Of Coffee With The Watcher behind The Screen

If you were having coffee with me, I would be happy you stopped by. I would be happiest if once in a while you weren’t just the watcher behind the screen; reading my posts wondering how I manage to write like you are reading my mind and you can almost “hear” me speak, wondering how I manage to blend in everything around me like a well brewed cup of coffee, perfectly crafted and loving how I write, so you regularly checking to see what I come up with next…

I know you are out there reading; the stats never lie, now if here and there you could just make some noise so I know you are there, reading and it doesn’t seem like you are a stalker, catching glimpses of  the thoughts that live in my head; laughing and almost spilling your coffee for example, when I liken it to being in the toilet and then hear the sound of an approaching person so you cough a bit or make some noise so they know, someone is within instead of having to knock, as you awkwardly ponder, if you should answer or just let them try the door and see its locked; Oh snap, you arent 100% sure if you locked it, so you half-whisper half-shout “Occupied.

occupied toilet

Funny story, the other day while going for my morning walk (which is polite way of saying I was looking for a nice place to take a bathroom break, because when your city municipal isn’t giving you running water you cant afford to literally just be throwing water down the toilet) a car pulled up and this guy says “Hey do you want a lift?” Well since I was on my own missioned agenda I politely declined, shook my head and made some vague hand gestures indicating I was just..erm..ok.. here..thanks; whilst thinking of the increased crime rate in the country and the caution from the police on kidnappings, muggings and being wary of strangers in private vehicles. Oh! and staying away from online dating and social media commnication, because it could lead to rape:

If you were having coffee with me, I would ask you to tell me your thoughts on the police issuing such a statement in 2019 going into 2020. Tragic and traumatic the rape, I would rather they had shared means and ways of ensuring your cyber-safety. Shows a bit about on how officials running the country are a bit out of touch with the digital sphere mostly focusing on the negatives and trying to control it; than finding working synergies and even open up potential revenue streams in ICT industry but nope they would rather shut down the internet or advise people to stay away….

Zimbabwe republic police urges members of the public againdt online dating and social media communications

I digress though, the stranger in the car then said “We should have coffee sometime, Uncle B” and drove off leaving me flattered, happy, confused and a little freaked out, ha! I don’t know who he is but he knew me, or at least knows what I chose to share on here…

Maybe you are my blogging crush and I don’t even know you exist; this post could have been about you but we haven’t met yet

This post could have about you;

but you never comment.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you I am on day 15 of 25 day blogging challenge and I wanted to spotlight those who show up so regularly; its almost like we have met…..

Berina (Kenya) from whom I have learnt how our countries have so much similarities even some food and habits that I thought was unique to us. Berina writes stories that show everyday life, the challenges people silently face and how its ok to find escape in laughter AND she draws her own images:


Goldie(USA) whose name can never be used in the same sentence as normal…hey look, I just did!!! 😂😂A great debate lingers on whether Goldie is a man; some are convinced Goldie is a woman; but Goldie might as well as be a Floating Goldfish from outer space with interesting opinions and not afraid to share them on the Dailyflabbergast where you will find News Related Opinion Pieces, crowd sourced Blogging Tips, and Creative Writing posts.

EmptyTheeMind (South Africa) biker-hiker-writer with an intriguing analytical approach to life, who always has me questioning some things which I normally never think about. FreeTheeMind is a space about all sorts of things with frankness, ambiguity and a dark humour, from hiking/biking adventures, loss and illness in the family to meeting doppelgangers laced with some almost philosophical introspection.

Diana the horse whisperer who shares her adventures with her favourite passion; Chloe  Zach and whats the other one?…. and well life on her blog MyHorseStories and every day the world gets a little smaller the more we know about each other’s worlds, the distance between us, the seasons around us and the similarities that bind us

Gary(USA) whose conversational comments are always laced with wisdom and a common shall we say distrust of world politicians. Gary writes Stories in a Dime of Time short stories some fiction and some based on memories of past experiences some will make you laugh and others may just leave you reminiscing on the adventures growing up.

Ritu (confession not sure where Ritu is🙈) one of my very first followers when I started the blog and years later still here with their phenomenal reach and following yet still taking time to stop by my blog and I appreciate it.. Ritu writes at ButISmileAnywway … poetry, chats over Chai and plenty of words and wisdom.

Steeny Lou(Canada) who blogs at HolySheepDip! With the exclamation mark, writing about the bumps and valley of life and is currently doing a December blog everyday challenge too.

Maureen of ImpossibleJourneyBlog writing about a journey to good health and battling sugar addiction; gets a special shout out because heard the Christmas song All I want for Christmas and thought about me or rather to phrase it correctly thought about a nightmare before Christmas scary story I wrote one Christmas season 4 years ago; if you weren’t around back then please do go check it out and the Christmas wish all I want for Christmas will never be the same:

Shuvai (Zimbabwe) if anyone deserves an award its her, that one constant I have come to wait for, just like the sun, rises… I even get anxious when the days stretch by without seeing your name on the notifications; wondering if you are OK and when you finally show up, you always catch up on each and every post and I appreciate it.

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you appreciate all the eyes that stop by this tangle of words, and once in a while do pop down from the watcher’s terraces and tell me your thoughts if I write badly, let me know and if you have noticed some of those I have mentioned on posts just pop down and say so; the comments aren’t private and don’t feel like you are intruding, we all family right… Just thought would put that out there as someone mentioned to me they weren’t commenting cause they felt they might scare off others….

Happy holidays




  1. Aw thank you! Uncle B!
    I’ll always take time to stop at yours!
    And I’m in England, so you know, born to Indian parents who were born and brought up in Kenya!

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    1. Thank you for clearing up the great mystery 😂😂😂😂
      Wow that’s quite the colourful heritage, I bet it makes interesting chats over chai 😍

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      1. Oh definitely! And I didn’t include my Brother, who lives in Finland, having married a Finnish girl, and our 2 Finndian nephews!!!
        We’re an interesting bunch 😂😂😂😂

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    1. Thank you…

      Sometimes I wonder if it’s clear only in my head like some in house joke between the characters in my head or someone else can read between the lines 😂😂😂

      Peace and love


  2. How come you forgot to mention little me? From Greece? Oh well, I forgive you, holiday spirit and all that. All my best wishes, and hoping your country is in for better days 🎉🎊

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    1. Heeeeeey……

      How did this happen??? There must have been a glitch in the system😅😅😂😂

      Hurray for the holiday spirit 🎉🎉🎉
      Thanks and compliments of the holiday season.✨

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  3. Hi! I agree about the official response to social media – people are going to use it and find friends and dates on social media, so giving advice on staying safe is much more helpful than a blanket “no”. I hope you have a great week@!

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  4. Awe, Uncle B I’m so flattered and to have coffee with you always a pleasure as I believe the exchange of our minds rambling thoughts (your thoughts don’t ramble, but I think mine do!) on how we can have peace and love and either a better life – or a fuller life! I sound like a Hippy from the 60’s, haha and am actually a little young to be from that era. ❤️

    But you do make very valid points and I have never thought about the readers, the stalkers never willing to comment. Oh my, I try and stay true to myself in my comments and hope I never offend, but it’s so worth the risk, I encourage EVERYONE to say a few words, to say I agree or disagree, or I’m confused about this but love that! What could it hurt to put a few words down and press send. We all would love to hear from you on our posts, right? 😃😉

    If I’ve learned anything about being a baby here blogging, is connection and COMMENTS are so important. 😃 It’s like you’ve tapped into this other part of life being able to get to know like minded folks all over the world! It’s an amazing thing, and I’ve been asked a few times to fix something on my blog, I worked hard to make something linkable as I’m not computer savvy, but I try so hopefully I do okay. I figure if I can’t always figure out links, people will understand. (I’m a little bit techy challenged). This is super long but I think worth saying and sharing. Love reading everyone’s responses after reading all the lovely posts I can read each day. Have a great weekend Uncle B! 😉❤️

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    1. Hahaha we are all old souls… I don’t remember the 60s mostly cause of was soooo not born yet, but them hippy folk were on to something the world just wasn’t ready them 😂😂😂

      Too true even though we may write mostly for ourselves but if we invite you into the living room of our minds it would be nice if you told us your thoughts, that we have a lovely home if it is, if it’s not then say it’s not so…..

      Thank you for sharing your rambling thoughts 😂

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  5. Hi B, it’s super cool that someone recognized you on the street! Well, at least it’s mostly cool – sometimes I think it must be hard to be famous, never being able to be anonymous in public. I mean, some people thrive on attention, but most of us like to get lost in the crowd at times.

    I hope your fame continues to grow, so that I can ask you what it’s like to have everyone recognize you in public 😉

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    1. I can almost feel myself missing the anonymity of simply being another just another guy in public….

      The fame is already starting, in some circles people walk up to me and introduce themselves, well because they already know who I am 😂😂 and some will send me a tweet like I think I saw you on a sitting on a park bench today….
      Why oh why did you not come and say Hi though 😂😂😂

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      1. You do kinda look like a celebrity, with your distinctive hair and great fashion sense. Haha, it’s your destiny! Seriously though, I think you’re the sort of person who deserves to be famous, because your content and intentions are good.


  6. I have the exact same thoughts about people who never comment. I wonder why the number of views is always so much higher than the number of comments. Is my content that disappointing? Then why did you click on it in the first place? Let me know if you figure out an answer to it.

    See? I told you you should do a dating segment on here 😉 It might be love at first sight. Errr… first word/post/comment.

    It’s really cool that someone recognized you on the street. But very mysterious that they didn’t say anything else. It was not me, so you can cross my name off the list of suspects. Or maybe I am just trying to take the spotlight off myself? I guess you might never know.

    Thanks for mentioning me. I was wondering what madness you were writing about when I saw you linked to one of my posts. Kudos on being brave enough to put my name in the same sentence with “normal.”

    I am now off to check out those bloggers you mentioned that I don’t already know. I really enjoy meeting new people and finding new blogs that way.

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    1. That one is almost an existential question ….*thinking face emoticon*…. Maybe there’s an unforeseen difficulty in signing up to comment particularly seeing as those who do comment are almost always bloggers themselves

      I help run a blogging network of bloggers and so I meet a lot of people offline who usually know me or at least know my blog who will say they are big fans who get email updates everytime I post and always read but I have never quite gotten a solid answer as to why they do not comment I remember joking with someone that, so if we hadn’t met like this I would never have known you read my blog…

      Haha your name had not been anywhere on the list of suspects…. Until Now… Now I will have to double check where have you been vacationing for the holidays, do you own a teleportation device or have to access to one and if you did who you admit you do hmmmm?

      Hahahaha Whaaat? Madness no, not yet wait for the next post on the Miss World and Miss Universe that one will have Martians and what do you call people from Venus 😂😂😂😂


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      1. I thought of that, too. However, I don’t think so anymore. First of all, I don’t think people who are not bloggers really view my blog (insert crying emoji). And second of all, in my settings, I have it specified that one does NOT need to be logged in or provide all information.

        Keep me posted if you ever get a solid answer from them. I think some might have stage fright. They don’t want to speak in public (comment section).

        Teleportation device? What is that nonsence? Is it something like a jetpack? ‘Cause I have that.

        I look forward to the next post.

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      1. I do notice, you do a great job of merging them onto your blog. I’ll try out the link sometime. Thank you for sharing B.


  7. Hey Beaton – thanks for the honorable mention. You started my morning feeling like I landed an unexpected visit with a real African Celebrity – because you are. On the other hand, now I have to be careful not to write anything that might embarrass you. LOLOLOL

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  8. What a fun post to read, and I am honoured to be mentioned. Maybe I will write a similar tribute to my readers, one of whom is you, but my gang is so small, it’d not likely take up more than a quarter page. I love how so many WordPress people interact with you. At best, I get a handful of likes and one comment! I haven’t figured out what I’m doing wrong, but it is a joy to read the communication between yourself and your readers over here.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you thank you glad you liked this little tribute and I hope you get a new reader or two your way …

      Hahaha correction it’s more like I interact with a lot of people than that a lot of people interact with me, slight difference but it switches things up. It’s a bit of a reciprocal process I actively make sure I check up on the bloggers who come to my site

      Also it’s taken years if you were to go years back in archives my early posts have no comments and maybe even no likes Ok maybe 1 or 2 hahaha

      How about a fun lil challenge if do drop by some of the bloggers mentioned and when you comment just mention you got there via my site… Let’s call it research purposes 😂😂😂



  9. I saw my name and picture and wanted to shrink. I am glad that you mentioned me, I rarely get such honour. I almost jumped up and down thinking “all the way from Zimbabwe?

    Thank you so much.

    Sometimes readers decline to comment because they do not want to think much about the perfect language to use….
    I am talking about me… Hahahaha

    Sometimes because we are afraid of seeming to talk too much. But you are easy to talk to, and you talk freely. I am glad we are connected through the blogs. You are one of my favourite.

    I sincerely wish you well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are welcome!!!
      And thank you for counting me as one of your favourites, humbled and I appreciate it

      Compliments of the season and wishing you a prosperous New Year



  10. Hey. I’m reading you. Just started so we’ll see if I stay. I’d better I guess. I know what you mean. You write and people are silent. Do they hate it? Love it? Who knows? And that advice about staying away from sites ’cause you might be inviting rape or worse sounds like victim blaming.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi there
      thank you for dropping by.., I do hope you stay, it’s so hard to find people who do lol 😅

      yes that’s the existential crisis a blogger must face lol

      You are right on the victim blaming that’s exactly what that feels like…

      Compliments of the New Year


  11. Wow, thanks Beaton. I disappear when I have no internet connection but the moment I do I back track to everything I will have missed. Thanks for the mentioning me in your blog it means so to me. I could quite possibly be your biggest fan 😊

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