Of The Gift

Genre: Mystery (of sorts)

It was the eve of Christmas Eve…..

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She lay in bed trying to sleep tossing and turning, but sleep was playing hide and seek with her. In hindsight, watching a movie called The Nightmare before Christmas had probably not been the wisest of ideas and drinking a cup of coffee while doing so, had not helped matters. The eve of Christmas and the only movie on the box that had not been a feel good Christmas movie was a horror flick so she had watched it, though most of it had been viewed from behind a pillow.

She had stopped believing in Santa when she  was six when she caught him at the mall drinking a nip of whiskey from a hip flask while crouched behind the Christmas tree. He took a sip, then put back his beard back and winked at her. Santa was a creepy man with a fake beard simply posing for photos and giving gifts. She ran all the way home.

The Christmas Spirit might as well as have been the shot of whiskey she had poured into her coffee hoping it would help her fall asleep. Sleep was being evasive; she could not get her mind to shut down and the neighbour’s Christmas lights seemed to flash directly into her room, right through the flimsy drapes playing rainbow shadows all across the room. It made the room seem like a set of a horror movie. She imagined there was something beneath her bed waiting to grab her ankle as soon as she fell asleep, so she securely tucked her legs beneath the blankets nice and safe. The Thing from under the bed could not get you if you were tucked in, everyone knew that.

She thought she heard a creaking sound, the Boogeyman from the closet was coming for her. She covered her head with the blankets, the boogeyman did not get you if you hid beneath a fortress of warm blankets, everyone knew that the boogeyman was not very bright. She giggled.

From beneath the blankets she heard nothing but silence it was eerie there was only silence even the neighbour’s annoying dog was not barking maybe the boogeyman was out there somewhere. She was just about to peek out when she definitely heard and felt a boot scrape on the bedpost.

The blankets were pulled away from her and a huge hand clamped around her mouth before she could scream. A portly figure in a red outfit loomed over her briefly and then something was wrapped around her, then there was darkness as she was shoved into a bag or something.

It was not totally dark in the bag there were glittering lights, Christmas lights, and by their light she could see it was surprisingly roomy, there were gift wrapped boxes that looked suspiciously like presents. Looking down she noticed that she was also covered in a sparkly gift wrap with a bow around her waist.


Suddenly she remembered, the last thing he had said to her, when she asked what she could get him for Christmas….

All I want for Christmas is you…..


~The End

I think it’s a pretty lil mystery, for my #blogbattle entry theme GIFT stay festive ^_^





  1. haha… the whole thing is so spooky…even the end (gee… felt the goose bumps). The descriptive forms and the feelings are quite illustrative … really enjoyed the read :))

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  2. “Looking down she noticed that she was also covered in a sparkly gift wrap with a bow around her waist.,” this line is something different and too good 🙂

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    1. Hahahahahha be careful what you wish for… lol
      The best packages come in wrapped in unassuming brown paper tied up with string ^_^
      I think I binge watched too many Halloween movies

      Happy New Year

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  3. Ha…Santa must have been working overtime, since the hip flask:-). Happy New Year and wish you all the best!

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  4. A little “spooky” story gets one excited at times!
    Nice little end of the year chiller!
    Wishing you a most prosperous New Year, and thanking you for visiting and reading my blogs!
    Best wishes!

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  5. Yes, everyone knows “the boogeyman did not get you if you hid beneath a fortress of warm blankets…” I actually laughed out loud when I read that line. How many of us have covered our heads when we heard a noise or saw a ghostly shadow from the corner of our eyes? Your story took a turn into the supernatural. Oooh scary. My question though, is how big is this bag or how small is she? 🙂

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    1. I used to close my eyes or hide my face and peer from behind a cushion, when something disturbing showed on tv…. I think now I am playing catch up the number of horror movies and books I have read…….lots

      Excellent question… She was a normal person-sized human and the bag was somewhat bottomless,…. magic I guess..

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      1. Hahaha… yep, I did those things as well. I recently watched “An American Werewolf in London,” and thought it was hilarious. I remember watching it as a teenager and scared spitless. I couldn’t sleep alone for 3 weeks. Lol. Watching it as an adult with my eyes wide open, made me realize that my imagination was more potent than the actual movie. That being said, I tend to only watch vampire and werewolf movies without fear. Freddie and Jason movies or devil related movies I steer clear. 🙂

        I figured your character was regular size, but wasn’t too sure.

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      2. I totally know what you mean, it took me years to figure out that what I thought was happening versus what was showing on tv were two totally different things, I would close my eyes and have nothing but the sound effects to work on the eerie background music, the heart beat drumming sounds were the worst.. spoooky…. but if you are looking you realise most times that the screen fades to black or you see only shadows, or the camera is slightly angled away or in case of werewolves its probably just focused on the moon as you here the howling ….. Hmmmm new blog post idea lol

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      3. Yes, the spooky music made it seemed more scary. Some of today’s horror films have upbeat music, so that’s another reason I don’t find them scary. 🙂

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      4. I cant take seriously a horror flick with upbeat dance music like its some school musical play hahaha unless its a spoof movie and in that case I better be laughing….

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      5. My point exactly B. It’s not scary when the music is upbeat. Take for instance Blade, all the music was upbeat and the the fighting scenes were great! I wasn’t scared at all. I loved the first Blade movie. The others not so much. I watched them, but they missed something that Stephen Dorff had in the first movie :).


      6. I loved the first Blade more than the rest, but then its like that with most sequels the first is usually the best…. just like the books are always better than the movies 🙂

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      7. I will have to disagree with you on the books issue. SOME books are better than some movies. Case in point, I loved the movie Ender’s Game. I liked it so much that I said, I must read the book. For the life of me I couldn’t not finish it. I got as far as the first page and was astonished that it was ever made into a movie. Maybe it got better, but I just didn’t like the writing. The movie was more clean and to the point with the dialogue. Not all books are better than the movie. Just saying. Although you’re right most of them are 🙂

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      8. hmmmm I am yet to come across a movie that was better than the book…. but I guess it would happen win some lose some but mostly wins 🙂
        hey wait… you only read the first page, not even first chapter and then called it quits? *raises eyebrow* I read the book before I watched the movie. (Ender’s Game)
        If I start a book, I always finish it cant help it, am weird like that, even if I dont like it I will still suffer through all the pages to the end.
        The End

        hey I do that though if I watch a movie and I like it I always check if it was adapted from a book then I read the book, if not then I find the movie script hahaha


      9. Hahahha… okay, maybe it was more than the first page, but it definitely wasn’t a chapter. I was just so turned off by the printed words. After falling in love with the movie, my expectations were very high for the book. I borrowed it from the library. They had me waiting a month for it. When it finally arrived, I opened the page with reverence for a great work of art. Do you know the sound of a scratching record makes? I swore that is what I heard when I began to read. I turned to the cover of the book thinking maybe they sent me the wrong book. Nope, it said Ender’s Game on the front cover. Where was the witty dialogue I fell in love with from the movie? It’s true what most writers say, “your novel doesn’t have to be perfect, you just have to finish it.” I do try to finish books and movies once I’ve begun to reading or watching them. My hope is that the movie or the book will get better. Sometimes they do, but other times… :(. lol


      10. hahaha I figured as much…

        sometimes they do get better…. and other times…. you feel like writing a letter to the writer and telling them to apologise to the trees, trees could not have died for this….. but hey every book you read is the realisation of someone’s dream, who am I to judge.

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      11. I was going to agree until I watched a TED talk with Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of “Eat, Pray, Love.” Now I’ll try to be less critical of a writer’s work of passionate sacrifice. Happy, yet sad I watched it. Lol The title of the TED Talk is “Your Elusive Genius.”

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      12. I just watched said TED Talk, insightful stuff hey….

        Aren’t you afraid that you are going to die on a scrap heap of broken dreams, with your mouth full of the bitter ash of of failure…

        That quote gave me goosebumps.
        I just realised I call my genius “The Voices in my head”
        I write what the voices in my head tell me to and sometimes they speak in sign language but I cant see them lol

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    1. Hahaha you know how they rerun Christmas movies during the holidays… This is kinda like that so nope you are not late at all, you are right on time 😂😂😂😂

      Happy holidays

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