Of coffee With Three Lies

If you were having coffee with me, I would be glad you dropped by. It’s a bit cloudy with a chance of light showers, perfect weather for a warm cuppa; so do sit down, tell me what’s going on?

I would tell you that I worry about the world, for some reason this statement I picked from some random movie has been rattling around in my head.

Wait, to be honest its not just some reason, its observation of a thousand and one little things and its not from any random movie, its from a psychological thriller called Enemy. You know the sort of movies you watch and get to the end and ask yourself, “what did I just watch?”  Confusing movie aside, in one scene a character lecturing what I presume is a philosophy class makes the following observation:

The system tells us 3 lies That:

We are free, we are not

We can change the world, we cant

we change the system from within, it doesn’t

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that sometimes its as if we are machines of flesh built for a lifetime of servitude, all we are trying to do is work work work work yet only succeed in lining the pockets of others.

Are we free?

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you I worry about the Corona Virus even though so far in Africa no official cases have been detected.  

corona virus global map cdc

We could either be very very lucky or maybe our early detection skills might be a little ineffective. I was watching a news clip with health officials saying they are ready to fight this virus and I could picture emergency services personnel dressed up as riot police with shields and baton sticks ready to do what they do best.

fighting outbreak clip art

Whenever the government tries to reassure me they have something under control you can forgive me being a little skeptic.

Dr Li Wenliang the hero doctor who tried to raise alarm about the corona virus died on Friday. In December when Li posted about a SARS-like illness outbreak at his hospital in Wuhan, asking friends and family to take protective measures; authorities summoned him and other doctors for rumour-mongering and making false comments on the internet, then had him sign a document promising not to do it again or face prosecution. He later contracted the virus from a patient when he returned to work.

Can we change the world?

If you were having coffee with me, I would ask if the world can really change. Someone at Barnes & Noble thought it would be a great idea to promote diversity by introducing a new range of classic novels with cover art featuring black people; The Diverse Editions to celebrate Black History Month

Barnes and Noble diverse editions

Well simply changing the cover on a book will not change the story in its pages and if they really wanted to promote diversity why could they not; oh, I don’t know, do a drive to publish more books by diverse authors. No surprise that they caught some social media backlash and you may be relieved to learn that they are no longer going through with the Diverse editions.  

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you about how our president tries to clean up the country, we may have failed to clean out corruption but hey we can at least clean up the streets even if it means flying a helicopter about 90km to and posture while sweeping as an retinue of staff and security looks on, instead of maybe I don’t know, using the money they spent on that exercise in actually cleaning up.

mnangagwa clean up campaign

Changing the system from within

If you were having coffee with me, I would say hello democracy, that wonderful system where we can elect the leaders we want to deliver the things we wish for. On paper it seems to be such a wonderful system but in practise democracy seems like an elaborate ruse, designed to preserve a certain status quo.

elections clip art

Malawi constitutional court made a landmark ruling last week when they annulled the election results  from the May 2019 polls due to widespread irregularities, and ordered fresh elections be held. Elections in Africa usually end up with contested results, violence, allegations of voter rigging and intimidation, yet regional observers always wave them off as being free and fair. We had elections in 2018 which are not without similar “issues” although the constitution court dismissed the application.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that Malawi gave people hope that maybe judiciary systems would stop being ‘captured’ and might take notes on how to get election results over turned. Its interesting to note that though the judges did not outright declare the elections stolen, they simply said the evidence of rigging was so widespread and blatant that “the integrity of the result was severely compromised“.

But what happens next then, what changes? Well Malawi’s president and the electoral commission have already filed for an appeal to this ruling. The games we play.

If you were having coffee with me I would ask if we really can change an unchanged changing world? Do tell me, what’s been happening in your neck of the woods, and have a great week


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**Update turns out in the movie the character is a history teacher and will be teaching a class about dense theory, Hegel and Marx, the patterns of history and the relationship of dictators to control

Enemy Explained - Silver Screen Snobs


  1. I also have those movies where am so confused, I have to take a break….literally.
    Reading about the doctor made me sad too.
    Still thinking about the three questions especially the part of can we change things from inside?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I ended having to Google tutorials to explain to me what was going on, interestingly the actual film directors don’t give much away leaving people to speculate.

      If you can’t beat them… You join them perhaps


      Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s been long since l logged in on WordPress,well the economy has been harsh on me haha (story for another day )and l missed your coffee stories a lot , am glad you still writing and posting

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Some countries do have them, presidents that is lol.

      The devil is in the details… 😂 am amazed you noticed the hinges haha they are so tiny I was actually asking myself as I squinted and pencilled them in like B you do realize no one will see this?
      But I will know I told myself

      Yes I have conversation with myself😂😂 nothing to see here


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  3. I read your post and I think about how unhappy I am with the current president of my country. We have an election this coming November and I am hopeful that a new President with some integrity and common decency will be elected instead. It must be very frustrating for you not to have that certainty that the current situation is just temporary. I hope that you are able to stay positive and stay healthy as well. We are reading in the paper about the virus as well. We worry more about the flu usually at this time of year. Take care.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Nancy.

      It’s so easy to find yourself quite a state when everyday you are wondering what new madness will you wake up to and what will happen, when people decide they have had enough….

      I worry about the future.

      But hey will cross that bridge when we get to it in the mean time we just take it a day at a time, here and now.

      Thanks for dropping by


    1. Thank you for the visit.

      We should not just sit and watch. We play our part, the journey is like a rabbit’s footprints in the sand, all over the place… Eventually change will come.



  4. Hi B! Sorry I’ve been away for a while, I have a lot less time for blogging nowadays. This post reminds me of a quote that I heard in a television show, although the quote was first uttered by someone else (I’m not sure of the exact source):

    “Everything changes; nothing changes at all.”

    It’s like our world keeps changing on the outside, with new technology and ever-more complicated ways of living, yet at its core everything stays the same. It really is bizarre: if someone were to hit the reset button and start human society over again, I wonder if we’d develop in the same way?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have seen that quote around as well
      Everything changes. nothing changes at all
      Round and round the world goes, I do wonder if we would develop differently hmmm unless you sent back terminators to solve potentially problematic courses of action, I think we would probably still end up where we are

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