Of David Genaro

After all,
the blood sacrifices I have made and my friends and family
turned combatant circle,
like rugged greedy jackals,
sniffing at the stench,
of their own dark dank fear.
I endure I am warrior,
I am David Genaro

David Genaro as played by Jamie Bartlett is one of my favourite characters from the South African soapie Rhythm City.


And its not because he was not too busy to retweet and like a tweet when I wrote an article about him.

Jamie Bartlett Rhythm City

At the risk of totally sounding like I am fan boying but Jamie Bartlett really gets into character, its amazing to see the transformation from when you see him anywhere else, like as a panel judge of South African Got Talent being the sympathetic judge who is nicer to the contestants even crying a little at some phenomenal talents with incredible stories as he pushes the Golden Buzzer.

Image result for jamie bartlett south africa got talent"
Jamie Bartlett
Image result for david genaro"
David Genaro

Then he becomes David Genaro in Rhythm City the roguish villain you realise you actually like better than the rest of the characters and when you go a whole episode without seeing his antics, infamous monologues and witty banter you feel like something is missing from the series.

I have long since held the suspicion that if he is not part of the script writers then he has them eating out of the palm of his hands and gets plenty of leeway to adlib and go way off the cuff with his lines (which he probably writes himself) because, if not; then I would probably want to meet the person who writes David’s lines and tip my hat, then tip my hat again, at Jamie Bartlett for bringing to life David Genaro.

He even has his own personalised track, whenever he is behaving particularly brazenly or has pulled off an incredible coup de grace the song starts playing in the background, you know who he is…. He is David Genaro.

David Genaro is immortal as he has been known to bellow out when facing adversity, he endures as almost everyone is trying to kill him for one reason or another, miraculously surviving executions, poison, bullets and bombs. David is ruthless, calculating and never does anything for anyone without a reason. A puppet master who revels in possessing and sabotaging people’s lives just to watch the chaos unfold and the only person he loves selflessly is his son, the heir to his immortal legacy…

He even has a sangoma (traditional witchdoctor), for a quick connection to the supernatural gang to watch over him and has on occasion tried to out sangoma a rival‘s sangoma, which was hilarious cause it turned out the sangoma was a phony fun times in the world of soap operas.

Once years ago his was killed and then returned as his “twin brother” in that classic soap opera troupe where characters never really die but come back.

Whats with that though? Why is it that when a character is leaving a tv soapie for whatever reasons they usually seem eager to kill off the character? Is it like power play maneuver that hey if you leave the cast we will kill your character? I mean why not just let a character take a vacation then later when you want them back they can just return than killing them off then having to do some crazy script writing to explain how they faked their death blah blah blah blah and and of course the predictable scares as people think the returned character is a ghost.

Once upon a time on some long running soapie it turned out everyone who died had ended on some mystic island and then things got rather complicated…. Wait isn’t that the tv series Lost ^_^

Jamie Bartlett is leaving the soapie Rhythm city and February the 5th 2020 will be his final appearance (for now) after over a decade on the show. Havent seen any official reason yet but it seems amicable enough, and in typical David Genaro style looks like he wants to leave the set in a blaze of glory, smoke and guns blazing.

Even on his knees, David Genaro stares down the barrels of death and preaches defiance to the very end.

I’ll definitely miss David and wish Jamie Bartlett in his coming endevours. Rhythm City wont be quite the same without him. I could easily picture him killing it as the villain Klaw (Ulysses Klaue) in Black Panther

Jamie Bartlett Ulysses Klaue Klaw

Jamie Bartlett has won awards for The Best Actor In A TV Soap in 2009, 2015 and 2019 for his portrayal of David Genaro from the South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTAs)

Why is David Genaro leaving the show? Did Jamie decide to leave? Response from Rhythm City‘s Head Writer Zeli Rodgers in an interview with TVSA

Zeli: No. The character has been on the show for 13 years playing the role of a villain. After so many years, no matter how successful the character, stories begin to feel similar and play the same note.

The producers, creative team and channel felt it was time to make some changes and evolve the show by introducing some new characters.

The Don David Genaro

David Genaro is immortal



  1. I am just finding out this morning that David died. Yesterday we had load shedding so I was not able to watch one of my fav soapies now I will just catch a rerun on the internet.

    You are right Beaton, Rhythm City will never be the same…….. David Genaro is IMMORTAL!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I like that he finally died this time, he was becoming boring& too predictable for me. Rhythm city will never be the same without him but it had to be done but finding a villain that will fill his shoes is going to be hard.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree, that’s actually one of the reasons they finally retired the character.
      I updated the post with an extract from an interview with the script writers.
      But I still think they should not have killed him so conclusively
      And who becomes the villain now?
      Probably build up on unholy alliance between Lerato, Suffocate and Khumkani and the secret they swore to take to the grave.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. they might need to bring another new character. Lerato, suffocate or kumkani don’t have a captivating story unless they play them against each other(who gets to be at the top of the food chain kind of games) but I guess we will see how this will play out.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Or we may have to wait for David’s son to grow up then get his revenge 😂😂

        Or …. The way Gail was like
        “You’re idiots all of you. David is
        not dead. He’s going to come back and when
        he does, you’re going to pay.”
        maybe his avenging spirit will possess someone and they will be the next bad bad lol isn’t he had sangoma on speed dial 😂

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I recently discovered that the tattoo David Genaro spotted just over his ear was not a permanent one, the Japanese symbol for immortality mark was something the actor had drawn on just for the character, talk about dedication to a role….
      I am sure he had way too much fun with that role and he will forever be known as David Genaro regardless of whatever role he plays next

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh wow! I always thought that was just a nice tattoo that suited him and his role…this just shows how immersed he was with that role! That’s nice to know!

        Liked by 1 person

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