Of Coffee On Spring Day

Coffee On Spring Day

If you were having coffee with me, I would say happy new month its spring day and a new chapter to the year. Do you think there are three months or four months left in year, I have seen people having debates on the internet after people were posting that:

There’s 3 or 4 months left in the year you said this would be your year what happened to that?

Well never mind that I still haven’t achieved all that I set out to do or how I declared that this year would be my year, like I did last year, and the year before that and the year before that… well there’s still three months left in the year October, November and December. We don’t count September because we already in it, am I right?

Hello September

September always begins on somber tip for me being the anniversary of my sister’s death, its been six years and still feels like could have been a Sunday just like yesterday. Coincidentally my blog is six years old too, I started it just around that time, I have never thought about it, but it would not take a rocket therapist to figure out I turned to writing for the therapy.

If you were having coffee with me I would ask if there is wifi in heaven ? Can the dead read the tangle of words we never got to say to them, are they standing behind me reading over my shoulders as I write this post, is their breath the cold draft I feel on my neck… I just gave myself goosebumps.

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell the September tradition for the past couple of Septembers has been a blogging challenge the #BlogTember themed #MyAfricaMyWords Who better to tell my story than me.


I wanted to blog every day for the month of September but realistically speaking the current situation in this tea-pot shaped country is a most unfunny circus act, I doubt I could maintain a proper schedule between the 18 hours of electricity outage and the ever increasing prices of everything (including data) I was casually laughing about how if I need the internet to make money and I cant afford to surf the interwebs is that like not being able to afford bus fare to go to work?

At least I can still laugh right?

A few weeks the government was all optimistic on improving the electricity situation saying the power utility company would be paying $USD 890K per week towards its debt to South African power company Eskom, I wondered where they would get that sort of foreign currency.

Last week I happened to see a new paper headline on how we are back to Phase two load shedding but funny enough in my neighborhood the power situation never really downgraded. I also happened to browse another article on how the power utility company is facing critical collapse and between t and the Reserve Bank they are struggling to pay the $890k a week they promised

Meanwhile the president travels in first class charted planes costing a pile of money, perks of being a president I presume.

If you were having coffee with me I would whenever I get a notification that prices are being reviewed it usually means the prices are going up, my mobile phone provider just reviewed their prices again here is what the prices for the data packages I have used have looked like.

I am afraid to even calculate what sort of percentage increase that is, no wonder the government issued a directive to not publish inflation figures it would cause panic, alarm and despondency

If you were having coffee with I would be wondering why they charge so much for so little monthly data its like they want to con us into buying 24hour daily data and with 18 hours of  no electricity wont even properly use it too*sigh*

If you were having coffee with me, I would ask if they world’s lungs are still full of smoke, I don’t really watch the news I find most of it full of horrible news… besides no electricity to watch tv that’s my excuse don’t ask me why I did not Google it.


PS Oh and this is a call out to all the African Bloggers out there, if you are reading this I hope if you are not blogging everyday this September at least BLOG MORE its #BlogTember #MyAfricaMyWords your uncle has spoken ^_^


    1. happy new month here’s hoping your September is awesome, you heading into fall right?
      The prices are crazy, I live in constant waiting for the other shoe to drop when people decide… enough, each day tempers flare and we draw closer


  1. Sorry about your sister.
    We have 4 months Sept 1-October 1, October 1-Novemeber1, November 1- December 1, December 1-January 1.
    And yes, lungs still full of smoke as I wrote an article about it today.

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  2. Have you written a history or memorial of your sister Beaton?
    I would like to read it if yes.
    I only have 2 siblings, both are sisters, and I still have both.
    We almost lost one to sickness, twice.

    My first, now the middle of us, almost died of a terrible infection when she was only 4 years old.
    It was 1961 and a not-yet well known antibiotic, suddenly became well known because of improvements in production resulting exponentially better yields. That antibiotic was, of course penicillin and it saved her life.
    When she was 38, a new challenge to her longevity arose. She discovered a mysterious bump on her back, it proved to be cancer and the battle was on. We lived near Stanford so she moved in with us for the months needed for the surgery, radiation and chemo. It was not a pretty battle, but with the help of some amazing doctors and technology, she won and at age 63 is still with us, charming everyone who meets her, and it remains my responsibility to lovingly give her a hard time, because that is what brothers do.

    Thus I take the loss of a sister rather personally and would love to know the story of your sister, and perhaps help honor her memory. Let me know if you have something written about her.

    Also, I tried to find if someone has produced a teapot molded in the image of Zimbabwe. I could not find even one. How is this possible? Maybe a web search from the US is too-US biased and these exist in every tourist gift store in-country. I thought it might be a clever idea to start with one, and discuss how we might improve on this teapot symbolically as we actually discuss how we might improve the country the teapot was patterned after.

    May God reach down to bless all the people of Zimbabwe with a much improved teapot.

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    1. Thank you Gary for sharing yep I think sisters have a most special bond which all the words in the world cant quite capture

      here’s some I wrote a while back https://wp.me/p3NqTj-1q the other things never did quite see the light of day on account of well all things being as they should her time was not quite done but the health delivery system even back then was starting to fail, so I was angry anyway isnt anger a stage of the grief process still I dont really like hospitals anymore

      hahahahaha you know what I havent actually checked if any Zimbabwe shaped teapots can be found, I dont think I have seen any, even my google is drawing a blank… we need to remedy this!!!!!!

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      1. I just read the memorial to your sister. I’m not much of a poet, but would love to know more about her if you ever decide to write more of an essay to help people remember her.

        I’d even offer to help or do it myself, because this is what friends do. You need only ask – and help me get to know her.


        Oh yes, someone qualified should fix the teapot deficiency. They would be so cool.


  3. My condolences to you for your sister. I started blogging for what I think constitutes therapy too. There is something very therapeutic to sharing our thoughts with like minded folks. I was scared at first, but there are so many BEAUTIFUL human beings I’ve met in this blogging world, I’m amazed and very grateful! I enjoyed having coffee with you this weekend. Happy spring to you as we head into fall! ♥️🥰😃

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    1. Its totally a scary experience like I once told a group newbie bloggers that its like sharing a picture of your selfie of your soul but the blogging world is full of human angels

      hahaha looking at our weather patterns we probably on our way into summer (spring isnt quite a definitive season I suppose on account of that isnt any snow to thaw)

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      1. That’s a GREAT quote from you, that blogging is like sharing a picture of your selfie of your soul but the blogging world is full of human angels! PERFECT I think, nailed it! ♥️♥️♥️

        We don’t get snow, so no thaw where we live either (only in our local mountains) some don’t like the fact that we don’t have distinct seasons in California, so they head back East. That’s okay, snowy winters aren’t for everyone! 😎🌞

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  4. First of all, I’m sorry about your sister! If she was anything like you, then she must’ve been a great person.

    Second, those data prices are outrageous? And $890k a week? Who thought that trying to pay that would be a good idea, it’s going to make your power company go under! I know I keep saying this, but I really hope that the situation in Zimbabwe improves soon.

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    1. yeah she was all kinds of special like a shooting star… thanks

      The data prices are crazy soon will be debating on whether I want to buy food or data at this rate

      You know you dont even to have been an accountant or even had a peek at the power company’s finanicals to figure out if they dont have solid plans they on way ride to plunge us into literal darkness

      One can hope

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