Of The Musungo Cable #BOTY2019

2019 has been an austere year where I haven’t made any purchase outside of the very basic, like food and internet Looking back though there’s one purchase which absolutely stands out; a phone cable.

First a brief background; I “lost” my original phone charging cable, the one that comes in the box. (Even though I rather suspect someone borrowed it and never returned it) If all phones come with their cables and chargers how do some people end up not having theirs and suddenly you find yourself in the unenviable position where you have to borrow back your charger or cable and if you are not vigilant about it, you may find your cable gone forever and now you too have joined the army of charging cable vortices.

zombie phone

Because of the way the economy is set up a new form of street commerce has taken solid root, even though authorities try to forcefully close down this business, to bring sanity to the streets; yet for most of the vendors its either make sells or starve, so sometimes there’s resistance and once in awhile even violent clashes.

Police clearing vendors

On the streets you will probably be able to find almost anything some with the audacity to sell things that can be found in the shop under whose shopfront awning they are operating from sometimes at discounted prices (I guess on account of not having overhead expenses; literally ha!) Some shop owners are rumoured to outsource to vendors for a commission if you cant beat them join them.

powersales closes

You walk past someone with all manner of cellphones from feature phones to smart phones offering swap and top up deals. Fair warning some of the merchandise might not be quite legit you may even find someone trying to offer you a hot deal on your phone which you “lost” last weekend at some outing…

phones sold on street

Amidst all this you will find someone with what seems like the motherlode of charging cables all shapes, lengths and colours some with flashing LED lights that make it seem like a disco has started when you charge. The seller  will assure you the cables are top quality that they can do fast charging and data transfer too and if you are lucky may even whip out a charging bank to demonstrate for all of 5 seconds that; “Look, see, it works

You part with your money maybe even after haggling the price a little bit where the vendor will tell you that “You are killing me, but I like you so this is the lowest price I can go” and eventually you make your purchase congratulating yourself on your excellent negotiating skills and street savviness, right?


If you are lucky the cable will work a couple of times and might even allow for data transfer too but in less than a week or two, you have once again joined the legion of the walking chargerless, till you buy another cable. You probably wont be able to find the person you bought from to complain, they move around a lot and  even if you did, they will tell you its your fault besides they do not do guarantees, returns or refunds; you’ll find that suddenly you keep having to buy a new cable every other week, although once in while you may get one which works and lasts too……

Enter these guys who made some partnership with an international brand to bring Musungo cables.


I discovered them on twitter because they were getting great reviews and I was tired of the way my cables kept dying  on me and having to jiggle the cable around to make sure its charging, and the horror of waking to find the electrircity is gone (we have loadshedding from 5am to 10pm) and your phone did not charge a drop….

Let me give it a try, I thought and bought the cable:

2 and a half months later and the cable still looks and feels like new, no complaints so far…

According to their Website: A cable’s speed and durability lies in the following 3 components:

Copper wiring quality
Connector types and quality
Quality charge control chip

And their cables are made high quality copper with gold plated connectors and a high quality charge control chip…. Techzim ran a review on the charging and data transfer speeds comparing with an original Samsung one: Is It Just A Cable?

Musungo cables come in Classic smart phone , Type C and even iPhone cables…


One can contact Musungo Zimbabwe on the following:

number: +26774705527
website: Musungo.co.zw
Facebook: Musungo Zimbabwe
Twitter: @Musungo1


PS how has been your experience with your phone’s cables and how long have they lasted?



    1. You may be onto something there, ^_^
      and yep if you ever in need of a cable do give them a call they have agents all over the country


  1. On the matter of cable, I need a new one. Uncle, where do I purchase one of these Musungo cable? And how much will it set me back.

    Also, I agree with Shuvai

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There’s a number somewhere at the bottom of the post you can call, text or app and usually they deliver to CBD
      cost last time I checked would set you back around $3 real money or its equivalent, subject to the “rate” in different amounts across the various payment systems cash/eco/swipe

      PS their website seems to show a promo on pricing, I would recommend you take them up on that


  2. Two month warranty? That’s soooo long. Not.
    I’m always very protective about my cables and chargers. I did get an extra one, because I like to have it as back up at work. I have a cord one like yours in the car, but I use that only in emergencies. I bought my phone from a different country, so the plug that came with it did not work. Suddenly, after two years of charging with the original cable and non-original charger, my charging started taking forever. So I had to get a replacement. The new one does not work nearly as well.

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    1. In the grand scheme of cables 2 months admittedly isn’t a lot when compared to the original but when you have snake oil cablesman who will sell you one which may not work soon as you get home…

      We definitely need to have some sort of regulatory board 😂😂😂 well after regulation of all tier important things and world peace

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    1. No they are not manufacturing the cables, it would be awesome if they were, imagine haven’t a cable factory instead of having to import from the UAE as most tech suppliers do…
      But Zim is a bit volatile to run industry in and compete with people who do cheap imports….

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