Of Coffee with Autumn and Darkness

If you were having coffee with me, I would invite you to a new season, a new moon and darkness, an old friend. Help yourself to a cuppa, put your feet up.

coffee mug on fallen leaves

Astronomically, in the southern hemisphere, our first day of Autumn begun on the March equinox. On paper, you can theoretically plot out our seasons but in practise, we effectively experience only Summer and Winter… better described as Hot wet season; Cold dry season and Hot dry season.

Southern hemisphere astronomical seasons 2023
Southern hemisphere astronomical seasons

Right now we are in last part of the wet season, characterised by bouts of rain.. influenced by the ITCZ. It’s also our storm season and when it rains, it pours. If you recall from a previous chat, I talked about Cyclone Freddy which we were relieved to have dissipated without theatrics… Well, the remnants intensified into another cyclone and instead of moving away from Africa as forecasted, returned, making a second landfall in Mozambique before proceeding to cause extensive devastation to southern Malawi.

track path pf Cyclone Freddy

To date, Cyclone Freddy has a fatality count of over 500 and rising, with Malawi incurring the most fatalities and its government declaring  a state of disaster in 10 districts, appealing for national and international assistance. Cyclone Freddy, which is likely the longest-ever cyclone recorded has now finally dissipated leaving a trail of destruction and devastation. The slow journey towards rebuilding is underway. Louisa, a blogger in Malawi has been sharing some of her experiences on Youtube.

Its been a dark time in southern Africa and tonight, we get a new moon, maybe we can think of it as a sign towards renewed hope, rebuilding, and the phenomenal strength of people, when they unite in times of need.

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that our power utility company announced that as at 18:26 on 20 March 2023 they successfully completed the synchronisation of Unit 7 Hwange… I have no idea what that means, hopefully, it should signify that our electricity struggles should be coming to an end or at least lessen. But I am not holding my breath, not until I see it with my own two eyes, for now, its darkness as usual.

Hwange Expansion Project's Unit 7 successfully synchronised.  Credit ZBC
Hwange Expansion Project’s Unit 7 successfully synchronised. Credit ZBC

Actually, in the past weeks, we seem to have been experiencing a bit more electricity outages than the usual. There was never any official communication but I have seen reports on how Zambia was planning on switching off electricity exports to Zimbabwe over non-payment. But hey we have synchronised a new Unit at Hwange Thermal PowerStation so yay!!!! Soon, if we are to believe the media we will have an extra 300 MW of electricity being fed into the main grid.

ZESA Holdings executive chairman Dr Sydney Gata (left) is joined by Deputy Chief Secretary in the Office of
the President and Cabinet in charge of flagship projects Engineer Amos Marawa (centre) and Sino Hydro
employees in celebrating the successful synchronisation of Unit 7 into the national grid in Hwange yesterday
- Pictures: Kudakwashe Hunda.
ZESA, Govt Execs and Sino Hydro employees celebrating the successful synchronisation of Unit7. 📸 Credit Kudakwashe Hunda.

If you are having coffee with me, I would tell you not to ask me about the impact of expanding a coal-powered electricity generation plant on the environment especially with all this talk about climate change and global warming. Our government is very much aware of the environment, which is why they are banning pit latrine and Blair toilets in the rural and urban areas in favour of modern flush systems, as part of the move towards  achieving an upper-middle-income nation status. Pit latrines pollute the air and are a breeding grounds for mosquitoes, that is very bad for the environment you see?

But who is going to fund these modern flush toilets? Wait, before going there, we don’t even have an effectively functional water supply system. How do we just ban a practical solution on the ground in favour of imaginary 2030 world class standards? Don’t you worry about that, see, the government has a plan, otherwise they would not be able to afford to present traditional chiefs with new utility vehicles.

Cars for traditional chiefs in ZImbabwe
Traditional Chiefs get new cars. 📸ZBC News

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that the government has the interests of its people at heart, defending the rights of a child, by making it illegal for a parent to be out vending with kids and also planning on opening a day care centre that will give first preference to vendors in the city.  The law, is the law, as Chapter 5:06 of the Children’s Act states:

"Any parent or guardian of a child or young person who allows that child or young person or any person who causes any child or young person — (a) to beg; or (b) to accompany him or any other person while he begs; or (c) to induce or to endeavour to induce the giving of alms; or (d) to perform or be exhibited in any way for public entertainment in a manner likely to be detrimental to the child's or young person's health, morals, mind or body; shall be guilty of an offence and liable to a fine or to imprisonment,"

So basically, if you and your child(ren) are seen in the streets trying to eke out a living because you cant afford to have a helper look after them or send them to kindergarten, then you will be imprisoned. How can you not afford to send them to school when education will be free just like they promised last year and the year before that… Oh yeah, its election time, once again, Zimbabwe decides…

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that the postponed Al Jazeera documentary on illicit gold trade in Southern Africa might will be aired on Thursday 23 March at 8pm GMT… I wonder what has been cooking. Some say that they may have edited and removed the more embarrassing details about particular countries and or individuals…  Would you stay up to watch it? Me? Nope! Like everything else, all the gory details will find me eventually. Besides I will be busy sending applications for my new dream job, Killing AI if it threatens to go rogue.

Killswitch Engineer
Viral Reddit post – unconfirmed by Open AI

What’s been going on in your neck of the woods?



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  1. This one is a loaded blog post. As a fellow African, I feel that law on children is unreasonable and impractical. Politicians are good at telling people what not to do but poor at doing what they themselves need to be doing.

    Election season? Demons become angels when in campaign mode. Good luck!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This one was a bit of purge….😅
      There is a lot between the lines 😂
      Politicians during election season are at peak not to be trusted… lots of promises.

      I have seen children loitering the streets while their parents are trying sell odds and ends to make a living… This solution feels like it criminalises being poor….


      Liked by 1 person

  2. Lol all of these action moves about AI overthrowing humanity, and all they had to do was unplug the thing and throw water on it 🤣

    The other parts of your post are less comical, though. I’m sorry to hear that Freddy caused so much damage, and a little surprised that I’m just now hearing about it. 500 people is a large death toll, and yet I don’t remember seeing it covered on American news. I also don’t watch the news – which is all just political opinions now, with few objective facts – so that could be why.

    Lastly, I’m gonna become a traditional chief so that I can get a brand-new truck. Are they taking applications? 😂


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