teapot shaped country it seems there is no such thing as self expression…I sometimes worry I might wind up in jail on charges of trying to subvert a constitutionally elected government which seems to be another favourite charge next to the inciting violence one.
      I mean how does saying End Corruption translate to inciting the public to violence.

      My guess is they are just using the journalist as an example to discourage people from being vocal eventually the case will be thrown out on some technicality (like for example since the July anticorruption protest never happened one cant be charged for something that didnt happen or something silly like that) but it wont take away from the fact that he will have served jail time while waiting for the eventual court date.

      Yeah I guess the COVID fatigue has kinda set in… but 1000 a day is a shocking figure!!!
      whats up with the vaccine though?


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    2. Right now am just sitting in front of the TV trying to understand how the Bushiris managed to escape SA. These guys were living in the lap of luxury at the expense of those poor congregates. Indeed Karl Max was right that religion was the opium of the people

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      1. There’s an interesting conspiracy theory that he was in the Malawian president’s jet, of course the presidency has denied it but some are calling for review of camera footage… some say he escaped via Beitbridge border post…. what is truth
        fact of the matter is he bailed.

        Religion can be such a double edged sword


  2. Congratulations to Blessing 🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿.

    And then there is Bushiri lol, my former colleagues used to call me Bushiri because my surname is Shiburi and if we rearranged it then it would definitely be Bushiri 😅.

    Anyway your mom’s text about Ginimbi, I felt that lol.

    On the journalist what exactly did he tweet?

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    1. Go Blessing!!!

      hahahaha I can see how the anagram for Bushiri would come out from your name…

      Ginimbi was breaking the internet across the continent even, doubt there isnt anyone who has heard something about him by now.

      Well, the journalist tweeted about how he had heard from the prosecutors that they would be granting bail to the lady who tried to smuggle 6kg of gold…
      which is exactly what initially happened until the courts where challenged about their super relaxed bail conditions.
      And so the journalist was arrested because they claimed that it meant he might be tampering with the judiciary by being in contact with them when he himslef was out on bail and also they want him to reveal his source in the Gold Case which he is refusing to do… its absolutely crazy really.


  3. Wow B, your November’s been a lot more eventful than mine. I mean, we did have the US presidential election that (probably) got Donald Trump fired, and the fact that many Americans still aren’t taking COVID seriously (it seems that Americans and Zimbabweans are similar in that regard), but I’ve been mostly removed from those events in my little space in the mountains. Unfortunately I have to return to civilization soon though, and I have mixed feelings about that; I’m not thrilled to be heading back to the city while COVID’s spiking.


  4. wooooooooooooooooooow, so much is happening in Zim. I had to go and google Ginimbi😂😂😂. About Blessing Chitapa, congratulations to Zim. How about Tsitsi and the Booker shortlist? I hope she wins it. In Ug, Bobi Wine was arrested today so the #Stoppolicebrutality is back on. M7 believes he still has a lot to offer after 35 years in power. Election season is upon us and voting is set for 14th Jan so the drama will continue until then.

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    1. The past week was sensational with Ginimbi highlights and am sure a google search showed you interesting results life seems to be going back to normal now… and back to regular propaganda and politics dominating the airwaves.

      See even the Tsitsi and Booker shortlist story wasnt even making headlines hahaha fingers crossed.

      OMG was seeing the twitter TL on the situation in Uganda and yeah I dont even know what to say… the election madness has begun


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      1. Right?? I was ready to start screaming in support… Well I’ll still add the winning book to my to be read b pile and see for myself 🤣


  5. Crazy days in November! It’s hard to keep up with it all. With the craziness in the U.S. it sounds like it really is everywhere! Stay safe, stay strong! 🤠🐴❤️

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    1. Counting down to Thanksgiving hahaha or rather the sale that happens after since we dont do Thanksgiving in this country
      How are your plans coming along


      1. My daughter is coming home which will just make 4 of us for Thanksgiving. She doesn’t eat meat (or tries not too) but I’m still planning on roasting a turkey. 🦃
        Not only do we love all the food we make for Thanksgiving, the leftovers are scrumptious too!! Black friday right? I’m not much of a shopper – even on that day! Lol – maybe I should see what’s on sale!

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      1. 😉
        Shouldn’t it be easy? Do a poll for when it would be most convenient for your readers. Schedule a call, post a link (maybe in a private post that only the invited people get access to), done.

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      2. Initially it was easy enough, but now trying to turn it into a blogger bash and coming up with a schedule of what to do and who to say it, turn it into a mini virtual conference

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  6. Zimbabwe news is way interesting tbh everything is eventful over there…
    I learnt about Ginimbi the day he passed away, congrats to Zim on the win, I wish her well… On my side, I turned a year older on 2nd, went to the city for a while, did my final Economics paper etc

    Peshy xx

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    1. The things that happen….

      Let me seep some coffee and get down to the business if writing today’s post.

      Ginimbi news kinda went viral across the continent

      Thank you for visiting.

      Oh Happy Belated Birthday ☕

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