Of Coffee And Conspiracies

If you were having coffee with me, I would be glad you stopped by for awhile. What would your poison be? Not that I wanted to poison you, not intentionally, unless of course, you are some sort of dream thief.

Last night I had a dream, a rather interesting one too, it was life-like with an intricate plot complemented by an amazing twist and a conspiracy theory of Dan Brown proportions, which may or not have included The Mutapa Empire, Great Zimbabwe, Wakanda and extra-terrestial entities. The thing is, I dont remember a single thing about it, just a general vagueness and the harder I try to recall, the more elusive it becomes and its just slipping away into the whimsical world of the lost an found recollections.

Vague recollection

If you were having coffee I would tell you I have been off the interwebs for a lil bit because my internet package had been depleted and I was having trouble paying. I am not saying there is a conspiracy in progress but ever since the RTGS Dollar system was announced the rate at which my bank has been failing to process payments and the mobile banking platforms have been acting up, not to mention the mobile network itself is rather worrying, especially considering how 90% of transactions are via mobile phone wallets.

Related image

Maybe someone’s low key sabotaging the system or its just being overwhelmed by the volumes?

If you were having coffee with me, I would ask if you had the news of the Ethiopian Airways flight ET302 that fell from the sky just six minutes after takeoff. The were no survivors from the the 149 passengers and crew of 8. I can imagine it must be a difficult time for the families of those who lost loved ones.

Flight ET 302

Its a rare thing for air traffic disasters, but when it happens its devastatingly fatal and in the past six months this is the second fatal crash involving a similar type of aircraft the 737 max. Several airlines have grounded their fleets of 737s just in case there’s a fault with the planes that makes travelling aboard them equal to a death trap.

Boeing 737 max
Boeing 737 max

Interesting to note a few days before the plane crashed the US government had issued a security alert warning travellers not to depart or arrive at Bole International Airport in Ethiopia, their reason is because of planned protests but some say, they knew “something” was going to happen….

US Embassy Ethiopia

Meanwhile some governments are busy taxing the internet when they not shutting it down and drafting cyber bills that will most likely be muzzle the internet the Rwandan government showed its commitment to ICT by launching a satellite into space so that remote schools could get access to communication and the internet.

rwanda satellite

while others launch satellites, we get fish ponds

Fish pond

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you conspiracies are like wild animals if you look in the forest you will find one, and it might eat you even…

Whats gong on in your neck of the woods




  1. Too many conspiracy theories… I hope the banking, with your mobile transactions and such, starts to settle down – I haven’t seen Zimbabwe in the news lately, so hopefully that is a good sign.

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    1. No news is sorta good news, cause mostly its the bad stuff that makes the headlines people are prepped for doom an gloom it seems ha!
      But yeah if the country were a patient in a hospital the economy would be graded as critical but stable.

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  2. Hey Beaton, I’ve not tried your idea yet, but I’ll bet I be able to at least get an acceptable workaround from it. I’m thinking about renaming an image file that I don’t mind being used for my blog logo image the same name as the existing file, essentially swapping with that name references because I can’t find my way to the reference. I will owe you a milkshake for this idea.

    About your country and the currency – maybe your government could be the first to adopt bitcoin as the national currency? That would solve the problems of them trying to manage the currency themselves – yea – so that will never happen.

    So what’s the story on your radio spot? I’m still hoping that comes through. Such a fun idea!

    We gotta figure a way for me to buy you a milkshake. We could laugh long and hard together.


    1. Thats a clever workaround my suggestion was a bit more…. disruptive hahahaha

      There was a time when we almost went the bitcoin route, but the decentralised basis upon which the blockchain tech works was a bitter pill for the govt to swallow and since they could not regulate they opted to put measure that more or less make it crypto-currencies “psuedo” illegal like at your own risk type of thing …dont come crying to us if internet fraudsters trick you of your savings and add with people still being somewhat “unsure” of blockchain tech well, that kinda grounded the bitcoin train.

      Episode airs in a week whoop whoop!!!

      Hahaha imagine if you could 3D print a milkshake, now that would be a laugh


  3. Oh and yes, we’ve heard all about that Boeing flight going down. It is huge news here because their jets are so well know for their quality and dependability. I hope it was not terrorism as this is a very new model and only this model is being grounded. The existing fleet of earlier models of the 737 are not grounded. I suspect someone will find the rare alignment of circumstances that allows such a catastrophic systems failure soon so it can be fixed and further crashes prevented.

    Boeing used to be one of my customers when I lived up in Seattle. They are good people and I hope this does not ruin their reputation for producing some of the best aviation equipment known to our planet.

    Such a sad story though. My heart breaks for the families.

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    1. I am hoping they come up with an explanation soon and its not something shocking… The are still a couple airlines that are still using that plane and its been crazy with people refusing flights and wanting refunds, the spill over effect is huge.
      And if you had a fear of flying this certainly wont make you look forward to your next flight.


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