Of Trapped In The (Water) Closet

trapped clip art

I hate to ask, for directions, advice, help……. I am probably on my way to my destiny right now and I am lost or trapped somewhere, but I will get there…..

When you visit someone one of the things you must casually find out is, where the bathroom is located, if it works, and any special procedures you might need to be aware of… and also the Wi-Fi password.

Not all bathrooms are the same, some have no running water and you may need to go fetch by way of a bucket, maybe it must not be flushed, not ever, and special quirks you really ought to be aware of…….

Its awkward conversation to have but believe me, but it will save you from death by embarrassment, unless of course you plan on not using any other bathroom but your own. Good luck with that.

There I was visiting a friend, conversation was great and the effects of the large mug of tea, we were enjoying started kicking in. I excused myself for a quick bathroom break. I took a wrong turn or two, saw things I shouldn’t have, but that is neither here nor there. I may have poured some gin into my cup of tea, to break the ice, which is why, I was all zen and calm as if I open wrong doors all the time; you mumble apologies and walk away….

I located the water closet and locked the door, the key was there in the door’s ignition. I even checked the handle to make sure the door was locked, it was. I am a private person I value my privacy. Even if I had gone into the toilet to just spit, the gin was giving me a touch of nausea, I would have still locked the door.

Finding the bathroom was easy enough, getting out, not so much.  The key wouldn’t turn and so I tried jiggling the door handle around… and it came right off and I heard the distinct sound of something falling, on the other side of the door. ……. It meant only one thing TRAPPED.

trapped clip art

I laughed, because sometimes if you don’t laugh, you will freak out. Don’t Panic, I learnt that from The Hitch Hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy. I tried not to panic,and put on my Rose Coloured glasses, I assessed my situation:

Door out of order

Door Dead.jpg


windows barred

Window copy.jpg I had left my phone on the table, in the lounge, next to my cup of gin and tea tonic, so I couldn’t call anyone for an emergency evacuation…..

I knocked on the door softly, too soft, no one could have heard it. I couldn’t bring myself to actually shout for help, and decided at some point someone is either going to come to use the bathroom or  start looking for me after, figuring out I have been gone for far to long. If I had carried my phone I would have had something to do, instead I busied myself reading instructions on the detergents…

domestosmutlipurpose  Bleach

Who knew this is multipurpose ….. you learn something anywhere if you put your mind to it…..I even hummed R Kelly’s Trapped In The Closet quietly to myself, the man has his issues but he knows his music….

After what felt like forever, who knows how long it was, my phone tells me the time, and I didnt have it; eventually help arrived. I had been “missing” for far too long and a search party was calling my name. Am I the only one who finds it odd, to respond from the bathroom when someone calls your name? So I stayed silent yet hopeful. By deductive elimination, they figured out I was the one trapped in the bathroom.

Someone knocked on the door.

Yes” I responded sheepishly

“But you are not to lock the door, nobody does, the key has issues.”

“How was I supposed to know?”

You should have asked…..”

The End


Obviously I got out…. eventually, they had to remove the door by hinges, it was like an episode of Prison Break……..


PS This Day Four of my blog everyday challenge



image credit Clip Art Panda




  1. This is hilarious, left me in stitches.Thanks for the good laugh.
    You are absolutely right is is kinda awkward to have the where is the ” loo ” and anything special I need to know conversation.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Not only is it for something to do, while you are in there…. it really might save your life or an awkward situation …….


  2. kikiki. “You should have asked.” Really?

    I coincidentally have issues with asking directions and fair share of toilet stories. Whenever I arrive in a new place I scope out the place with the skill of a secret security agent. Here’s some rules of thumb I’ve made up:
    – bathrooms are usually next to the kitchen, but separated by a wall, or they’re a floor above the kitchen. The are closer together than other rooms because of the shared piping.
    – I always take note when I see the little toilet chimney vent before entering a building and try to judge how to get to it from the outside.
    – In our city the public toilets are pay toilets. I rather go into restaurants, and hotels. The rule is the fancier the place the less likely you are to be stopped. They can’t tell if I’m a genuine patron or not!
    – I always check that there’s no flies in the pot. A fly landed on my butt mid-poop once. The horror! 😥 I have vowed to never let it happen again!

    ~another kind of toilet humour

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    1. You are a NINJA!!!!
      **slow clap**

      PS Good looking out on the fancy restaurant tip esp if you walk about with an air of one who knows what one is doing yes?

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hahaha, if you ever have kiddies… I have a feeling they’ll appreciate this story one day… It will also fill you with the warmest nostalgia when you’re an elderly Gent … Cheers for sharing


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