Of The Best TV Shows Of The Year #BOTY2019

And the award goes to……

and the award goes to

As per my previous confession, due to the inconveniences from circumstances beyond my control, I haven’t watched much TV this year, here’s TV shows that kept me glued to the screen….

The final season of Game Of Thrones

game of thrones

As one of those who read A Song Of Ice And Fire books long before they HBO would turn them into the epic series, it was fun watching how the tv brought out what I imagined. Then the storyline in the series overtook where the books had reached and like everyone else I now wanted to see how the story would end…. who would sit on the Iron throne?

Image result for game of thrones

Though the final season of Game Of Thrones lacked the level of depth and intrigue that had become the hallmark of the series leaving it feeling both rushed up yet stretched out, it still was a strong contender for one of the best things on TV this year.

game of thrones season horse drawn

After 7 seasons of Winter Is Coming;  Winter finally arrived, and the battle between good and evil’s last stand was at The Battle For Winterfell, with the Night King poised to plunge the humanity into a world of endless night and everyone else putting aside their designs for the Iron throne in alliance to survive the long night.

There could never have been an easy way to conclude this series, at least not without falling into clichéd TV tropes where the favourites rule and live happily ever after The End… No, George R. R. Martin went found ways to turn chain breakers into mad tyrants, seers and into reluctant kings….

Now I wait for the books…….

Black Mirror

black mirror

 Black Mirror is a series with standalone episodes which tackle technology our dependence, use and abuse of it and makes you think on the consequences of present and future tech developments….

The show had me thinking so much that I even wrote a flash fiction sort of fan-fiction sci-fi story inspired by the series

click button below to check it out….

And then there was Stranger Things Season 3

stranger things

I love love love Stranger Things and I may have binge watched all the episodes in like one solid sitting just so I could get it out of my system.

I wrote a review of the series, naturally, below is a link to my more in-depth look on Stranger Things and yeah WARNING don’t read it unless you have watched the show because its epic and full of spoilers …..

Not saying that Stranger Things might be better than Game Of Thrones I am just saying I wrote a review for only one of them……

What TV show have you been sacrificed your time to this year?




    1. Forgiven …

      GOT is an acquired taste those who like it are crazy about it and those who don’t can’t stand it being talked about it lol



  1. i have refused to watch game of thrones and i am not sure i ever want to watch it, let me see a trailer for stranger things before i decide to read review

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    1. Hahaha what is the great beef with Game of thrones, is it cause it got so much hype like a popular football team everyone seems to support loudly cause it wins????

      If you are not going to watch GOT then I absolutely recommend you try stranger things and you can enjoy it with the whole family too as the main characters are kids…..

      And Stephen King helps script it and the show producers are Stephen King fans so it has a bit of a Stephen King thriller feel to it



      1. i think the noise is like for Arsenal supporters for GOT so let me stay in my lane and also i am not of things that dont have enough bullets and snippers

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  2. I absolutely hate the way GOT ended and I was grateful I didn’t watch the final season. The stress would have killed me. I am also realizing that I am overthinking this challenge and leaving out the truly fun stuff- will probably add the Hellsing anime as an update because yes, anime is life.

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    1. Wait, how do you know how it ended if you didn’t watch it lol….
      But you might have missed out on some of the awesome things like let’s see, the way they made fun of democracy when after everything settles down and they figuring out who will be king and Sam suggests everyone should vote and the idea gets laughed down….

      The idea behind the challenge is to have fun writing about the things you loved so yeah, go fit that fun stuff….. I peeked you haven’t added the update lol

      I don’t think anyone else mentioned anime as their shows too

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  3. Most of the people I know have been raving about GoT for YEARS. They kept pestering me to watch it. Well, there was a time before the final season when I had A LOT of free time, so I binged it. I found nothing interesting in it. I kept watching, hoping that it will get better. It never did. And then the final season came. Of course I had to finish it, just in case… LOL.

    Black Mirror. It sounds like something that would appeal to me. Some people close to me insisted that I watch it. I saw an episode and I thought it was meh.

    Stranger things was somewhat interesting in the first season. It’s gone downhill since.

    But then again, I know I’m weird and like things others don’t and don’t things that others do.

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    1. GoT…. Yeah, I will admit it got way too much hype, and its definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s OK not to have watched it, it’s OK to have watched it and not liked it…. It’s great if you did hahaha! Anyway it’s over now we have forgotten we used to wake up at 3 in the morning to watch it……

      Black Mirror is…. I dont know… different… I wouldn’t say the episodes get better so can’t offer that as a reason to watch it as each episode is different as night and day from the next, the are some episodes which I thought meh and others which I was like what did I just watch and yet still others which I was like OMG…. I hope we never get to that

      Which Black Mirror episode did you watch by the way, if you remember?

      Also now am curious what sort of things do you like since we are obviously I presume not going by the common or popular titles


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      1. You weren’t watching in chronological order like begin season 1 episode 1 so you can keep track of what you have watched and what you haven’t like a normal person? Lol

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      2. 😂😂😂 I remembered should not have said normal soon as I hit the send button😂😂
        It really doesn’t matter on the viewing order as its not a progressive story each episode with a completely different cast and story.

        Well I do hope you haven’t given up on it entirely


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    1. Agreed!!!! Usually TV adaptation kinda mess up the vibe, case in point I am a huge fan of Terry Goodkind’s The Sword Of Truth then TV turned it into Legend of the seeker which I could not bear to watch, the sacrilege..

      But Lord Of The Rings was a dedicated adaptation do I guess they win some and miss some but most likely to miss than win….



    1. Haven’t watched Watchmen, I remember thinking of members of the night’s watch when I saw the title watchers on the wall

      Will probably binge on it this holiday was wondering what I would watch

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  4. I read the books, watched S1 and noped the fuck out of Game of Thrones. Nope nope nope effin hell no! Anyone who read the books and likes the series I consider a traitor so…Uncle, here’s looking at you

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    1. In my defence I read the books like ages ago and the story was kinda half-forgotten life a half-remembered dream….
      When did you read the books?

      PS I did feel this strongly about the Legend of the seeker TV adaptation of Sword Of Truth


      1. I kinda liked Shannara and won’t say I wasn’t crushed that they weren’t given a chance to further drag it down by having the show cancelled 😂😂😂 the first season got such high expectations from me then…. They kinda just… Meh…
        You know what I should get myself appointed to the board of producers responsible for the adaptation of a book into TV… Been lowkey dabbling in script writing for fun
        It’s crazy how I can remember something and not be sure if it’s from a movie or a book worse if it’s book based movie until I really think about it….


  5. I read the books, watched S1 and noped the hell out of Game of Thrones. Nope nope nope effin hell no! Anyone who read the books and likes the series I consider a traitor so…Uncle, here’s looking at you


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