Of Dreams Becoming Real

I am a big dreamer, sometimes life happens and I have to focus on my feet on the ground and forget about my head in the clouds…. I love a great fantasy story and dream about one day having my own epic tale set in the world I see in my head, a world built from my everyday world encompassing the mystery in my ancestry; where our brand of magic would not be branded as witchcraft, and my underground gang (the ancestors) would not be revered and celebrated….

I cant do magic so I write

I cant do magic so I write

During the course of the year, I got to reconnect with Buhle a dreamer who adults, tackles serious issues and twelder (that’s twitter elder in twitter speak for someone who has been on twitter for a long time) who hangs out with the people who live in her phone rent free; at one of the Afrobloggers workshops where she was facilitating a session on Social Media Ethics.

While catching up, it came up in conversation, that she owed me a story for a guest post from awhile back. Buhle is a habitual blogger who when the inspiration strikes will write up an article that has me asking why oh why she does not share her wisdom on a more regular tip… You can check out her current blog below

Throwback to when I first met Buhle, Offline a lifetime ago lol

I invited Buhle to write an article to be featured on my blog, I didn’t specify a type of post just that I would love the honour of letting me share her words on this site… (and of course it does have its advantages; featuring fellow bloggers, blogging after all is community)

I was delightfully surprised when a couple of months later Buhle contacted me with her article, a blend of fantasy, reality and dreams coming to life:

She dreamt of becoming a princess with a long flowing gown and…………..

Princess Zini Buhle Matsha

You probably haven’t read this story yet, but click on it and read; it reminded me that I am not alone, its ok to believe in the dreams we left in that place we leave childish things on our journey to become adults and some dreams are worth holding onto…

I believe in African Fairytales and fantasy

Oh and next we might collaborate on something I am not sure what it will be, but it will be epic ^_^


PS if you owe me a guest post I am looking at you like this… This could be you but you dont write:

I have the memory of an elephant;I never forget.



  1. Some dreams are indeed worth holding onto, if only because they give us an escape from reality that’s healthier than many other escapes. Just to check, do I owe you any posts? I definitely DO NOT have the memory of an elephant.

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    1. Life has a way of making it seem like we have to let go of some dreams instead of coming up with a comprise as in not now rather than not ever 😅😅

      And yes, yes you do… 😂😂😂 there’s some ‘mis’adventure owed

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  2. I think I might have told you that before – I wrote a few chapters what feels like decades ago about African magic and ancestors. I might pick it back up once I’m done with my current project, which seems like it will never end.

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