Of The Best Music Of The Year #BOTY2019

There’s just something about music, good music, the kind of music that never grows old….. and to quote the late Bob Marley

“……..when it hits you, you feel no pain”

Image result for bob marley when it hits you no pain

Whats been my best song for the year 2019……

Most played song

Obert Chari mebo mebo
Mebo Mebo

The most played song on my playlist is Obert Chari’s Mebo Mebo. There’s a reason it’s the most played and that’s because earlier in the year, I took it up on myself to not only write down the lyrics but to translate then into English, and I did it the old school way by listening to the song on endless repeat, all 11 minutes and 30 seconds of it…..

I listened to it so many times I think its kinda embedded into my brain, if close my eyes and listen I can hear chords from the song playing at the back of my mind, and I cant help but nod my head to the mellifluous melody of Mebo Mebo

For the culture I recommend you check out the song and have a look at the lyrics and translation as done by yours truly, a labour of love for a song I felt needed never ending accolades:

Longest loved song

And on that unending accolades, another timeless classic which although released almost 30 years ago I am still adding it to my best of the year, heck I think it’s it tops the greatest track of all time Seal’s Kiss From A Rose

Naturally I have a whole blog post where I tried to figure out what the song meant and included a few interesting tidbits about the song and author…. In my quest to find meaning someone added that they thought it was a song about a love affair with an older woman….

There used to be a greying tower alone on the sea….

If you have any interesting theories and insights on the song do drop them so I can update the conspiracy theories…

movie soundtrack

Whats Up Danger by BlackWay and Black Caviar

I picked up this particular track when I was watching the Oscar award winner for Best Animation Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse and the song was like an earworm that could not be shaken away, and hey I always answer when Danger calls my phone; Whats Up Danger

Cant stop me now!!!

And then my party track for 2019

Silence by Popcaan

Yeah I am not even sure exactly what the song means but this Jamaican dancehall track just does the things….

Now let me look for a December soundtrack for 2019 festivities…..



  1. I’ve been absent from wordpress more than I’ve been present recently. But speaking of presents and music, I thought of you the other day when the store speaker was blasting “all I want for Christmas is you!” Best wishes. Beat on.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s a catchy song!!!! You know it’s definitely Christmas season when you hear that track .

      And yep everytime I hear it, can’t help but laugh 😂😂😂
      It’s an infectious song and inspired an unforgettable story


    1. Haha! But of course what else could you have possibly meant.
      I remember the particular blog post its my favourite this time of year


    1. 😂😂😂😂I remember people going crazy last Christmas so yeah it’s not on the list… But if this was last year it still would not be on my list you can put it on yours thank you very much 😂😅


  2. I’m glad you included a video with lyrics for “Silence”, otherwise, I would have been unable to figure out what language it was it.
    (Side note: Your hyperlink button for “Mebo Mebo” is black and the writing is in black, which makes it hard to see. It just looks like a black marking. I thought I’d let you know in case you wanted to make it more legible.)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha confession that’s exactly why I picked one with lyrics,


      PS thanks it seems some colour schemes change from how they look in the editor to how they look afterwards based on the theme colour but yep will fix it

      Liked by 2 people

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