Of Coffee With A Poet

If you were having coffee with me, I would welcome you to my tangle of words and offer you a front-row seat to *this* … But first, quick question… If you write poetry which appears in a book does that make you a published poet?

Patricia Opio recently published her debut book This is Me: The Metamorphosis Of Ayo which is about Patricia’s journey to embracing her story and is modelled around the life cycle of a butterfly…

Perhaps the butterfly is proof that you can go through a great deal of darkness and still become something beautiful. -Unknown

I have the distinct honour of creating 4 poems that appear in the book separating the 4 sections of the book in the journey to embracing one’s story.

Beaton Mabaso Meet The Poet

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that I posted a video on my thoughts in the creation of the poetry, and you can watch it below:

Words I have realised I cannot pronounce off the top of my head: metamorphosis 😂

I am thinking I should now update my bio to read published poet ^_^ I never think of myself as a poet but more as a habitual dabbler in the craft especially on full moon nights,  a full moon poet.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you being a poet sometimes means catching strays from the energies around you, its hard to write happy poetry when the world is full of unsmiling faces. For example, it doesn’t really feel like its less than a fortnight from now to Christmas in Zimbabwe, no Christmas lights about, not much décor I haven’t even seen a Christmas tree anywhere…

Oh, but here is a bit of Holiday cheer, some of the proceeds from the book sale of The Metamorphosis Of Ayo in Uganda will be going to a very good cause and check out Thisismestory.com for details.

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you just as the scientists were wrapping their heads around the Omicron Variant, they have discovered Omicron has a sisterOmicron has a sister??!!! They better not be planning a family reunion. Apparently, its another variant to the latest variant dubbed Omicron-like and it could be a bit harder to detect by typical screenings….

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that I spent a significant amount of time over the weekend in fuel queues, it seems overnight fuel just suddenly became a scarce commodity and then introduce a couple of panic buyers and suddenly there was long fuel queues and shortages. According to news reports its because scheduled maintenance in Beira Mozambique had caused a disruption in the fuel supply chain and everything should go back to normal now….

On the plus-side managed to hang out with my brothers, a fuel queue is not so strenuous when you have good company… its like a road trip, but you aren’t going anywhere…

According to the minister of information there will come a time when one wont go anywhere in public transport if they aren’t fully vaccinated… Well, condifereing there isn’t much in the way of public trsnsport and most of us travel via pirate taxis, how are they going to make that work…. Good thing I am a poet and not a government official.

Whats been happening in your neck of the woods?


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  1. This is all very exciting, Beaton! To be a published poet is an honor. Yes, good that you’re a poet and not a politician; poets see clearly the absurdity in our world, while politicians look the other way if it doesn’t fit their party line or please their base. Congratulations! -Pamela


  2. Beaton, firstly, congratulations! and yes, you are a poet. secondly, I would have guessed that those two were your brothers even if you hadn’t mentioned it. They both look like you but the one on the right hand side is all you, lol.


  3. When I try to catch up on blogs, I usually start my way from the most recent post and make my way back to the earlier ones. Now, I know that you collaborated on the Ayo book. CongratZ! Well done!


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