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If you were having coffee with me, we would be continuing the coffee chat with Brenda aka BoldColours, I could not bear to cut out a single syllable of our chat so I turned it into a two-part series to keep the length somewhat manageable, she has a lot to say and you can check out the previous post Coffee With 3am Scones which tackles the impact of the electricity situation in Zimbabwe and baking at scones at 3am

6. Your Twitter handle, @Boldcolours is there any meaning behind that?

B: I am not one to shy away from speaking my mind especially against any forms of injustices that I see around me. I am bold in many ways that you may never know and besides I love bold colours. hahah!

7. Let’s say you were a mad scientist slash evil genius what sort of experiment would you run on the human race, if money and ethics were not an issue.

B: Maybe Gene editing! This is super idealistic but, I would make really super-intelligent human beings with very high IQs.  I won’t make them to be evil beings cos already we are living daily under such a simulation. They will totally be the opposite of evil, they will just be very gentle people. I will make them have just one skin colour, dark chocolate with big green eyes like binoculars. They will be able to see everything right to the ends of the earth with just one glance. So since everyone would be the same skin colour, racism will be a thing of the past.

They will run a very efficient form of government which will be free of corruption and everyone will live in one communal area, sharing everything.  There won’t be any unhealthy accumulation of wealth where others live in mansions whilst others live in slums without enough food to eat. 

They will also be self-healing so they won’t be any  illnesses, or any untreatable viruses like Covid-19, HIV and diseases like cancer etc.. They will care a lot more about the planet, and will not damage the ecosystem. They will take care of all the living animals a sort of garden of Eden again, a paradise on earth. I am sure the Jehovahs Witnesses would love to hear this!  Since they will be super intelligent they will be able to invent space ships that look like flying saucers which can fly at a speed faster than light and  going to MARS will just be like going to the supermarket hahah!

The Real 'X-Files'? CIA Reveals Weirdest UFO Stories | Live Science

But then I am not God, so it won’t probably happen that I will ever get the chance to do any of my experiments.

8. Which Bob Marley song should be played preferably with high volume.

B: Redemption song. We all need to hear this song.  It’s so true to our situation. We all need to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery.  We tend to accept the status quo and we always try to absolve ourselves from taking any responsibilities for the changes that we want by always waiting for the Almighty Heavenly Father to come and get us out of this quagmire.

9. And because well, its August, entanglement what’s you take on the whole… *gesturing expansively*

B:  Sometimes people grow apart especially in long term relationships. Jada and Will have been married for 23 years and so somewhere in between those years their relationship may have evolved. Mind you they were both very busy in their own careers.  I read somewhere that Jada mentioned that during this Covid 19 lockdown she actually realised that she doesn’t know Will that much.   She once mentioned too that Will was his own man thus giving the impression that they had an open marriage and that both were free to have other partners outside their marriage. Also the entanglement with August Alsina happened when they had briefly split and gone their separate ways.

red table talk

Similarity/attraction Theory posits that people like and are attracted to others who are similar, rather than dissimilar, to themselves. Jada and August became close and much more closer when Will had moved out so I think they were both in need of love at that moment.  They were both looking for healing from their various emotional afflictions.  There was some attraction for August from Jada perhaps because he also reminded her of Tupac.  He has an uncanny resemblance to Tupac whom Jada cared for very much before he was tragically killed, that was before she got married to Will..

Jada and Tupac
Jada and August

I am not very convinced that Will was all into this public Red Table talk.  I watched the video and although Jada spoke very lightly of her entanglement as if it were of no  great consequence Will was visibly pained  judging by his body language, from my own point of view..  There was so much pain in his eyes. I think I saw some tears there.

Will Smith Red Table talk

I don’t think he would have gone through with that Red Table Talk if he were a Zim man because culturally African men are somehow by default given permission by society to have multiple partners with impunity.  I am not saying women here do not get into entanglements, they do but its usually kept as a close family secret.  In the villages we have witnessed or heard over the years of how Chiefs presided over such cases where a wife who got herself entangled was dragged to the village courts and her lover made to pay a compensatory fine of a cow to her husband and a goat to the Chief and the pair would then happily continue with their marriage. Some women have even gone on to get entangled several times more and each time their lovers were made to pay some form of compensation to their aggrieved spouses.  But on TV most Zim men will just walk away from such public embarrassing talks.

zimbabwe traditional court

Social Exchange Theory posits that in every relationship there is a cost benefit analysis to determine risks and benefits and so in Jada and Will their split if it ever happens may cost them both a pretty sum of money so its best for them to stay together and continue with their marriage.  Whatever happens behind closed doors we shall never know but now globally Will Smith is the laughing stock of many men especially in Africa where patriarchal ideologies rule the roost.  He has become a jest for many memes. 

the girl you want 
her ex 
her entanglement

The guys is said to have been emasculated but Feminists would say kudos to Jada for seeking her own happiness first, most women are  secretly envious  cos they would want to be entangled too!. Devious but liberating  thoughts! But in the end the two will have to find their love back and do whatever works for their relationship.  I wish them all the best.

10. Last question what’s your secret to surviving life, lockdown, ZESA, and not be just the walking dead.

B: I do suffer a lot some days, sometimes its even worse but I usually just try to be positive.  I drink more cups of coffee whilst watching the madding crowd in the comfort of my house.  As long as I have internet and my Jacobs coffee, I am good and of course my chickens!.

Brenda Dube Boldcolours

Follow me on my twitter handle @boldcolours, or just google #Zesadiaries to read about my rants on the state of ZESA  and its impact on our daily lives. I am also on LinkedIn Brenda Dube


  1. I will make them have just one skin colour, dark chocolate with big green eyes like binoculars. They will be able to see everything right to the ends of the earth with just one glance. So since everyone would be the same skin colour, racism will be a thing of the past.

    Since I have already copied this late me paste here though the sweetness of the conversation made me forget why I copied in the first place

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We are now tired of too much evil in this world. We now need a completely new human species without any evil streaks in its genes. 🤔

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Great read and makes so much sense. People get too carried away with skin color. Good grief! Of course, if we were all the same color, mankind would find something else to bitch about. lol


  3. Great read and makes sense. People get carried away with the color of one’s skin. Good grief! Of course, if we were all the same color, mankind would find something else to bitch about. lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Maybe but hey this skin colour hatred has been going on for far too long. Why can’t we all be like birds? They have different colours but they never fight over it Jeesus!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I like your boldness….you always speak your mind. I enjoyed reading the article. Boldcolours for real……green eyes hmmmmm

    Liked by 1 person

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