Of Conspiracy Theories: A Review Of King Kandoro’s Comedy Act

Review: King Kandoro’s Conspiracy Theories. A one-man stand up comedy

If the phrase “something stands the test of time” was a person, King Kandoro is the perfect example of what hard work, perseverance and being determined embodies.

Yesterday all roads led to the Reps Theatre to witness a culmination of effort and vision as King Kandoro took on stage to share his Conspiracy Theories.

We were first introduced to King Kandoro, a few years ago through his short comic skits which explored different social issues that affect people. In a society where certain professions are often shunned away, this guy proved to be on a mission to show that anything is possible and yesterday was proof.

The show was scheduled to begin at 7pm and by half six, the doors had been opened to usher in the guests and fans who were there for the show. As many sat in anticipation, a phenomenal DJ called Dj Rimz entertained the crowd belting one song after the other and soon it was time for the host to introduce the curtain raiser.

With a host like Danny that Guy , we knew we were in safe hands as he introduced Probeatz to come to the stage and do what he does best.

We know the mouth is used for different things ranging from eating and talking but this guy took the crowd by surprise as he beatboxed most famous songs and even created a Judgement Yard interlude.

After he had done his act we knew it was time to see the main act and he certainly didn’t disappoint. He introduced himself and went on to share his theories which he divided into several parts. The first part was about his childhood memories and how he had manoeuvred through life during his dating phase and his life in the ghetto. He shared with the crowd the disparities between the ghetto life and the bougie life and attested that surely the private school lives up to its name by moulding a crop of people with good accents.

He also went on to share about the challenges he faced being in his long distance relationship with his now wife given the current Zimbabwe situation where ZESA (*electricity) and ZINWA(*water) are scarce. After sharing jokes about his personal life, he then delved into the conspiracy theories that have helped one party to reign in the country such as propaganda (oh tango power anyone ), the power of influencing during our time, the benefits of accents in the political world, the similarities between religion and comedy and the third political party that can bring our country down ina few hours (Ecocash).

What I loved about the show:

I loved that he gave disclaimers; as he started his show, he said to the crowd “there will be a time you will not feel safe” and for sure when that time came as he shared about the differences between the two heads of state we have had, I for one thought the police were going to make an appearance.

I loved how he jokingly incorporated the C10’s(*intelligence agents) force in his jokes, I wonder if he is not afraid of them.

I also loved how his content is relatable, authentic and makes one reflect on things that seem like they are what they are and not really what they truly are (I had never wondered until yesterday how Mambo Dhuterere just emerged from nowhere and now almost everyone is raving about him).

If I were to use a comic gauge meter and check if he ticked all the boxes yesterday,

I would say he ticked ALL of them

Stage presence 🗹
good interaction 🗹
ability to make people laugh 🗹
ability to keep crowd engaged 🗹
clean jokes 🗹
we laughed a lot during his show and many I bet went home relieved that they came through

What I did not like about the show

Its not really anything to go by but I feel there will be need to have a bigger venue next time he has a show and maybe have a three part show because it didn’t feel like it was enough comic relief.

I hope he will start having shows in different cities across the country because surely the sky is the limit.

If you are one of those who missed the show I would like to tell you that we immensely enjoyed the show and yes he is doing well (only those who attended will understand butdon’t despair a DVD should be out soon)          

Favourite quotes

I am doing well – King Kandoro

Remove broke men in your life – King Kandoro

We give too many second chances – King Kandoro

Review by Melody Chingwaru

Melody is a book lover, avid reader, soapie fanatic and the editor of Untitled263. She tutors French and Portuguese.



  1. I think Melody has a writing style close to yours, I only realised at the end that the author was not you. Good job Melody!!!!!👏👏👏👏👏

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