Of Coffee With Hustlers

If you were having coffee with me I would be glad you stopped by and don’t mind the hustlers they are mostly the good kind, hustling is now a good thing.

I have always wondered when the definition of hustler changed from being

“Someone who earns money or gains advantage from situations using dishonest or illegal methods.”

To being “an Entrepreneur”

.…or even if that’s any different too, because some people’s business models blur ethical and legal boundaries.

There’s a line from a hip hop song from a couple years back by A$AP Rocky that’s been stuck in my head since I first heard it that goes like:

I praise,
the Lord,
then break,
the law.
I take,
what’s mine,
then take,
some more
It rains, it pours.

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that some people genuinely put in honest work and even pray for the Lord to bless their hustle and ask friends to support their hustle like my dear friend Buhle whose twitter timeline is sprinkled with wisdom, happiness corners, life and adulating.

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that Hustler’s Market celebrated its 4th anniversary bash on the 7th of March. This is the part I wait for you to either say “Wow, its been going on for so long” or look blankly at me and ask “B, what is Hustler’s Market?

Hustler’s Market is a monthly urban creative get-together hosted at Moto Republik Harare, Zimbabwe where you can set up a table to showcase and sell your hustle with music and good vibes only. Its also a great place to network, hangout and support a local hustle.

Hustler's Market 4th anniversary
Hustler's market
Images by The FeedZW

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you how I love meeting people whom I know from the internet its great being able to match a username to the real person and flattered by people who recognise me from the digital streets, kinda makes me feel a little bit like a celeb too, though I try not to let it get to my head, good vibes only right?

I met Mona from a blogging coterie, officially got introduced to So Profound a radio personality and spoken word poet, whose EP project Petals I reviewed, and King Kandoro a comedian whose show Conspiracies Theories was a long running theme for some posts on my blog and has a guest written review by Melody

And here is me meeting Mambo Hwata, Ashton for the first time

beaton hustler's market

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that during the course of the week Stimulus Hub alongside British Council and other stakeholders hosted a summit with 200 creatives from southern Africa for the So Creative Summit 2020. This is the second year running of this project the first was in South Africa last year and this year Zimbabwe was the host country and like always it was a wonderful opportunity for learning, connections, collaborations and seeing the new synergies, look out future, you wont be ready for the dreams we have.

All I can say is stay tuned.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that we are officially counting down 40 days to celebrating 40 years of independence.

Zimbabwe at 40
18 April

Though each year it gets harder to find a reason to celebrate when you have a nation of hustlers and a crashing currency losing value daily once pegged at 1:1 with US dollar (don’t ask me how that’s even possible) its currently officially at 1:18 (interbank rate) and 1:34 on the parallel market and will almost like will be 1:4@40 you don’t need to be hustler to know, it makes cents to deal in the black market than go the bank, right?

Meanwhile an army announced that social media is a threat to national security and they will be closely monitoring it…..

Army to closely monitor social media

If you were having coffee with me, I would ask you if you know what the original hustler is…, it’s a cockroach, if the world were to end in a nuclear holocaust the only thing that would be left would be cockroaches.

 cockroaches survive nuclear apocalypse

Tough little hustlers, even our president does not like them and talked about how people should be arrested if they had cockroaches in their homes, sounds a bit alarming when we ought to be more worried about the Corona Virus, one cant help but wonder if he meant metaphoric cockroaches because such talk has, if you know history been used to spark genocidal attacks.

If you were having coffee with me I would ask you if you washed and sanitized your hands? That’s best way to deal with the corona virus although COVID-19 or not; one must just always practice good hygiene. Our neighbouring country South Africa has three confirmed cases, the panic is setting in but so is the humour too; I have seen the virus being referred to by all sorts of slang terms The Rona, Coreezeey Coveevee, Miss Cory Vee….
Meanwhile Zimbabwe is still a corona-free zone if we are to accept the assurances of the Ministry of Health; but generally reassurances by the government should be taken with a pinch of salt, they said the economy would recover it hasn’t, they said the fuel situation would improve it hasn’t, they said we never return to using United States Dollars, well we are; they say we are 100% prepared to deal with corona virus….

corona virus update

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you there are rumours that the president was set to make an announcement he would retire… well its being dismissed as fake news and some say its just another hustle to distract people from the real issues like what if we have corona virus and the government is trying to keep it hushed up….

We are just having coffee here right? So tell me what’s going on in your neck of the woods…


Happy Women’s Day




  1. If we were having coffee I would tell you I love the colors and vibrancy of your “hustlers” I would also tell you that to me the word “hustler” brings to mind two things. First, someone who is trying to put something over on me. Second, one of my all time favorite films called “The Hustler” starting Paul Newman. He plays a pool shark who spends most of the movie trying to put stuff over on other people! We have had some confirmed case of the virus her in NJ and there are certainly some very panicked folks. For me, I feel it is what it is. I can’t hide from a germ so aside from diligently washing my hands (which I do anyway since I work with small children) I am carrying on as usual. Thanks for the coffee! Be well.

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    1. Thank you for dropping by Nancy, spot on about the hustler’s those used to be my exact sentiments too but yeah, not all hustlers are bad but still we have people trying to put stuff over us.

      I love your calm sentiments on the virus people are losing their heads its almost surprising, level headed approach is how we beat this but noo you now have hustlers turning a margin selling hand sanitizers and face masks even when the World Health Organization keeps telling people masks won’t really save you cant we stop hoarding so people who really need them can get them, like medical personnel who are at the greatest risk of getting it…

      Thanks again Nancy

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  2. B,
    I’ve been a fan for so long, it’s just natural. Ohhhh how I love your insight. The African American community is banking on melanin being a great antidote to the virus. We can only hope and pray.
    Keep hustling boo
    Tell me about the moon
    Pea6, love and light
    From here to Zimbabwe

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I think we may be onto something about melanin, because so far all the reported cases in Africa seem to share a common lack of melanin.
      We give thanks for whatever benevolence has been keeping us safe because yeah it could be catastrophic
      Thank you Laura

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  3. Also your country and mine, always out here having similar stories ~ now the internet is a threat huh.
    I will also say I do not know the day the hustler word turned to what it is, but I do have a deep respect for all the hustlers who are making life work with start ups, creative works of all kinds and communication they do make work look more colorful.

    Hope you are well ~B, have a great week

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    1. Everyday we wait to see what new craziness the day will bring, it’s kind of stopped being surprising but amidst all this people find strength to start wonderful things

      I am always surprised at the similarities of some things on this continent it’s almost like we aren’t sharing lessons on what works and what doesn’t work or we all copied from the same manual which is outdated incorrect and misleading ha!

      But otherwise I am very well thank you very much
      Have an awesome week

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      1. I will say both, our leaders aren’t sharing their honest life lessons – with us or each other especially the part of the things they have failed at and we all copied from the same manual and it is outdated and abstract.
        Though there is some humour in our predicaments.

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  4. Thanks for the coffee! I’m enjoying the conversation and I would be the one who would need some explaining, so thanks for explaining things! Lol 😃

    I always enjoy reading your thoughts on everything, and I’m in agreement that the panic with Corona virus is a bit much. We have stores being emptied of bottled water and toilet paper! 🤣 Holy smokes, craziness really! Wash your hands, good hygiene is not that hard. Silly humans! 🤪

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    1. and you know whois laughing all the way to the bank companies that sell hand sanitizer I bet they are turning a profit right now, in a world where one person’s catastrophe is another’s financial windfall and panic is a valuable commodity hahaha

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  5. Go hustlers! We have loads of them in Greece, too. As for the virus, Keep Calm And Carry On. The powers that be are manufacturing the next recession, as if we needed one. Sigh…

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  6. Hallo B
    I hope you are alright.
    I know it has been a long time since I said that I was going to do a guest post for your blog. I have finished writing it, but thought of asking you first if I could send it, before I do.
    I am so sorry for the delay. I was knitting a pullover, I have finished. Will give internet a bit of concentration before I go back to knitting and other activities again.
    I wish you well.
    Sincerely Berina.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hallo Berina

      I am well thanks, at least alright enough with all things considered haha!

      Yes, it’s been a minute since you said you would do a guest post but I do understand how things get in the way, anyway they say the good things are worth waiting for ^_^
      I was more worried that I had not “seen” you on the internet and wondered if everything was OK.
      You were tied up in wool hahaha!

      Awesome you can send through your post I can’t wait to see what you cooked up for us.


      PS how did the pullover turn out?

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    1. I checked the meaning of hustler the other then and my mouth fell open. We also have the same exhibition of talent once in a while, but sometimes they are expensive, most of us do not enroll. I am surprised that so many people attend.

      Internet is still free over here, though I have a feeling the government monitors us secretly.

      The first Corona virus case was confirmed today and I am praying that it is the last. But there is panic and the supermarket shelves might be empty soon.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The beauty of this creative market is that, this one is free.
        You do not pay to exhibit (although you need to arrive early enough to set up a table)neither do you pay to attend
        That’s probably why a lot of people attend maybe in the future they may start charging but for the past four years now it’s been free.

        My internet prices are going up in a few hours and with each increase I think we end up self censoring because less and less people have access, I have even noticed that my local audience are getting less and less I doubt the government would be motivated to ensure affordable internet for all…

        We still corona free, fingers crossed, but the panic is real our neighbouring country had reported 13 cases.
        Cheers to the weekend

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      2. I hope they don’t start charging the Hustler Market event. I wish you well.

        Our internet prices are going down, sometimes we forget we subscribed and I hope they remain like that.

        Cheers too, I hope your weekend is good.


    1. more than just a lil shady

      Can’t we all prosper together? But how can we, when some achieve their dreams by trampling everyone else’s, keeping everyone in the dark, do they remain the only ones with the light. …


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